A Scarlet Visit

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A Scarlet Visit

(*****, ff/m, Severe, f/f, nc paddling and caning)

A boy endures the beautiful babysitter from hell. (Approximately 19,174 words. Originally published 2003-12.)

"Oh please, Mom, you can't!"

Mother was heading toward the kitchen and I quickly followed, begging and pleading, rapidly offering up every sane and inane reason I could in a vain effort to sabotage my parents' plan. For ten full minutes I cajoled, whined, scammed, and conned, and in the end I thought I could see her weakening, though she never once exactly acknowledged anything I was saying and continued to fix supper while I talked.

"So in conclusion," I explained, reluctantly setting the dinner table as I spoke, "not only am I nearly a teenager and far too old for a babysitter, but I have no need of one, as I'm a responsible person, and after all, you and Dad are just going to be gone for a day or so, and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself for such a short time. This is the ideal opportunity for me to demonstrate how capable I am. You can show what good parents you are by giving me this chance!"

Mom gave me a scalding "yeah, right" look and I knew _that_ argument was dead in the water, but I still hoped at least a few of my others had hit the target. My hopes were dashed when Mom put her hands on my shoulders and stared at me straight in the eyes.

"Peter, this isn't a discussable item," Mom said. "I know you are a responsible boy, and if your father and I were just going out for an evening, I wouldn't bother with a sitter, but this is for a weekend--"

"It's just one night!"

"It might be two, depending on how we feel after the conference. It gets out at four and your father and I aren't sure we'll feel like a long drive home late at night."

"It's not fair!"

"We've already talked with Scarlet and she's coming over Friday after school. That's it."

"But Mommmmmm!"

"Enough!" cried my mother, her eyes snapped with a fire I knew well enough to avoid. "If I hear just one more word of protest, your father will be having a discussion with you downstairs!"

That shut me up. It had been a year since my father and I last had a "discussion" downstairs -- essentially my father did ninety percent of the talking, mostly with the long slender rattan cane he'd brought back from England, and I mostly whimpered and wept and eagerly agreed to anything he suggested.

"Besides," continued my mother, "I thought you liked Scarlet. You always got along well in the past. And it's not like you're still a little boy, being given a bath and tucked into bed... it's not like she has to _do_ anything. We just want her around in case of an emergency. Scarlet's only a few years older than you, a beautiful young lady, and I'm sure you have much in common now that you didn't a few years ago."

"She's seventeen," I whispered, trying to keep the awe out of my voice. Mom caught it anyway, pausing and staring at me with surprise.

"Why me oh my!" she laughed. "Does my little pumpkin have a crush?"

"Of course not!" I grumbled, my face becoming a vivid pink.

Mom didn't say anything else about it, but her ridiculous grin told me she knew exactly what was going on in my head. Disgusted, I turned to leave.

"Supper's on in fifteen," she called after me. "Oh, and Scarlet's bringing a friend."

I stopped. "What?"

"Scarlet's bringing a friend to stay with her. She asked if she could, and we thought it would be fine, though of course we're only paying Scarlet. Like I said, it's not like she has to do much, we just want an adult around just in case."

Great, I thought. She'll bring a friend and I'll probably be ignored all weekend. On the other hand, that could be good.

Like usually happens when you dread something, time flew. Friday was there almost before I could blink, and that the afternoon my parents were loading up the car and going through their checklists while I wandered around in dreadful anticipation.

Did I want to see Scarlet? Of course. She was a stunning girl. Woman. Tall and elegant, with a beautiful, angelic face, and large green eyes. Her hair -- she'd been named for her hair, which was long and red even at birth -- went almost to her waist, and she could do absolutely astonishing things with it. I'd seen her with it up in a bun on her head, done into braids or pigtails, which made her look oddly childish, or brushed in various configurations in front or behind that made her appear either elegant or playful. She was amazing. Just thinking of her made me ache.

There was the sound of a vehicle up the street and I immediately knew it was Scarlet. I could hardly bear to look, yet I couldn't stop myself. She drove an older model Honda, her mom's old car. When she stepped out and waved cheerfully, I felt like fainting and rolling down the hill. She was twice as beautiful as I remembered (and I have a pretty vivid memory for these things).

She wore a pair of white shorts, not tight but full, and the effect on her hips was unbelievable. Her hips swayed as she moved, and the loose material of her shorts hinted at a terrific sexy body but didn't reveal anything. It was maddening. She had on white tennis shoes and a cute pink tank top whose strap hung down off one shoulder. It was devastating. So cool and put together, yet completely casual and comfortable. Her long hair was curled around her neck and down her front, covering and therefore accentuating the soft swell of her chest.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!" she called out. Mom and Dad waved a greeting but continued to load the car. Scarlet turned and saw me and there was something incredible in those huge eyes. Her lips pursed as though she was trying to hide a grin. Her eyebrows went up and then she boldly winked at me. She didn't say a word.

I didn't have the faintest idea what the wink meant, but my belly did flip flops and I wanted desperately to faint and roll down that hill. It was happening again. Whenever I was around Scarlet my brain went numb and I couldn't be my normal logical self. My body began to feel strange. A chill passed through me, literally moving from my toes up to my head. Seconds later I felt a wave of heat and I was sweating. What was wrong with me? Why did this girl -- woman -- do this to me?

I watched as Scarlet bounced to the back of the white Honda hatchback and began removing luggage. Then I saw her. I later learned her name was Elise. She had gotten out of the passenger seat and was standing by the side of the car looking a bit out of place. She was very pretty, though nothing compared to Scarlet. A supermodel would have paled next to Scarlet. She had long blond hair and wore navy slacks and white blouse. She carried a jacket over one arm. The afternoon was warm, but with fall in full gear, it got chilly at times.

Elise went and began helping Scarlet with the luggage. I stood and watched like a dumb statue.

"Hey Petey, how about lending us a hand?" called out Scarlet prettily, and I nearly dug myself a hole to China to escape from my disgrace as my mother immediately attacked me for being so thoughtless and rude.

"Get over there, Peter!" she scolded. "How rude and inconsiderate you are!"

My feet were buried in molasses, but somehow I managed to get over to the two teenage girls. They piled me with satchels and suitcases and I didn't dare tell them there were too many or they were too heavy. I staggered toward the house, weaving like a drunken sailor on a rolling ship. I could sense the girls watching me with amusement, but I wasn't about to let them see me fail.

My arms were aching when I reached the front door, which, conveniently, was open, but I dropped a bag or two fitting through the opening. I couldn't afford to stop or I'd never make it, so I kept going, heading up the stairs to the guest room where the girls were going to stay. With infinite relief I dropped everything in a heap in the middle of the floor and stood there panting.

"Scarlet's right. You _are_ a cute kid," said a voice, and I turned and saw Elise. Up close, I saw she was very cute herself. She had attractive blue eyes and an engaging smile. I found myself blushing and staring at the carpet when she looked to me.

She crossed next to me, brushing me lightly with her jacket, and a wonderful sweet scent came to my senses. It was like vanilla, or creme filling, and it made me hungry for some reason. My head followed the scent without me thinking about it and when I saw her from behind I saw she had a suprisingly sexy body. I had thought her too thin when I saw her at the car, but now I could see she did have hips. They were slender, but the sides of her ass were curved like the sides of a ball, and her ass itself was wonderfully round and full. Her slacks were tighter than I'd suspected, especially over the curves of her ass, and I found myself staring.

Elise walked around the room, studying the beds and looking at the family pictures we had on one wall. "Who's this?" she asked, and I think she had to ask me several times before I woke up and responded, because she looked rather annoyed with me.

"That's my older brother, David. He's in college. Dartmouth."

"Ohhhh. He's gorgeous."

I felt a pang of jealousy at the way she touched the picture, her slender finger tracing down David's legs.

"He's got a girlfriend," I said hurtfully. "They're really close. They've been seeing each other for years." That wasn't exactly the whole truth, of course, but I didn't like the way Elise was looking at my brother.

"Oh," she said, her voice filled with disappointment. She turned back to the luggage and began sorting through the pieces. She began putting pieces on one bed. "Put the rest on the other bed," she ordered, turning her back to me and opening one of her cases.

I stood there like a fool for a few seconds, watching her bend slightly to get into her suitcase. I didn't like her ordering me about, but the desire to touch Scarlet's belongings was too tempting. I obeyed, carefully setting the cases on the bed. The cases were beautiful, I thought, just like Scarlet.

Elise ignored me, so I left and went downstairs. I saw the piece or two that had fallen when I came through the front door weren't there, so Elise must have picked those up. I went outside and saw my father shutting the back of the Jeep.

"Let's go!" he called out.

Mother was at the edge of the lawn in deep conversation with Scarlet. I could hear snatches of their conversation, things like "don't forget" and "dinner's in the fridge" and "in an emergency don't hesitate to call." It was surreal and all too familiar. I felt like I was a baby.

"Now Peter," mother said to me as I approached, "you are to obey Scarlet this weekend. I don't want you giving her any trouble." She faced Scarlet. "He gives you any lip you let us know. His father will have long discussion with him in the basement."

My face went crimson at those words, for I knew that Scarlet was aware of their hidden meaning. I couldn't bear to look at her, though I sensed her smiling.

"It's okay, Mrs. Johnson. Petey and I will get alone fine."

"Not if you keep callin' me Petey," I mumbled, kicking at a tuff of grass.

"What was that?" asked my Mom, and I heard Scarlet laugh.

The next five minutes were a blur. Mom and Dad were shouting, Mom running back into the house to double-check a few things, Elise appearing on the doorstep and watching everything with an amused expression, while Scarlet stood next to me, in the eye of the hurricane, as my parents raced around, kissed me good-bye, and finally vanished down the road in a roar of engine noise and gasoline scent. The quiet after the storm was stunningly loud.

"Well then," said Scarlet. "Let's go inside. It's a bit chilly out here."

I had barely stepped through the front door when there was a dramatic change in atmosphere. Nothing was said, but I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I slowly turned and saw both girls watching me, unfathomable expressions on their faces. Scarlet was smiling, but it wasn't her normal friendly smile. This was a scheming smile, a victory grin. She was studying me coldly.

"I'm back, little Petey," she said. "Did you miss me?"

Memories of Scarlet flashed through my brain. My body went cold, then hot, and I trembled and stumbled back. Scarlet's eyes were like flashlights glowing in the dark. They pierced me, catching my head and arresting me. My face went hot.

"Scarlet, please!" I begged. "I'm a big boy now. I'm going to be a teenager next month!"

"Of course you are. But you and I both know that you're just a little boy at heart. Just a little baby boy who needs his Momma. Isn't that right?"

