RSP and Pain

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RSP and Pain

(***, M/F, F/M, Severe, Cons, fun)

A couple enjoy a spanking game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. (Approximately 1,813 words. Originally published 1996-07.)

When Elana came into the living room wearing nothing but a short T-shirt and a pair of my boxer shorts, I suspected something. When she ignored me completely and stretched on her belly on the carpet and began to flip through a woman's magazine as though really interested, I was nearly certain. She lay quietly, idly waving her feet in air, and occasionally giving a deep sigh, as though extremely bored or discontent. I studied her plump backside, delightfully encased by my blue and white patterned shorts, and I knew what she wanted.

"Hemmm," I began, setting my book aside. "It's a Friday night, there's nothing on TV, and this book is not even a tenth as entertaining as watching you lie there and wiggle her bottom," I said to her. She feigned surprise and even blushed a little at my compliment. "Would you like to play a game of RSP?"

Elana's bright blue eyes went large with anticipation. "Oooh, can we?" she gasped, rolling onto her knees and facing me. "I wanna do a long game. Maybe 50 rounds!"

"With the wooden ruler," I said, my eyes twinkling.

Her smile faded slightly, but the risk appealed to her sense of daring. "Okay," she said. "With the ruler."

"Come on."

We went to our playroom. It's really just the den, but I don't think we've used it for anything but our naughty games. Elana went to the cabinet and found the innocent-appearing wooden ruler in among the Monopoly and Yhatzee boxes. She grabbed the pen and paper pad we kept in there and brought it, too.

"Fifty rounds, eh?" I said, and she nodded. Her cheeks were flushed with daring. I didn't check, but I strongly suspected that already my boxers would have to be well-washed before I could wear them again.

We usually only played games of 25 rounds, and that was with the hand as the penalty. Tonight it was going to be fifty, and with the wooden ruler. I felt my cock stiffen in anticipation.

The rules to the childhood game of RSP ("Rock, Scissors, Paper") are simple. The two competitors make fists with one hand and tap their open palms simultaneously three times. On the third tap, each of you makes your choice by converting your fist into rock, scissors, or paper. A closed fist is rock; a flat palm is paper; and two fingers extended are scissors. The winner is determined by the following formula: rock smashes scissors, paper covers rock, but scissors cut paper. If you both pick the same item, it's a draw and doesn't count.

Elana and I have spiced up the game by awarding spanks for each loss. Each consecutive loss doubles the previous punishment. A first loss is two smacks, then four, then eight, etc. Draws are ignored. Having the penalty increase for consecutive losses is what makes the game interesting. RSP is a fairly random game -- it's difficult to win more than three or four games in a row, though it is possible. Each consecutive win increases the tension dramatically.

Sitting ourselves on the thick carpet, we began. On our first try we both picked rock -- a draw. I picked rock again, and she chose scissors. Two spanks!

Grinning with delight, I got Elana to turn around on her hands and knees with her bottom facing me. I slid down the silk boxers to her knees, exposing the luscious smoothness of her bare bottom. I picked up the ruler and quickly gave her a sharp smack full across both cheeks. She squealed and wiggled frantically at the sting. I waited until she was calm before I gave her number two, slightly below where I'd placed the first stroke. Then I slid the shorts back up, doing plenty of rubbing as I did so.

Round one was done. On to round two!

I picked rock again. Elana did also, for another draw. Knowing she wouldn't think it likely, I picked a fourth time -- and she picked scissors!

This time it was four strokes with the ruler. I made quite the production of taking down her shorts, rubbing her rear, and delivering four vigorous snaps of the ruler across her naked buttocks. She was biting her lip and rubbing her bottom after I finished, a look of dangerous delight in her eyes.

Round three began with me picking rock again. Elana miscalculated: she chose scissors again. Her jaw dropped. I just grinned at her. "This was your idea," I said. She frowned and turned and brazenly offered me her ass. She was quiet during her six smacks. When we returned to the game, I saw her lips were in a stubborn line and I knew she was determined to win the next round.

She got her wish. I chose scissors and she picked rock. Two smacks for me!

On all fours, I rotated and let Elana unbuckle my belt and take down my pants and underwear. We could have just played naked, but undressing and redressing is a big part of the game. It enhances every aspect of the play, and magnifies the punishment to come. I was only due to swats, but as I waited impatiently while Elana toyed with my clothes, I became more and more apprehensive. She didn't let me down, but delivered two cracking blows that nearly made me bite my tongue off. I resolved to go a little easier on her next turn -- no sense inciting her to blistering me!