I shook my head, but I couldn't speak. Scarlet took a step toward me and I couldn't move to escape. I cringed as she came forward. Her eyes were several inches above mine. She stared down at me, eyes blazing.

"I think the first order of business is to remind you who is in charge," she said.

"You're in charge," I said quickly.

She laughed. "You _say_ that but you don't _know_ that. A little demonstration is in order."

All my fears were becoming realized. I couldn't believe this. I was almost a teenager and she was still going to treat me like a child! This couldn't be happening.

"I'll... I'll tell!" I cried out impulsively.

Scarlet, who had started to turn away, whirled on me. I cringed in anticipation of a shout, but she spoke softly. "You won't tell, Petey. You won't tell a soul."

I gulped in silence, my heart telling my brain what it already knew: she was absolutely correct. I wouldn't tell a soul.

Her hands reached down to my pants and began undoing my belt buckle. I didn't move, didn't even breathe, as she unsnapped and unzipped me. My jeans fell to my ankles in a disgraceful heap. I whimpered and felt goosepimples break out on my suddenly bare legs, but I couldn't make a move to stop Scarlet.

"Let's get these shorts down, Elise," said Scarlet, and I reddened so hot my face felt like it was burning me. I saw the blond girl out of the corner of my eye and tears began to course down my face.

"Please," I begged. "Please don't do this."

"But you want me to," said Scarlet simply, and the truth was, I did. I wanted it very much. I was terrified, but I was also fiendishly excited. Having Scarlet as my sitter was always a painful but exotic experience.

Together, the two girls pulled down my underwear. They had a bit of trouble working it down in the front, for I was profoundly aroused, my little cock sticking straight out and catching on the cotton briefs.

"Oooh, how cute!" laughed Elise, and somehow I flushed even deeper red.

Scarlet's fingers brushed my dick and I shuddered, my body convulsing wildly. "Oh, he's ready," she said. "He's very ready."

She stood and brushed the hair from my forehead, smiling sweetly at me. "Your father still keep his things in the same place downstairs?"

"Scarlet, please! I'll do whatever you say!"

"Of course you will. You're an obedient boy. A naughty boy, but an obedient one. Now answer my question."

I could only nod briefly and watch as Scarlet slipped down the basement stairs. She was gone no more than a minute, but during that minute I swear I must have sweated a gallon. Elise stood there watching me, grinning madly, and occasionally giggling or poking my exposed dick with her finger. Once when I tried to cover myself she slapped my hand away with a "No no! Bad boy!"

Then Scarlet was back, carrying something behind her. I trembled. I opened my mouth to plead but my tongue wouldn't move when I saw her slowly draw out my father's cane from behind her back. I could only gurgle in protest.

"Yes, we're going to start this weekend with a good _thrashing_," said Scarlet, intense pleasure obvious in her voice.

"Oh God!" I finally managed.

"Yes, you'll be praying soon enough. Now turn around and bend over the back of that sofa."

Indeed, I was already praying. It felt so much like a dream I was praying with all my might that this wasn't real. Deep down, however, I knew it was real, and that made it all the more fantastic. Naked from the waist down, my dick so stiff it hurt, I went over the back of the couch. My dick pressed against the couch back and I welcomed the sensation because I knew that in a few moments that stimulation was going to be all the pleasure in the world to me.

I couldn't believe that seconds after arriving Scarlet was already thrashing me. I had suspected she would, of course, but I figured it would be later, on Saturday perhaps, or maybe a little bedtime spanking. I also figured she'd give me the chance to give her an appropriate excuse. Instead she was going to cane me for no reason other than the obvious one that she would enjoy it.

"Excellent, Petey. Keep that bottom high. I am going to stripe it good." There was a pause and I felt something hard tapping my butt. I shuddered. "This little thrashing's just the beginning," continued Scarlet. "Trust me: you're going to be a well-spanked boy before we leave."

I opened my mouth to say something, when there was a cracking sound like an iceberg snapping and I forgot everything. I forgot my own name in those few seconds of impossible pain. My body just reacted instinctively, writhing and moaning, and I clutched my asscheeks and wept bitterly. When I could focus I realized she'd given me the first slash, but it no longer was a game to me. The pain was horrible, a sickening at the pit of my belly, an intense urge to vomit. I thought for sure she'd half-killed me. It certainly felt like it. I knew for certain I was bleeding, and I twisted my head around to gaze over my shoulder at my mangled bottom.

To my shock there was nothing visible, at least not from my angle. I appeared to have survived. There was no blood, only a furious throbbing.

"That fuckin' hurt!" I screamed.

"Such language!" laughed Scarlet. She looked stunning when she laughed. My anger melted. When she smiled and calmly ordered me back over the sofa, I obeyed without even thinking about it.

She gave me a total of six slashes with that horrible cane. The first few were the worst. Toward the end I was bearing them fairly well, though they hurt like the devil.

"Stand up!" said Scarlet. "Let's see how that bottom of yours has fared."

Aching all over, but predominantly in the posterior region, I slowly rose. My cheeks were damp with tears and I clutched the back of the sofa with grips of steel. I wanted desperately to rub my behind but I'd made that mistake once before, long ago, and I knew that Scarlet didn't permit rubbing. At least not by me.

She and Elise knelt behind me and began to giggle and fondle my striped buttocks. I felt them poke and squeeze and heard them laugh and murmur. It was maddening. My cock stiffened at every touch and I shoved it painfully into the back of the couch.

"What a lovely job you did," said Elise. "I've never seen a whipped bottom before. It's very pretty. It looks painful. Is it painful Petey?"

"You got that fuckin' right," I grunted under my breath.

Scarlet gave a deep sigh. "Did you just swear again Petey?"

I shook my head. "No ma'am."

"Lying too. That's going to mean the strap."

A chill went down my spine and right up my stiff member. I felt it grow at least another half-inch. "Oh, please," I begged, fear -- and excitement -- flooding my heart.

"We'll spank you for the swearing after supper," said Scarlet. "You can get the strapping before bed."

I groaned, my hopes sinking with despair. I knew better than to argue with Scarlet, however. I silently obeyed when ordered to stand in the corner.

To my horror, Elise accompanied me, making sure I kept my hands on my head and the tip of my erect penis pressed against the wall. My shorts and jeans were in a humiliating pile around my ankles.

Elise leaned her head near mine, her stern whisper right in my ear. Her hand, petite and delicate and warm, squeezed my left buttock in warning. "Don't you dare move, young man," she hissed. "If that cock of yours isn't hard and still touching that wall when supper's ready I'll spank you myself!"

I yelped when she concluded her command with a hard slap to my butt, the sharp sting causing me to jump forward, ramming my dick painfully against the wall. Tears stung my eyes. Panting and sweating, I glanced behind me, watching the petite girl disappear. Her perfume was haunting and left me strangely thirsty.

"Shit!" I thought bitterly. It seemed I had two babysitters now.

The wait for supper was torturous. My buttocks throbbed from the cane strokes, and I felt cold and exposed and miserable, standing naked in the living room for anyone to see.

I was worried about my dick shrinking, Elise's warning making me nervous and afraid, but I needn't have concerned myself. Just thinking of what Scarlet and her friend Elise were going to do to me had me so erect it hurt.

Hearing the faint laughter and giggles of the girls in the kitchen as they warmed the dinner my Mom had made sent tremors through my body. They could not see me, yet they knew I was out here, naked, my bottomed striped with fresh red lines. At any minute they could come in and see me, perhaps come over to scold or spank me. Being the focus of such attention, negative as though it was, was exciting.

Finally dinner was ready. Elise came and checked on me, making sure my dick still touched the wall. Just having her look at it made it swell. She smiled and patted my bottom.

"Good boy," she said, and bent to lift my underpants up. She took an inordinate amount of time, it seemed to me, to get them in place. I stared at the wall and tried not to wince as she fondled my balls, my penis, and my ass. "Now step out of those jeans. You won't be needing them any more today. You've been a naughty boy."

So it was I came to dinner wearing only my underpants and my shirt. Scarlet giggled when she saw me, her expression one of lust and mischievous amusement.

"My my, does little Petey have a roll of socks in there?"

Elise laughed. "Little Petey's not so little any more, Scarlet. I swear his dick is bigger now than it was after you caned him."

"Really? Well I should see that. Petey, show me your dick!"

If it had been pitch dark, I swear my blush would have still been visible. With my brother so much older than me I was practically an only child, and very shy. I normally had all the privacy I wanted. I had no history of peeking on a little sister or being peeked upon. For me nudity was an extremely private affair.

But I knew Scarlet loved to see me naked. I didn't know if it was because she liked my body or because she liked humiliating me, but I had known that this weekend I'd be exposed to my babysitter. I'd been dreading and anticipating it all week. I just hadn't been expecting it so soon.

Slowly, my ears turning pink, I wiggled my shorts down, exposing my penis. It was very stiff, though not especially large. After all, I was barely a teen. Scarlet seemed impressed, however, her red tongue darting out to caress her voluptuous lips.

"My, you are right, Elise. Little Petey isn't so little any more! Excellent. This weekend will be even more fun than I anticipated."

It was horrible. I stood there, shorts around my thighs, dick poking out, while the girls studied me. They pointed and giggled and teased me, asking me questions that didn't need answering, and occasionally reaching out a hand to briefly touch my erection.

"How does it feel, Petey?" asked Scarlet. "Do you enjoy showing me your privates?"

I turned still pinker and refused to answer.

Scarlet leaned closer. "Would you like to see my privates?"

My eyes went wide and my mouth opened slightly, giving away the intensity of desire.

"Of course you do," whispered Scarlet. "You're a curious boy, aren't you. You want desperately for me to slide down these shorts and let you explore, don't you? You want to see me naked, as you are. You want to see my pussy!"

As she spoke Scarlet was playing with the fastener on her shorts. She'd opened it and I could see the pink skin of her belly and the thin waistband of delicate panties. It was breathtaking. My heart forgot to beat as I stared and waited. And waited.

Suddenly Scarlet was laughing, twirling away, buttoning her shorts back up. "Dream on, little boy!" she said gaily. "Pussy's reserved for men!"

My heart tore at the cruel trick and I felt even worse that I'd fallen for such an obvious trap. Still, I felt somewhat comforted that I'd glimpsed Scarlet's panties. It was better than nothing, and probably as far as I'd ever get.

If that had gone badly, dinner was even worse. Scarlet made me take off my shirt. She said she didn't want it to get dirty during dinner. Then, clad only in underpants, I was given a high chair -- Scarlet had dragged it up from the basement and dusted it off. I still fit in it, though it took some work. I wasn't permitted to feed myself, but had to accept bites of food from the grinning she-demons of Scarlet and Elise. They even tied my hands behind me to the chair with a cloth belt from a bath robe. I was utterly helpless.

They deliberately spilled spaghetti on my chest. "Oh dear," one of them would say. "He spilled again. Naughty Petey!"

I was constantly being scolded. I ate too quickly, or not fast enough. I was too messy, rude, or disobedient. I tried to cooperate as best I could, but it was hopeless. They would even give me contradictory orders, laughing at my perplexity.

"What a naughty little boy he is," one would say, and the other would agree, and add that no doubt what I needed was a long, hard, "thorough" spanking.

Unfortunately, we had ice cream for dessert. The girls fed me tiny spoonfuls to make it last longer and giggled when one "accidentally" slid down my chest and belly. Scarlet helpfully pulled open the front of my shorts, allowing the freezing substance to enter. She let the elastic snap back painfully.

"You're not _chilly_, are you Petey?" she asked, dissolving into laughter.

They repeated this prank several times until I was ready to scream for them to stop. I was glad when they did, and then I heard the chilling pronouncement.

"What you need, little Petey, is a _bath_."

Chills of horror mixed with thrills of excitement shot through me. I remembered being bathed by sweet Scarlet in the past and was elated, but I was also humiliated, for I was nearly a teenager now.

I was carefully untied and let down out of the high chair, and then, with a pat to my behind, I was led to the upstairs bathroom by Elise. She turned on the water and began running a bath for me. She made sure the water was at a good temperature, then ordered me over to her. She carefully peeled down my underpants. They were damp from the ice cream.

Naked, she helped me into the tub. But I wasn't allowed to sit down. First Elise began to sponge me. I was ordered to do nothing. Scarlet appeared at the doorway and stood silently watching, enjoying my embarrassment.

Elise washed every part of me. It was horrible, it was wonderful. She was very pretty, especially when she wasn't staring at me with one of her piercing looks. I enjoyed staring down at her while she worked on my legs and feet. She played with my genitals and washed my bottom. She moved up my torso, did my arms, my back, and even my hair and face. I felt like an animal.

When Elise was finally finished, I was allowed to sink into the water to rinse off. I stood up again, thinking it was time to get out, but then Scarlet was there. The way she smiled I knew my bath wasn't over at all, but just beginning. She drained the tub and refilled it with steaming water so hot I could scarcely stand it.

Despite Elise's thorough treatment, Scarlet seemed to think I was filthy. At least she said as much continually as she scrubbed me. She used a heavy bath brush with horribly brickly bristles. I swear she was trying to skin me alive, especially when she attacked my tender bottom, scratching at the sensitive weals left by the cane. But she didn't just do the obvious places: she scrubbed me _everywhere_.

Like most little boys I knew I had nipples, though I didn't exactly know what they were called or why I had them. But that evening I found out they were extremely sensitive, for she scrubbed them until I was sobbing and I could have sworn she'd ripped them right off.

If I'd thought that was bad, however, I forgot all about it when she made me kneel in the hot water and spread my legs wide apart. She got the brush good and wet and soapy and proceeded to scour the insides of my thighs and buttocks. She went right up into my asscrack and scrubbed and polished and buffed until I was howling and my tears were splashing into the water non-stop. I'd never felt anything so painful in my life. The prickly bristles poked right into my bottomhole and scratched the skin all around the ring, rubbing against flesh I didn't even know I had.

When she finally finished I was plunged into the hot water, which was just bearable now, and rinsed off. The hot water reawakened every scratched pore and I wanted to scream. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes and just prayed it would be over soon. Anything, even a spanking from Scarlet, was better than this torture.

Unfortunately for me, that's exactly what was next on the schedule. I was taken from the bath and roughly dried off. Elise and Scarlet both had small towels and were diligent in using them thoroughly. I felt weak and exhausted when it was done, but fear gave me new life as I was told, "It's time for your spanking. Come on downstairs."

I was led into the center of the living room. The girls went to the couch and sat watching me. They were both as stunning as ever, perhaps more so now than ever before. Their faces, I saw, were pink from exertion. I longed for them to touch me, for me to touch them, but they were as cold and removed as the moon. Their eyes were bright with mirth and amusement, while I felt cold and vulnerable and alone.

"Petey," Scarlet said after an eternal silence, "you are to be spanked for swearing. You swore twice and thus you shall be spanked twice. I shall spank you first, to show Elise how it is done, and Elise will finish with a spanking of her own. Now be a good boy and take your spanking like a man. Show Elise that you are not a baby."

I wanted desperately to cry, but I didn't dare. I nodded wordlessly. I couldn't have spoken to save my life. My little penis, shrunk from the ordeal of bathing, was perking up again.

"Come here, Petey," said Scarlet sternly. "You've been a naughty boy and must be punished."

Mutely, I went to her. It felt like I was crawling, though I walked on two legs. I went over her lap with an ease that surprised even me. Had it really been two years since she last put me over her lap?

I smelled her sweet vanilla scent and it felt like I'd been there forever. I felt the same flush of my cheeks and my bottom, naked and thrust up over her smooth thighs, felt far too large and vulnerable a target. Her legs underneath me were warm and strong. My penis hardened a bit when it had contact with her leg. I had to shift my position slightly to ease the discomfort. Now it poked against her inner thigh.

Scarlet's hand was on my bottom, rubbing, pinching, squeezing, and massaging. It was a familiar warm-up technique of hers. This time it hurt a bit since she'd already caned me and my bottom was sore. But I still felt excited, thrilling at every touch of her hand. I knew this was going to hurt, probably a great deal, but I scarcely cared. I both hated and loved this process. That Scarlet liked me enough to spank my bare bottom was a wonderful thing, but the spanking itself was always difficult to endure.

Then it began. In moments I was enveloped in a myriad of slapping sounds, stinging pain, and tremendous pent-up excitement. It was like a familiar blanket, warm and snug, descending over me. It was everything I remembered and more. I was nervous, but not frightened. Scarlet was certain to spank me very hard and make me cry, and she'd make me do disgusting and humiliating things, but I knew -- especially when I was over her lap -- that she cared for me.

My eyes were closed and my head was buried very close to Elise. I could smell her, and after the first intense bout I had recovered sufficiently from the initial overwhelming shock of pain to be more aware of my surroundings.

I opened my eyes a crack. Her body was very close to me. In fact, I was just several inches from her legs and bottom. I could reach out and touch her, if I dared. I wondered what would happen if I slipped my hand under her bottom. I didn't dare find out, but I longed to do it.

The spanking was reaching a new level. Scarlet had successfully warmed over my entire backside and was now proceeding to really spank hard. Fortunately, I had also reached a new level of control. The pain was intense, but I was calm. I knew there was nothing I could do to avoid or mitigate the spanking, so I accepted it. Besides, I enjoyed the feeling of Scarlet underneath me, her palm on my ass, and Elise sitting right by my face.

Several times during the next quarter hour, we advanced a level. It's hard to describe if you're not familiar with being spanked. I'm not even sure what it is, though I suspect it has something to do with acclimation. Once you get used to a certain level of pain, the intensity ratchets up a notch. Each time this happens you feel a slight bit of panic, as though the spanking is starting all over, but if you relax and let go, the spanking doesn't hurt quite as much and soon it can be almost pleasant.

A good spanker can tell when you're getting too comfortable, when it doesn't hurt properly any more, and the spanker then does something to take you to the next level. That can be anything: shifting your position a bit, spanking a bit harder, varying the speed or rhythm of the blows, or spanking a slightly different portion of your body, or switching to an implement like a hairbrush or ruler.

Scarlet was more than good: she was an expert. Every time I began to relax she advanced the level. Once she concentrated solely on the very base of my bottom, just above my thighs. Another time she spanked the insides of my thighs, then she rotated me to spank the outer edge of my right cheek, then the outer edge of my left. She was inventive, always finding something new and outrageous to bring out my deepest cries and moans.

Now I'm a tough boy, though not extraordinarily so. When my father whips me, I cry, though not all that much. But when Scarlet spanks me, there's something so raw and naked about the whole thing that goes right to my heart. I sob like a baby. The tears just flow. Perhaps that's what it's all about with her. Perhaps that's what I need and she gives it to me. I don't know. All I know is that when my father canes me I take it like a man, but Scarlet just has to look at me and my knees go weak and my eyes water.

This spanking was no exception. I cried from the beginning, even when, in retrospect, it didn't hurt that much. I wasn't crying from the pain as much as the situation. I just wept and wept. At one point I felt someone touching my face and looked up to find Elise smiling at me and wiping away my tears with a tissue. That just made me cry worse, but it was a good kind of cry.

Finally, after an eternity, it was over. I was allowed back to my feet. I felt stiff and creaky, and my butt was steaming. I was hot and tired and my face was sticky from my tears. Scarlet beamed at me, said I'd taken my spanking well, and sent me to the corner.

I stood there, naked, shivering, and listened as the girls watched TV. I couldn't see the picture, but it was just some sappy soap opera thing with kissing and stuff. During one of the commercial breaks, Elise came over to me and played with my penis. It wasn't stiff enough, she said, and that was very naughty. Her touching me quickly solved that problem, however, and I spent the next quarter of an hour rubbing the tip of my dick against the wall.

Then the TV was turned off and it was time for my spanking from Elise. I didn't know what to expect, but went over her lap obediently. My heart began to pound when she showed me the large wooden hairbrush in her hand.

"I'll start with my hand," she said pleasantly, "but I just want you to know what's coming."

How nice of you, I thought bitterly, and then it began. This time I was stretched out across Scarlet's lap also. She held my hands and my head was across her bare thighs. I could smell her intensely, while behind me I felt the looming threat of the soft hands of Elise on my bare bottom.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Elise certainly knew how to slap a boy's bottom! I gasped and writhed at the fantastic sting. My penis was between her legs, poking her rudely, and every hard slap seemed to drive me into her. She giggled, obviously pleased at my reaction, and resumed the hearty smacking.

Scarlet cooed and brushed my hair with one hand, while the other gripped my wrists with surprising strength. I suppose I could have broken away if I'd really wanted to, but I felt sapped of energy and will, exhausted and helpless.

Elise spanked me at a good rate, probably one smack every second or so, and soon I was weeping into Scarlet's lap. Her white shorts were inches from my eyes and I feasted on the high bare thigh I could see peeking from under the hem of the material.