Our next couple tries were draws, but then Elana beat me again. Literally. Four strokes, and she didn't lighten up on any of them. I was beginning to regret my earlier winning streak. Perhaps I'd been a little harsh, not giving her any time to warm up.

After a few more draws, I managed to win a round. Two smacks for Elana. Then I lost two in a row. I broke Elana's winning streak and won one. Then she won right back. Then I won a couple, then she won one. This was proving to be a fairly even game. My ass was beginning to glow and I wondered if we'd overstepped ourselves. We weren't even halfway done and already we both had pink bottoms!

Finally I hit upon a winning streak. Four wins in a row. Elana's buttocks were scarlet and she was breathing heavily, her eyes moist. Could I make it five? That would be ten lovely smacks across Elana's round bottom! I could hardly wait.

Her face nervous with tension, we began. I picked scissors, she picked rock! I was doomed. My pants came down, and I got two loud whacks. She played with my cock for a moment, before redressing me. This was another part of the game: the spankee had to get in position and let the spanker do whatever he or she wanted. As the spanker, you could fondle intimate body parts and drag the spanking out as long as you wanted. It was a touch humiliating, kneeling there and allowing her to toy with my body and spank my ass, but it was also exciting.

After a few more draws, I fell into another winning streak. Three wins in a row. I wasn't too harsh with the last six. I spent a lot of time rubbing Elana's rear and crotch between spanks. I even poked the ruler between her legs and then wiped the wetness onto her spanked flesh.

We alternated wins for a bit, and then Elana got onto a devilish winning streak that earned me 2+4+6+8 spanks! Boy was I glad when that streak was broken.

Determined to make a comeback, I concentrated hard on trying to predict what Elana would pick. I got a good start going, winning three games in a row. After a few draws, I won again and got to spank her four times. Breath bated, I selected rock. She went from several selections of paper to scissors, and I couldn't believe it. I'd won a record fifth time in a row!

Groaning with despair, she got in position and I took down the boxers. I took my time with the ten smacks, but I made sure she felt them. This far in the game our bottoms had become accustomed to spanking -- four or five spanks barely hurt any more. We were now able to really wallop down the ruler. We were both so aroused that the pain just stimulated us more. I knew she'd retaliate soon enough, but I didn't care. I spanked her very hard, and she had tears in her eyes when I kissed her bottom cheeks and replaced her shorts.

Daring fate, I chose rock again. To my astonishment and Elana's horror, she chose scissors again! Amazing. I now had the privilege and honor of bestowing a full dozen whacks to that precious tush!

Elana was fidgeting a great deal when I finished, and she wiped a tear or two from her face. I kissed her lips for a long while, and then she pushed me away.

"Come on, let's break this streak," she said. "I'm gonna get you!"

Grinning, I agreed. Figuring she wouldn't pick scissors again after all that bad luck, I chose paper. Elana stared at our hands in disbelief. Her hand was a fist. She'd chosen rock!

"Wow, honey, that's fourteen spanks!" I cried out. "Your heinie's gonna be sore tonight!"

"Shut up!" she snapped, more than a bit irritated by my gloating. "Just get it over with."

She took the spanking very well, I might add. Probably better than I would have. Actually, make that a definitely. While I'm a switch, I prefer to administer rather than be administered to.

That was the end of that streak. We exchanged several more wins, and late in the game I got another three-win streak, but she got nothing more than a couple two-wins from me. I'd definitely made out on the good side of the equation. Poor Elana, however, had a red bottom for the whole weekend!

I made it up to her, however. I was so excited from the spanking game I made love to her three times that night, and again Saturday morning. We slept in late, and then I made Elana my special crepes for breakfast. After she'd eaten I put gobs of lotion on her butt. In the daylight her backside looked pretty bad -- many of the strokes had formed welts and bruises, and there was some black-and-blue discoloring. It horrified me a bit. We'd gotten a little carried away during the excitement of the play. Elana didn't seem too bothered, though. She insisted I take her one more time before she got up. It was a tough job, but I went at the task with dedication and perseverance, and was duly rewarded by my wife's wonderful cries of joy.

The End