After a while, perhaps five or ten minutes, Elise paused and fondled my bottom. This, as it always did, confused me. It felt good, yet it was punishment. It hurt. The squeezing and petting made me feel alive inside, especially my penis, but it always bore the ominous threat of more pain to come.

This time that threat was realized when Elise picked up the hairbrush she'd shown me. I whimpered and moaned, wiggling my hips. "Oh please," I begged. "I'll be good, I promise!"

"Of course you will," laughed Scarlet, petting my head. "Now lie still and take your spanking like a big boy."

I hated the condescending way she spoke to me, but I didn't have much time to resent it: my ass suddenly exploded with pain. It took me a few seconds to figure out it was just my right cheek that was on fire, and then I realized what a deep, profound pain it was. Suddenly all the horrible memories of hairbrushings past flashed through me and I panicked. I thrashed on the laps of the two girls. I cried out and begged for mercy. Scarlet gripped me with both hands, and I felt Elise pressing a palm against my lower back, forcing me flat. The hairbrush smacked me again and again and I howled and wept miserably.

Apparently I kicked my legs too much for suddenly the spanking stopped and dimly I heard Scarlet saying something to Elise. My legs were lifted and dropped between Elise's, and then she squeezed hers together, trapping mine in position. With them holding every part of me still I could scarcely wiggle.

"Start the hairbrushing over from the beginning," said Scarlet sternly. "This naughty boy must learn to accept his discipline properly."

"Nooo!" I moaned, but it was pointless. The hairbrush began to smack me again and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. The loud whacks of the brush echoed throughout the room and scared me silly. I felt I'd never been spanked so hard in all my life. Where did little Elise get such strength? My bottom was being beaten raw, like meat being tenderized, and all I could do was lie there and like it.

Which was exactly what I did. The first several minutes of that hairbrushing were hell. I could scarcely breathe I was sobbing so much. Pain radiated through me in waves of heat. Finally I collapsed. I couldn't fight it any more. I lay there and allowed my butt to be pounded.

After a while I realized it wasn't as bad as I remembered. At first I thought Elise wasn't spanking as hard as she had been, but it certainly didn't seem that way. Every blow was harsh, nearly knocking my breath away. But somehow it didn't hurt as much as before. The blows were less frequent, that was true, but they still were very solid. No, it was I who had changed. I had calmed down and wasn't panicking like I had been. I gritted my teeth against the pain and even stopped crying a bit.

Elise seemed to realize something had changed and she paused, rubbing the flat back of the brush against my butt for a moment. "There, there," she whispered. "Is little naughty boy sorry?"

"Oh yes!" I breathed.

"Naughty boy isn't going to swear any more?"

"No ma'am!"

The brush descended heavily against my left cheek, leaving a deep and burning pain. I grunted.

"If you swear again we'll have to wash your mouth out with soap!"

I grimaced. "Yes ma'am," I gasped as another blow caught my right cheek. After the pause the fresh assault was intense.

"Good. Now I'm going to give you ten more, and I want you to count them. I want you ask for each one by number. You got that?"

"Yes," I groaned, dreading this new torment. I hadn't had to count out spanks for years, though my father had made me do it with his belt a few times. It always made the few blows much, much worse.

"Please, ma'am, may I have number one?"

"Certainly." There was warmth and pleasure in Elise's voice, and I actually heard her grunt with effort as she pulled her arm way back to Arkansas somewhere. I braced myself for the impact. It was a doozy. I nearly passed out. Or I'd like to think so. I'm positive I saw stars. The pain took several seconds to wash away to be replaced by an intense throbbing.

I groaned loudly. "Please, may I have number two?"

Two and three were just as bad, unbelievably hard wallops. They traversed my right cheek, each blistering a large portion. The third stroke had caught me right at the base where buttock meets thigh. I howled and it took me nearly a minute to work up the courage to ask for the fourth one.

Fortunately, the fourth, fifth, and sixth were on my left cheek. After just six spanks I was nearly delirious with terror. My butt hurt so bad I just couldn't take any more. I cried and stuttered and finally asked for the seventh.

WHACK! Right across the base of my right cheek. Agony. It was horrid. Somehow I asked for the eighth. It was a hard smack to the middle of my right cheek. My ass felt like it was vibrating for minutes afterward. Sobbing uncontrollably, I asked for the ninth and then the tenth blows. It was over. My butt felt like it had been paddled clean off, but the sheer relief of the end of punishment made me sob tears of joy.

"Excellent, little Petey," said Scarlet, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. She patted my bottom and helped me to sit on her lap. My hot bottom surely must have scalded her bare thighs. Sitting was not what I wanted to be doing, but I wasn't in any kind of position to protest anything.

"Now we'll watch a movie we've rented and you just sit quietly in my lap until the pain fades. Don't forget, you've got a bedtime strapping coming, though that's not for a long while yet."

I'd forgotten all about the strapping and for a few seconds I was really terrified. I burst into shrieks and sobs that were worthy of a two-year-old, and Scarlet hugged me and soothed me and kissed my face. When I finally realized this dreamgirl was kissing me I relaxed a bit and tried to be brave. I settled down in her lap and enjoyed the feel of her body so close to me.

The DVD Elise put in was a good one, something about "Unbearable Lightness of Bean." I didn't really understand it. It was a talky film with a lot of dialogue I didn't follow, but it was rated R and I didn't mind the boring parts at all when the nudity came on. There was lots of it, including an amazing sequence involving a nude photo shoot. The photographer was a girl, too, and at the end of the shoot the model took the camera and proceeded to take pictures of the photographer. She undressed her, too, and I'll remember till the day I die the view of her buttocks being exposed as her panties were slowly pulled off.

Elise and Scarlet watched me during the film, especially during the nude scenes. Elise even paused the DVD so I could get a good look at one of the naked women.

"Do you like that Petey?" she asked. I nodded.

"Is she pretty?" asked Scarlet.

"Not as pretty as you," I said tactfully. "But I haven't seen you naked so it's difficult to compare."

Scarlet gave me a little pinch then, and we took a break to make some popcorn. I went to the bathroom. It felt strange running around the house naked, but I didn't dare anger the girls by suggesting I be allowed to put on some clothes.

After the break I sat between the girls. They snuggled up right next to me, and since it was growing chilly, we all gathered together under a blanket. I felt the girls' hands touching me during the movie. I fell asleep a few times, but the girls didn't say anything or punish me.

When I awoke the credits were rolling. I was groggy but suddenly terrified when I heard Scarlet say it was time for bed. My bottom was still very tender and all I could think about was the bedtime strapping she'd promised.

"Relax, Petey," she said with a smile. "We've decided to postpone your strapping until morning. Isn't that nice of us?"

I really wished the strapping was postponed until after I was dead, but I was grateful for whatever I could get. "Thank you, Scarlet," I said.

She guided me to my room, but when I went to put on my pajamas, she took them from me. "No you don't. You've been a naughty little boy so you get to sleep naked. That will help remind you of the spanking you have coming in the morning."

Naturally sleep was difficult in coming with the promised strapping awaiting me in the morning, but lying in the darkness I could hear faint sounds from the guest room. The girls were in there. Perhaps they were undressing for bed? The thought excited me, and for a while I fantasized about naked Scarlet and Elise doing naughty things, until eventually, I fell asleep.

I awoke cold. It was still dark outside, though morning was near. It was then I discovered my blankets were gone. I was naked with no protection. That reminded me of the strapping I'd been promised, and it hit me like a punch to the belly. My hands went to feel my ass: the skin was still tender, though not in as bad a shape as I'd expected (feared). I still didn't relish additional punishment, however.

For a while I lay without getting up. My bedside clock read 5:27 a.m. The house was very quiet. I got up and went to the window, looking out at the faint morning light. It felt strange to be naked, but kind of exciting as well. It was even more exciting to remember that in the next room were two beautiful girls -- women. Were they naked as well?

Thinking of Elise and Scarlet naked got me randy in a hurry. I sat on the bed and stroked my penis which was already hard. I could vaguely imagine the two girls, nude, lying on their beds. Elise was curled up on her side, Scarlet on her belly. I could see her magnificent ass....

I don't know what made me turn, but some sixth sense warned me: I suddenly was aware that I was no longer alone. I frozen and my head snapped to the right. Standing in the doorway, absurdly calm, was Scarlet.

"Are you enjoying yourself Petey?" she whispered.

I couldn't answer, couldn't even move as she smiled and approached. She took my hand from my dick and I didn't stop her. She took my dick in her hand and caressed it gently. Instantly I spurted. I was incredibly embarrassed, but Scarlet didn't even blink. She just smiled and nodded.

"Excellent, Petey," she whispered. "That's a very good come. Can you do it again for me?"

Doing it again was the last thing on my mind, but my body had other ideas. As she stroked, rubbing the sticky come all over my erect cock, my member stretched in anticipation of another go. "Oh please," I begged, not knowing if I wanted her to finish me off or leave me alone in my humiliation, but of course it was a moot point as I had no choice in the matter: Scarlet was free to do with me as she pleased.

Scarlet leaned forward against me, her sweet vanilla scent engulfing me. She wore an overlarge white T-shirt with a Road Runner cartoon on the front, but I couldn't take my eyes off the two prominent bumps on either side of Road Runner's feathered head. Was that a nipple? Surely that sharp point poking there was a bare nipple under the shirt!

I creamed again, spurting a full three times, causing Scarlet to exclaim in surprise and wonder. "Wow, that was amazing, little Petey," she said finally. "You're really becoming a big boy!"

I said the thing that was on my mind -- exactly the wrong thing to say, of course: "Please don't spank me, Scarlet."

"Do you _want_ a spanking Petey?"

"No ma'am!"

"Are you _sure_?"

"Y-yes, m-m-ma'am," my voice wavered.

There was a long pause while she just looked at me with those piercing eyes. I couldn't stand it and looked away, but whever I looked back, she was still staring at me.

"You're lying, Petey," she said coldly, urgently. "You're just _aching_ for me to put you over my knee and strap your bare bottom until it's crimson!"

"No I'm not!" I cried, but it sounded feeble, artificial.

"You want me to put your penis between my legs while you're across my lap, rub your behind and spank you, hard."


"Oh yes, Petey. I can tell. You love it when I'm harsh with you, the harsher the better. Look!"

Her eyes pointed at my cock, which was again, undeniably, erect.

"Noooo," I moaned, my head slumping forward in defeat.

"I'll tell you what, Petey," said Scarlet. "You go fetch me the strap from my bedroom. It's in my suitcase in the closet. I'll give you thirty seconds. If you're back in thirty seconds, I'll only strap you ten times. Every second you're late I'll add an extra stroke. Doesn't that seem fair?"

Perhaps I was distracted by Scarlet's hand stroking my penis, but I stupidly agreed to her plan. (Not that I really had any other choice, but it's nice to pretend I did.) That my strapping would only be ten strokes was an incredible relief; I could take ten with a smile and a thank you.

Scarlet waited until the second hand on my watch reached zero and then she nodded. I dashed out the door, determined to be back in half the allotted time. But I hadn't counted on Scarlet's guile. Of course she had a trick up her sleeve.

I slipped into the darkened room where Elise lay sleeping and crept toward the closet. There were two suitcases. I opened the first and my heart sank -- Scarlet had lied to me! Of course -- she'd hidden the strap in order to extend my punishment! Though rifling through the girlish panties and underthings was appealing, I had no time. I frantically closed the suitcase and went to the other.

And there was the strap, curled on top, right where Scarlet had said it would be.

I grabbed it and retreated. As I did so, I glanced in the direction of the bed where Elise lay. The faint glow of dawn illuminated the room decently, and what I saw made my mind spin. I nearly fell down.

Elise lay with the covers thrown off. She was completely nude.

It took a few seconds for my mind to even register what my body instantly realized was there. My dick grew so hard so fast it hurt! I gulped and stared and stared. Elise was soundly asleep, and naked as the day she was born (but far more womanly!). She was curled up on her side, facing me, her arms up. I could see her bare breasts exposed beneath her left elbow. Her legs were bent at the knee and drawn up a foot or two, leaving the area of her crotch in mysterious shadow. But I could plainly see the curve of her back and ass cheeks, and miles of luscious bare thigh.

For an eternity I stood there, frozen, drinking in the beautiful sight. I couldn't believe my good fortune. Seeing a genuine female genuinely naked (not on video) was one of the top goals in my short life, and here it was happening. Wow, all my fantasies could not come close to the actual article: Elise was stunning, her body a tribute to the female form. Every cell in my body screamed in praise at the erotic vision.

My eyes followed every curve, memorized every detail. I studied the soft, sensuous bulge of her breasts, tipped with large dark nipples. "Eminently suckable," I thought.

The gentle swell of her hips, the magnificent pout of her ass with its dark chasm of mystery drew me in like a magnet. I longed to caress her, to fondle those ass cheeks and squeeze those breasts. My mind filled with the absurd but strangely attractive image of me licking that flesh, her breasts and ass.

I was afraid to move, afraid to breathe even, lest I wake the sleeping beauty. At one point I inched slightly closer, craning for a better look in the faint light, when I noticed something in my hand. It was a long strip of leather. Suddenly a cold washed over me. "Shit!" my brain cried, and I turned to flee.

But even then, as my panicked mind urged me to fly, I hesitated at the door, pausing for one final glimpse of the naked girl.

I arrived back in my room, panting. Scarlet was sitting on my bed, grinning like a cat with a goldfish in its mouth.

"My, my, Petey," she said, "you must sure want me to whip you hard. You were gone for two minutes and four seconds!"

My heart sank and my head spun. I couldn't believe what I fool I'd been. Over a minute and a half late! Shit, that was like... 90+ strokes! *Extra* strokes, on top of the ten I'd been promised.

"Oh God, Scarlet, have mercy," I begged, falling to my knees and crawling to the goddess. The triumphant look on her face said something to me and realization dawned. "Wait a second... you _knew_ Elise was in there, you knew she was naked, and you sent me in there knowing I couldn't resist looking at her."

Scarlet grinned. "And you had every opportunity to leave. But you didn't. You _chose_ to stay in there and come back late, and now your bottom is going to pay. You brought this whipping on yourself, Petey boy."

I slumped to the floor, dejected, for I could not argue with her. If I hadn't been such a horny bastard I wouldn't be in this situation! How could I have been such a fool?

But thinking back to the sight of Elise, naked on her bed, filled me with excitement. Those few seconds of gawking were going to be expensive, but maybe they'd be worth it.

The strapping that Scarlet administered was indeed memorable. It was agonizing in more ways than just the pain. First, she took me over her lap, making sure my dick was between her legs, and whipped me until I went soft: about twenty strokes. Then she fondled me until I was hard again and repeated the exercise, and this time I was soft in fifteen strokes.

It was about this time that Elise entered, my cries no doubt waking her up. To my disappointment she wore a bathrobe, but I could imagine that she was completely naked underneath. She sat and helped Scarlet "stiffen" me, and then giggled as I took another dozen.

The whipping took over an hour. That was mostly because it took so long to stiffen me each time I went soft. I went soft quite easily at first, where just ten agonizing strokes would have me drooping, but Scarlet and Elise wouldn't give up, and soon I was so aroused I was able to stay firm despite the awful pain. I could take twenty or thirty straps without anyone touching my genitals and still remain erect, though after thirty my resolve usually faltered. In fact, I got so the first dozen or so actually felt _good_: while I was freshly aroused and hard, I relished the pain as it counter-acted against the torture of never being given any sexual release.

Scarlet gave me far more than the 104 I was supposed to have gotten: she didn't count strokes given while I was soft, and often would take off five or ten that she'd already administered, saying she hadn't realized I wasn't "ready" (ready meaning, of course, that I was stiff and near coming). She also frequently added "penalty" strokes, ten here or twenty there, for whatever excuse she could find: I was wiggling too much; my cries were too loud; I took too long to stiffen, etc.

After an eternity of this my ass and the back of my legs were raw and blistered. The strokes didn't even hurt any more, not really. They just irritated the already sore flesh and caused me to buck and groan and pray for mercy. Finally Scarlet put down the strap and she and Elise began to play with my cock again, stiffening me up. I was crying at thought that the torture was not over, and though my body ached all over, their touch felt _soooo_ good I couldn't help but become aroused.

They scolded me while they caressed me, telling me I was a "naughty boy," or commenting on my anatomy, or teasing me about how badly I must want to come. They promised me many hard "bare bottom" spankings across their laps during the day, and asked me to get stiff if I wanted them to spank me -- and naturally by body responded positively though I tried desperately to stop it.

Finally it was announced I was "ready" and once again I was not allowed an orgasm. I stood naked in front of the two girls with my hands on my head, my erect penis painfully exposed and neglected, and waited for the order to go across a lap.

"Please, not more strapping," I begged.

To my surprise, Scarlet agreed. "I think he's had about enough of the belt, don't you Elise?"

Elise looked a bit disappointed, but after ordering me to turn so she could study my ass, she concurred.

Scarlet grinned wickedly. "Of course we have yet to spank him for peeping on you."

There was an awkward pause, during which Elise looked between me and Scarlet with alarm. "What are you talking about?"

"Tell her, Petey."

I couldn't deny it, but I could try to spin it against Scarlet. I hoped. "Scarlet made me get the strap from her suitcase," I said. "It, uh, took me a while to find the right case, and when I was leaving, I, uh, I saw you, uh, sleeping."

Elise stared at me, her eyes fiery. "You saw me naked."

I blushed furiously. "It was just for a few seconds," I mumbled.

Scarlet told her friend how long it had taken me to perform my "simple task" of fetching the strap. "I figure he stood and stared at you for nearly two minutes," she finished.

Elise nodded grimly. "Than he gets two minutes of spanking from me!" she declared. Scarlet smiled and looked at me and shrugged hopelessly, like she was on my side and there was nothing she could do about her obstinate friend.

Scarlet ordered me to turn around. "I don't know if a bottom spanking is appropriate," she said, her hands patting and pinching my ass. "Look at that butt: it's covered with strap marks. I don't think it can take that much more."

"Oh, come on, Scarlet," urged Elise, grabbing a hunk of my flesh and squeezing, "there's plenty of virgin flesh here. Look, we haven't even gotten into his crack yet."

"That's true: but I don't plan on leaving without giving him a good caning, so I want his bottom to heal as much as possible before that. I'd hate to have to limit my caning to six or twelve strokes."

The girls continued on like this for several minutes, prying apart my ass cheeks and talking about me as though I wasn't there. I felt like a horse being examined for sale. It was humiliating being treated so impersonally, but I didn't dare protest. I just hoped Scarlet would win the argument and spare my ass, at least for a little while.

How foolish I was. Of course Scarlet won the argument. And how much was I to regret that decision? It was decided that instead of spanking my butt for two minutes, Elise would strap my inner thighs which were untainted by the whip. Since there were two surfaces to whip, it was further ruled that I would receive two minutes of strapping on _each_ thigh. So right there my punishment was doubled. And instead of it occurring across my battered and numb buttocks, the blows would land on my sensitive inner thighs.

But my punishment got even worse. The position Elise decided I needed to be in was ridiculous: standing on one leg with the other raised and held by Scarlet. I was nearly doing the vertical splits! Even worse, my genitals were _completely_ exposed, my dick sticking out rudely, and dangerously in line for a stray stroke of the strap.

When Scarlet gave the starting signal, Elise whipped me hard and fast. They'd warned me not to get out of position, and that proved incredibly difficult as all I wanted to do was run away. The strap cut across my inner thigh again and again, stinging me something awful, and if I wiggled in the slightest Elise terrified me by warning that she might strap my dick if I didn't stay still. I gritted my teeth and held position though it was horribly difficult, the leather smacking my thigh at the frenetic pace of slightly more than one stroke per second (I know that because when the two minutes were up, Scarlet, who'd been counting, announced I'd been given 142 strokes).

After my right thigh had been taken care of, it was time for the left. Of course there was a pause while my dick was "refreshed" -- and this time I was in so much pain and my genitals were so sore from overuse that it took considerable effort, including Elise flashing me her naked breasts from under her robe, to get me to rise again. Elise promised to go extra hard on me for me making her have to flash me, and she was true to her word, scoring 171 strokes across my left thigh in the allotted two minutes.

The girls left me, sobbing and dancing, while they discussed something with each other. Then Scarlet approached me, ordered me to "stop behaving like a baby boy and stand still," and told me that because I'd received more strokes on my left thigh than my right, which was obviously, unfair, Elise would now be given the chance to make up the missing strokes on my right thigh.

So my left leg was lifted, Elise played with my dick for a few minutes, winking at me and warning me how much the upcoming 29 strokes were going to hurt, and then she delivered while I howled and suffered.

After this it was decided, thankfully, that my punishments were over. For the moment. I was sent to shower, which I desperately needed, and the cool water felt wonderful on my skin. When I finally went downstairs (sans clothing, of course) the girls had made breakfast, and I ate scrambled eggs and bacon and toast while the girls talked about their plans for the day.

"It's supposed to be a scorcher today," Scarlet said, munching on her toast covered with strawberry jam. I winced, thinking the jam looked like my ass.

"God, I hate the heat," muttered Elise. "Clothes stick to your body and you get all sweaty. You can't even sunbathe with the sun so strong."

"A swim sounds nice. What do you think, Petey?"

A swim did sound nice -- very nice. I nodded. "Yes, let's go swimming. But soon, before it gets too hot." I couldn't imagine the torture of the hot sun on my raw flesh.

Scarlet grinned. "Yes, let's soak that skin of yours, get it nice and healed so I can cane you."

I shuddered visibly, and both girls giggled.

"Oh, but I didn't bring my suit," sighed Elise.

A wicked gleam came into Scarlet's eyes. "We could skinny dip."

I nearly choked on my orange juice, sputtering and spilling juice all over my area of the table. The girls glared at me.

"We can't, not with Pervert Pete around," said Elise.

"Aw, Petey won't look, will you Petey?"

I shook my head. "No, ma'am." All my fingers on both hands were crossed under the table.

Scarlet smiled. "So it's settled. After breakfast, we'll all go skinny dipping."

I glanced down. Despite all I'd been through this morning, my erection was back.

Elise was looking at Scarlet nervously and shaking her head, but Scarlet just kept grinning at me. I wondered what she had in mind.

After breakfast, I was made to wash the dishes. For the first time in my life I didn't mind, and I didn't protest. I didn't even care that the girls made fun of me, standing naked at the sink, my beet red ass on display, or giggling when I moved, walking awkwardly because any time my thighs rubbed together it was enough to make me scream. Washing dishes nude was a blessing compared to another whipping.

Finally, it was time. The girls had gone upstairs for towels and suntan lotion and stuff, and I went outside and checked the pool. It was about ten a.m., with the air pleasantly warm and the water a touch cool. Just perfect.

Then they were there. Elise came out first, wearing a large blue towel around her torso, and Scarlet followed. Scarlet's towel was petite, barely covering her body. It was pink, and she looked stunning. I couldn't stop my erection swelling or my jaw dropping in anticipation.

"Look, Elise, little Petey's ready to play."

Elise glanced over her shoulder from where she was bending over putting her stuff away, the towel giving me a slight peek at the lower curves of her bare ass. "Aw, isn't that cute!"

Scarlet walked toward me and I was too distracted by the hope that gravity would be my friend and dislodge the pink towel and expose the jiggling mounds that trotted in my direction to notice that in her hand she held a black strip of cloth. She was holding it up to my face before I realized what she had.

"Relax," she whispered, "it's just a blindfold." She quickly encircled it around my head and fastened it tightly. "You didn't really think we were just going to let you watch us bathe naked, did you? Naughty boy!"

She slapped my dick with her scolding, and I flinched. I could see nothing. It was eerie. I was outside, naked, yet well protected by our backyard's tall fence, and I could not see. It was a strange blend of vulnerability and power. Scarlet pressed something into my hands and I realized with a shock it was the towel she was wearing, er, _had_ been wearing. My erection grew another notch. Yet, of course, I could see nothing.

Suddenly a hand grabbed my dick and my balls in a viselike grip. My voice went up a few octaves as I screeched in protest. Scarlet's voice was in my ear: "Now Petey, if you thought this morning was painful, don't even _think_ of taking off that blindfold. If it comes off for _any_ reason, even accidentally, you're in for torture you wouldn't believe possible."

I didn't doubt Scarlet's words in the least, but even so, my mind was spinning with the temptation. Did I dare take a look? Could I perhaps, manage a peek without being caught? Would the reward outweigh the penalty?

The thought of both Elise and Scarlet naked, dancing and swimming and lounging all around me, and yet I couldn't see a thing, was supreme torture. Surely I'd be a fool to pass up such a chance. Yet I was afraid, truly afraid. This morning's treatment had been harsh, and I was positive there was more in store, so how could I dare run the risk of adding to my torment? It was a glorious dilemma.

I decided that for now, at least, I'd cooperate. Let my ass heal a bit. Enjoy the cool water. I could hear the girls giggling and from snatches of their conversation ("Oh, that's cold!") I gathered they were applying suntan lotion to each other. That aroused me. Naturally, if they were naked, there'd be intimate parts to coat with white cream.

My dick was hurting my balls it was so stiff, so I decided a cool swim was definitely in order. Moving carefully in the darkness, I found the edge of the pool with my toe, then got onto my hands and knees and slipped into the water. It felt wonderful. It was cool and soothing, and it enveloped me like a blanket. I felt much less vulnerable and naked. I playfully dove and swam along the bottom of the pool, carefully to keep my arms out so I wouldn't bump into anything.

When I came up, the girls were in the water with me. I could hear them splashing and giggling a few yards to my right.

"Oh, it's wonderful," cooed Elise.

"There's nothing like swimming nude," sighed Scarlet. "Isn't it comfortable?"

"Yeah. As long as Pervert Pete keeps his eyes shut!"

"Hey, I can't see anything," I protested.

"Well, just be sure you keep it that way."

For a while we just swam, enjoying the water, and then Scarlet suggested we play a game. A normal water game involving a ball wasn't going to work with me being blind, so it was decided that we'd play water tag and I was it. It was a blissfully aggravating game. I swum around blindly, chasing vague sounds and giggles, while the girls easily evaded me. I'm sure many times I was inches from one of them, yet I couldn't see to touch them.

Finally, in a marvelous bit of (literally) blind luck, my hand brushed against Elise's bottom as she swam passed me underwater. I was ecstatic that I'd won as well as having gotten the opportunity to touch Elise's ass, however briefly.

It was quickly determined that the game made no sense with me not being "it," as Elise simply tagged me back before I'd swam two feet, so essentially I was permanently "it." That was fine with me, as it gave me the chance to legitimately grope the girls with no consequences. If I heard a girl near me, I dove and struck out blindly, grabbing whatever flesh I could find. Twice I managed to touch Elise's breast, and once I caught Scarlet around the waist and let my hands slide over her bottom. We were underwater at the time and I was terrified when we surfaced that she'd be angry, but she didn't say anything except, "Petey got me. That's three for me, seven for Elise."

The game was fun but tiring, and after a half an hour, we decided it was time for a break. The girls lounged on deck chairs, while I stretched out on a towel on the grass and lazily reflected on what it was like to touch a girl's body. I'd been surprised at how firm and warm and _alive_ the girls felt. I was touching another being, feeling her strength and vitality via the muscles under her flesh. It was powerful and erotic. Without sight, it mattered little where I touched her, just the fact that I was making contact was arousing.

After a little nap, it was growing warm and we decided to break for lunch. But first, Scarlet announced a prize for my skill at playing tag. "Since you were always 'it' in tag, I have decided to reward you. You will be allowed to touch each of us, anywhere you want, one time for each tag. That's four for me and nine for Elise."

"Hey, no way," protested Elise. "I'm not letting him fondle me!"

"Be quiet," said Scarlet firmly. "Little Petey's been a very good sport and it's only fair he gets a little reward. But you can only touch us five seconds for each tag."

My head was spinning at this wondrous news. Could the day get any better? While I was daydreaming, it did.

I slowly became aware that Scarlet and Elise were having a full-fledged argument over my reward, with Elise decidedly against it. Suddenly there was a loud SMACK and I flinched. But it wasn't me being spanked. Elise let out an "Ouch!" and I could imagine her grabbing and ruefully rubbing her naked ass. Oh how I wished I could have seen that spank! But I could only listen as Scarlet scolded her friend, warning her that if required, the cane could just as easily be applied to her bottom as mine.

Elise reluctantly capitulated, and it was decided that as further punishment for her, I'd be allowed a full ten seconds for each touch on her!

"Okay, Petey, Elise is in front of you. Where do you want to touch her first?"

My lips and mouth were dry as I tried to swallow. This was like a dream. "Her breast," I finally announced.

"Good. Hold out your hand." I felt Scarlet take my hand and extend it in front of me. "Now I'll keep count. At the count of ten, you remove your hand _immediately_. If you leave it there even a fraction longer, you'll get one stroke of the cane for each second too long! Is that clear?"

"Yes, Scarlet."

"Now there's no squeezing or pinching. You just press your hand against her bare breast for ten seconds."

I gulped. "Yes, ma'am."

Suddenly my hand cupped warm soft flesh. Dimly I heard Scarlet saying, "One, two, three," in a slow beat. I could feel Elise reluctantly pulling away, at least at first, then she seemed to relax. Her breast was wonderful, and I could feel the rough bulge of her nipple in the middle of my hand.

"Ten," announced Scarlet, and I tore my hand away as though it had been pressing a hot stove.

"Okay, Petey. Now where do you want to touch her? You have eight more."

God, I was in heaven! Poor Elise was helpless, forced to obey strict Scarlet, and submitting to my fondling pleasure. I wished I could have moved my hand around and squeezed the succulent flesh, but I dared not disobey Scarlet's orders or she'd beat me -- and even worse, take away the rest of my reward.

"Her ass," I said, and then my hand was pressed against Elise's right cheek. I knew that because my pinky finger was in her crack, at the base of her bottom, while my hand cupped the graceful curve of flesh. Elise wiggled a bit, which only made the experience more enjoyable to me as I got to feel her ass moving underneath my hand, and then my ten seconds were up almost before they started.

Elise's ass felt so good, I asked to touch it again, and then again. Then I went for her right breast, and then her pussy, which was softly furry. I asked Scarlet if I could touch Elise's breast and bottom at the same time, and she agreed, but noted that it would count as two touches. The ten seconds flashed by in an instant, and I was dripping come I was so excited. For my last and final touch I chose Elise's splendid ass, enjoying the feel of cupping the firm round cheek.

Then it was Scarlet's turn. I only had four turns with her, of only five seconds each, so I decided to maximize them. I chose her _asscrack_ for the first touch, placing my hand between her cheeks so I could feel them both. Then I went with the ass plus breast combination, and I could feel Scarlet's body trembling with excitement. She was aroused too! I finished by placing my hand on her pussy, and there I found the fur wet with her juices.

"Oh God," moaned Scarlet when I took my hand away. "Have you ever eaten pussy?"

"No," I said, wondering what she meant. I soon found out, as the girls decided it was a skill I needed to learn.

Scarlet sat on a lounge chair and spread her legs. I was forced onto my hands and knees and my face guided to her crotch. I could smell her scent, rather dank and yet alluring, and then I was told to lick her pussy. The thought disgusted me, but when Elise began to spank my still sore bottom, my disgust dropped. I couldn't see anything anyway, so I just stuck out my tongue and began to lick. With every stroke, I could feel Scarlet quivering and shuddering, and occasionally she moaned. I deduced that she moaned when it felt good, so whenever I had a moan lick, I continued that technique, gradually learning what turned Scarlet on. Elise helped by encouraging me with hard slaps to my ass whenever my technique was poor or I was too slow.

Finally, Scarlet came. She nearly screamed her moan was so loud and her whole body shuddered violently several times. Then she lay panting.

Elise and Scarlet swapped places, and though I was tired and my tongue muscles hurt, feeling Scarlet squeeze my asscheeks in warning provided all the motivation I required. I dove into Elise with a vengeance, licking furiously, quickly figuring out which parts of her body most stimulated her. She too came with a series of spasmodic jerks and a loud cry.

"Wow," sighed Elise.

Scarlet laughed. "Little Petey's a quick study, isn't he?"

"I'll say! We've got to keep him around!"

I was vaguely pleased by what I perceived as praise, though I wasn't sure I liked the idea of such a one-sided sexual release plan. When was I going to be satisfied? My dick was long and erect right now, yet I didn't see either of the girls volunteering to take it in their mouth.

I must have moaned or made some gesture toward my cock, because suddenly Scarlet was fondling it and whispering soothing words in my ear. "Aw, is little Petey all hard? Does little Petey need release?"

Her strong hand gripped my dick and I felt a finger tap my cockhead and stroke downward. After just a few strokes, it was too much: with a strangled cry of dismay I came. My hips spasmed with several surges and with each I spurted wads of cream. I heard Elise scream and Scarlet giggling and I figured out I must have sprayed Elise.

"You're gonna pay for that!" shouted Elise.

"You shouldn't have been standing with your face two inches from his dick," laughed Scarlet. She gave my ass a hard slap and pushed me toward the house. "Go upstairs and clean yourself off."

Hastily, I obeyed, stubbing my toe on the step near the sliding glass door. Wincing and limping, I stumbled forward. I took advantage of the situation to bow my head and raise my left hand, deftly shifting the blindfold up on one side so I could see where I was going. I found the handle and slid the door open, stepped through, and carefully closed it behind me.

While sliding the door closed, I peeked. The slit I'd managed was tiny, but the quality of the view more than made up for any lack of quantity. All I got was a brief glimpse, but for a split second I saw Elise, completely naked, standing with her back to me. She had a towel in her hands and was wiping her face. Scarlet was next to her, in profile to me, and also completely naked. The two girls were stunning, unquestionably the two most beautiful women in the world.

Then it happened: Scarlet glanced toward me. There was no way, from that distance, that she could have been able to tell I was peeking, but terror made me illogical, and I panicked. Frantically I slammed the door shut and flipped the latch. I tore off the blindfold and ran. I was halfway up the stairs when I realized what I'd done.

"Oh my God!" I said aloud, stopping abruptly. "Did I just do that?"

Immediately, as if in answer, I heard a frantic pounding. Slowly I turned and went down the stairs. I looked toward the back yard. The two naked girls were slapping the glass door and tugging vainly on the handle.

Scarlet saw me. "Petey, you open this door NOW!" she screamed. Her voice was dull and faint, like on a bad phone connection. "I see you, Petey, come on out. You are SOOO gonna get it!"

She stood, hands on hips, glaring at me through the glass. She was unashamedly naked. I stared, getting my first real glimpse of her nude body, unable to move. I knew my inaction was making her even more angry, but I was too overwhelmed to move.

I swear it hadn't been intentional. It was habit. Mom was always on my case about leaving the door unlocked after using the pool, and in my panic, I just did the normal thing. But how could I ever convince Scarlet that I was innocent? She was furious with me: she'd never believe I hadn't meant to lock them outside. Oh God, was I up Shit Creek.

Slowly, I moved toward the door. Should I open it? Wouldn't that just be asking to have my ass whipped clean off?

The girls were arguing, with Elise being the more vocal of the two. Scarlet was trying to calm her down. She turned and faced me. She smiled, a beautiful, completely insincere smile. "Petey darling, open the door."

I shook my head.

"Peter, open the door." There was steel in her voice.

I shook my head, backing away a foot or two. "You're gonna punish me," I said. "It was an accident. I didn't mean to do it, but you're not going to believe me."

"Peter, just open the door and we can talk about it. We're not mad at you. It was a mistake, that's all."

I shook my head. "You're going to punish me."

"No, I won't."

"You promise?"


"No, I don't trust you," I said.

"Peter, if you _don't_ open this door, you're going to be in serious trouble! You think you'll be punished for locking us out? You're _really_ going to punished for not letting us back inside! I'll cane you until you bleed!"

Scarlet was so angry her whole face -- no, her entire body -- was red. She glared at me.

"Take a good look, Petey, because you're going to pay for this," she said bitterly, pressing her breasts against the glass door.

After a moment, she tried again. "You're going to have to let us in sometime. You can't just leave us out here all day. You're parents are going to be home this evening. What do you think they're going to do to you?"

The pit of my stomach roiled in fear. I'd been dreading thinking about that inevitability, but there was a part of me that had known that the situation I'd gotten myself into was bad, really bad, and that at some point, it would come to a head. That head was my parents coming home and finding that I'd locked my babysitter outside. I'd be in for more than one "talk" with my father for this!

That's when it hit me. What _would_ my parents do if they came home and found the babysitter and her friend naked by the pool? Surely skinny dipping wasn't appropriate babysitting behavior. The more I thought about the more I began to smile. The girls had no clothes out there, only towels. How could they explain it? Say I stole their clothes? What were their clothes doing off in the first place? Oh boy, did I have Scarlet over my knee!

Scarlet saw me grinning and must have realized her mistake. She suddenly frowned. "Come on, Peter, you can't be serious. You don't want to leave us out here."

"What would my dad say," I asked slowly, grinning so big my lips ached, "about you two running around naked in his backyard?"

All humor vanished from Scarlet's face. She became cold and hard, like a ferocious wild animal caught in a corner. "You little fucker," she breathed. "I'm gonna thrash you until you don't have an inch of skin left! I'm gonna torture you so badly you'll WISH you were dead. I'm gonna _cut off_ that little pecker of yours. I'm gonna--"

I'd heard enough. Anger boiled inside me. "Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!" I said loudly, sharply, and to my surprise Scarlet obeyed. She stared at me in shock and fear.

"Now listen," I said coldly. I could feel the power building inside of me. It felt wonderful. "We both know that if I open this door, no matter what you say now, you're going to beat me, so that's not going to happen. You two are stuck out there."

I paused to let that sink in. "My parents will be home in about five hours, so the big question is, will you be locked out and naked when they get here?"

Scarlet seemed to understand. She brushed off Elise's whisper and faced me. "What do you want?"

I smiled. This was much better, much better indeed.

"First, I want to see you. Naked. I want you two to put on a little show for me, show me everything."

"What!" cried Elise. "No way, you little prick! No way!"

Scarlet shushed her friend. "And then you'll let us in?"

I shook my head. "Of course not. I told you, you aren't getting in before my parents get home. I'm not stupid. When my parents get here, if you two have been good, I'll give you your clothes back and unlock the door. By the time they get inside, you two will be dressed and respectable, and my parents will never have to know anything about anything that went on this weekend."

"How can we know you'll follow through?" asked Scarlet.

"The same way that I know you won't beat me if I let you in early," I said. "In other words, you don't."

Scarlet looked at Elise. "If the two of us say you took advantage of us, stole our clothes, tried to rape us, blackmail us..."

"Come on, I'm twelve years old. Who are they going to believe?"

"There's two of us."

"Yeah, but you're both naked."

Scarlet frowned. "Still, you could get in trouble. We could make things awkward for you."

I nodded. "Yeah, but I could show my mom what you did to my ass."

"You were a naughty boy and we had to spank you."

"Yeah, sure. I and could tell her you fondled me and made me have sex with you."

I could tell Elise was growing more and more worried during this conversation and she finally stepped forward. "Look, we're _all_ in trouble if your parents find us like this. Just give us our clothes back, okay? We won't come inside and we won't spank you. Okay?"

I shook my head. "No. I like seeing you two naked. Which reminds me, take off that towel." Elise had wrapped herself in the blue towel and I couldn't see her fine body.

"Fuck off," she said.

Scarlet was nodding. "Elise is right. If your parents find us out here like this, it would be bad for us, but we'd make sure you shared in the blame. We'd all end up with sore butts."

"So? That just means I'm in for a sore butt no matter what I do."

"Not if you give us our clothes. Then your parents don't have to know anything."

"Yeah? We'll, my butt's already sore," I grumbled. "That just means you two get off scott free."

"Not completely," said Scarlet with a coy smile. "You're seeing us naked."

"So? You've kept me naked since yesterday. Besides, Elise is wearing a towel."

In response, Scarlet whirled and tore the towel off her friend's body. Elise screamed and tried to get it back, but Scarlet ran to the pool and threw the towel into the middle. Elise stood at the edge, dancing with indecision, furious.

"See? Now we're both naked."

"You'll put on a show for me?"

Scarlet frowned. "Yes," she said finally. "If you promise to give us our clothes back and let us in before your parents get here."

"_When_ they get here," I said. "_Before_ they come inside."


"And there's more."

"What's that?"

"I've been thinking about what you said about us all having sore bottoms. That sounds like a good idea."

Scarlet's beautiful eyes began to glare. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that you two need sore butts."

"Aw, no way!" muttered Elise.

"Would you rather be caught out there?" I said. "That's fine with me. I'm dying to see your excuse to my parents about why you're out there with no clothes on."

Elise bit her lower lip. Scarlet looked uncomfortable.

"You two will spank each other," I said sternly. "Like you spanked me."

"Ah, shit," grunted Elise. She looked at her friend. "You can't seriously be considering this, can you?"

Scarlet gave me a soft smile. "You know you'll pay for this someday, Petey, don't you?"

I shrugged. "Do we have a deal?"


"What!" cried Elise. "You're going to let him blackmail us?"

"Well what else can we do?" growled Scarlet. "He's got us over a barrel."

The two began to argue, and Scarlet drew her friend away from the door so I couldn't hear them. For several minutes they talked quietly, with Elise the more upset of the two, but finally she quieted down and they both returned.

"We'll do it," said Scarlet.


"Yeah, me too."

"Good. Then step back and let me look at you. Put your arms up in the air and don't cover anything."

Silently, reluctantly, the girls did what I said. My dick surged watching them obey me so docilely. This was incredible! It wasn't even their nudity -- already I was almost becoming used to that -- but it was the power I sensed I had. I was in control. I could make them do anything I wanted.

"Turn around," I said, and they did. I stared at their chubby bare ass cheeks and rubbed my penis. It was long and hard again, ready for action.

"Scarlet, give Elise a spank on each cheek."

Scarlet obeyed, slapping Elise's butt twice very quickly. The pale flesh was briefly pink. Elise squealed and tried to take her arms down, but I told her sharply to put them back up and she slowly did so.

"Now Elise, you spank Scarlet."

This command she obeyed with enthusiasm, grinning as she smacked her best friend's shapely buttocks. Scarlet didn't say anything, but took the slaps well.

"Again," I said, rubbing my dick furiously.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Elise went beyond the call of duty, but it was obvious she was enjoying it, and I didn't try to stop her. Suddenly I spurted all over the glass door. "Keep going," I shouted, pumping again, and Elise went to town. The lovely sounds of palm against flesh echoed throughout the back yard.

Scarlet was standing, Elise slightly bent over beside her, whacking her buns with her right hand. It was a beautiful sight, but the two were six or eight feet away.

"Come closer," I said. "Sit on the step and take Scarlet over your knee."

Elise didn't need much encouragment, and Scarlet cooperated, though she looked ready to kill me when her eyes met mine. Elise sat her white bottom on the cement step by the door and Scarlet reluctantly went down and laid across her lap. Scarlet's butt was already a hot pink, but I knew that was just a temporary coloring: I wanted her butt to be scalding.

At my nod, Elise began to spank again, and this was a wonderful sight. The girls were just inches from the door, the nude Elise now oblivious to her nakedness. She was concentrating on turning Scarlet's plump butt to mush. Scarlet's bare ass was perfectly within my line of sight, and I relished every spank. The buns jiggled and hopped, bouncing wildly, and gradually began to go from pink to crimson. It was awesome!

I longed to feel Scarlet's firm butt in my hand, but except for that minor omission, this was a dream come true. Even if I wasn't the one actually doing the spanking, it was being done at my command, which was almost as good. To think that I was spanking my babysitter!

Finally, after a solid fifteen minutes of applying pure pain, Elise was exhausted. Her hand was hurting her, and she asked me if she could stop. I decided it was okay. Scarlet's butt almost matched the color of her hair.

"Scarlet? Press your butt against the window," I said.

Wincing and frowning, Scarlet got to her feet and stretched. Then she turned her back to me and stuck out her glorious ass. She backed up, pressing it against the glass. It squished, flattening out, but the deep red coloring remained, as did the magnificent crack dividing the cheeks. I stared, transfixed, and began to touch myself some more. I was already hard and it didn't take long for me to come again, spurting against the window, only the glass preventing Scarlet's butt from being coated with my spunk.

"Now it's Elise's turn," I said, and Scarlet's mouth broke into a wide grin. Elise's glumness returned, but she didn't protest going over Scarlet's lap. Scarlet, however, didn't like setting her sore bare bottom on the hard concrete step, and liked the extra weight of Elise even less. She took it out on her friend.

I had thought Elise had done an excellent job spanking Scarlet, but it was now obvious she was only an amateur. Scarlet was the master. She spanked hard and blindingly fast, but varied her blows, always keeping Elise on edge. The girl rolled from side to side, screamed and protested, writhed miserably, shaking her ass like a tamborine, but nothing detered the Terminator: Scarlet was a spanking machine.

After just five minutes, Elise's butt looked like Scarlet's, and after ten, Elise's looked like an overripe tomato about to explode. I decided it was time to even the playing field.

"Don't you two move!"

I ran upstairs and fetched the hairbrush, strap, and cane. I went to my parent's bedroom which overlooked the back yard. I opened the window and peered out. The two girls were still on the step, whispering quietly. I carefully dropped the items onto the grass below.

Back at the sliding glass door, I saw the girls were standing up and staring at the items. Gloom hung on their faces.

"That's right," I said pleasantly. "I said you two would be spanked like I was, so that means the hairbrush, the strap, and, of course, the cane."

I had Scarlet finish Elise's spanking with the hairbrush. It proved tremendously successful, for every stroke hurt something awful, as I knew all too well. Elise, however, had apparently never been so privileged, for she screamed and kicked and fought and spat and swore the entire time.

"Oh shit that hurts! Ahhhh! You little fucker... EEIIIEE! Just wait until I get my hands on you. Ah, oh shit-shit-shit! Stop! That fucking hurts! Ohhhh... I'm gonna kill you! Ouch! Oh God oh God that burns. Oh! Please, Scarlet, have mercy! Shit!"

There was much more like that, but I ignored it, letting Scarlet have a full five minutes to lambast Elise's ass, and then I made them switch places. Scarlet bore her punishment much more stoically than Elise, but Elise was out for blood and really laid down that hairbrush. I actually had to tell her take it easy a few times, lest she really hurt Scarlet or break the brush!

Looking at the clock and noting the time, I let the girls have a ten minute break. At my suggestion, they went straight to the pool to soak their blistered bottoms. When they came back, I told them it was time for the strap.

I already had a plan for this, as I'd decided the spare the girl's bottoms. Not out of mercy, but because I wanted there to be some flesh left for a good caning!

"You're going to whip each other's breasts!" I announced, and the girls looked shocked. Scarlet gave me another of her "you're dead meat" glares, but I was becoming immune to those. "Who's going first?"

This time, Scarlet volunteered, so Elise began the strapping. At first she went tentatively and struck much too gently. Scarlet's breasts hardly moved, though she no doubt felt a sting. "Harder!" I cried, and eventually Elise got the hang of it, striking upwards so that she caught the undersides of Scarlet's breasts. When she did this, the entire breast would move, shuddering from the blow, and then Scarlet would react, writhing from the pain causing more jiggle. It was great!

I let Elise do spend five minutes on each breast, making sure she strapped them all over, and when she was done Scarlet's breasts looked like swollen tomatoes. Scarlet gripped the strap with determination and fury, a cold smile on her face. Elise trembled but obediently got into position, standing facing the door with her legs apart and her hands behind her head, breasts thrust forward.

It was almost painful to watch. Elise screamed and cried the whole time, almost so much as to spoil the show, but I enjoyed watching Scarlet do the whipping. She was magnificent, striking with terrific power and skill, drawing the maximum amount of pain out of every stroke. She had her back to me, of course, as she faced Elise, so I had the delight of watching her scarlet buttocks jiggle as she moved and whipped her friend. Since Elise was making such a fuss, I let Scarlet go several extra minutes.

I needed to use the bathroom, but I didn't want the action to stop. Then I had an idea. "Now strap each other's thighs," I ordered. "I'm going upstairs for a few minutes, but I can hear, so you'd better be strapping constantly. And when I get back, both of you better have crimson thighs, inside and back."

Reluctantly, Elise bent over for Scarlet to strap her thighs, hissing and grunting at every stroke. I grinned and left, hurrying upstairs. I used my parents bathroom, since it was closest to the back yard, and opened the window so I hear the strapping. Elise was crying. I took a leisurely crap, then a long shower.

When I finally returned, Elise was strapping Scarlet vigorously, and Scarlet looked up at me with a hopeful expression, begging me to stop the torment. She was kneeling on the cement, her legs spread wide so Elise could strap her inner thighs.

I let it continue for another few minutes while I watched, and then had the two girls line up so I could study their thighs. They'd actually done a remarkable job, going far beyond the call of duty, thoroughly welting each other. Neither showed any qualms about spreading their legs to show me the blistered flesh of their inner thighs, though of course this gave me a closeup view of their most intimate parts. I noticed both girls were moist, dripping in fact. I supposed they'd been masterbating while I was away. I wondered if they were, perhaps, enjoying this?

"Go for another swim," I said, "and then we'll finish with a nice caning."

The girls looked horrified at that prospect, but the water was inviting and they both ran to climb in. Neither jumped, of course: with their sore skin, the hard water would have felt like a giant slap. That gave me a devilish idea, so after ten minutes or so, I ordered them out, then ordered them each to do a belly flop.

"Whoever does the smallest splash gets an extra three strokes with the cane," I said.

Elise's flop was excellent, but she came up screaming and was crying as she got out of the pool. Her breasts looked like they were bleeding they were so red, and her belly and the fronts of her thighs were nice and pink. Scarlet seemed determined to beat her friend, but wasn't quite as effective, though her breasts did noticeably redden.

"Triple or nothing?" I asked. "If Scarlet wins, she gets no extra strokes. Otherwise she gets nine!"

Reluctantly, the girls went again, and as I figured, this time Elise was frightened by the pain of the first flop, and did very badly. Scarlet landed flat as a pancake and it looked horribly painful. She came out teary-eyed and grimacing, her front very red, but she'd made the biggest splash.

"Let's try a sitdown dive."

"What's that?" asked Elise cautiously.

"It's like a flop, but you land like you're sitting, with your legs flat in front of you. The water should connect with your butt and legs."

The girls didn't like this idea at all, but they had little choice in the matter. "Six bonus strokes to the loser," I said, and watched as Elise tried. She was too scared, however, and her ankles dropped going in first. Her butt probably got a little bit of a slap, but it certainly wasn't a good sitting dive.

Scarlet grinned and went for it, keeping her legs level in front of her. She landed with a loud slap and a cry of pain, but came up smiling because she knew she'd beaten her friend. Elise looked bitter.

I had both girls show me their backsides and decided they were punished enough, at least except for the final caning.

"Scarlet, you'll start by giving Elise a dozen, then Elise will give you a dozen, and so on," I said, not giving them a hint at how many they'd receive. The girls looked grim as they got in position, with Elise bending over in front of the door and grabbing her ankles.

Scarlet was a wizard with that stick. Every stroke made me wince and Elise howl. In two minutes she'd laid down a dozen stripes, almost all of them nicely parallel. Elise, however, was much more eratic. Often the tip of the cane would dip, striking Scarlet low across the back of her right thigh, and leaving a deep weal. Scarlet didn't like this at all and howled loudly in protest.

After a couple turns each, Elise's butt was well-striped and evenly reddened, but Scarlet's looked awful: her left cheek was nearly flawless, with only a handful of pink marks, while the right cheek had a bloody mass of overlapping weals in the lower corner. The back of her right thigh bore a scattering of imprints as well.

Action had to be taken: Elise's technique was woeful, to say the least. As someone experienced in receiving the cane, I disliked her results intensely -- they were ugly and unrefined. At my instruction, she switched sides, striking Scarlet from the right. Unfortunately, Elise's backhand strokes were extremely weak, so I told her to give Scarlet two dozen. By the end of the two dozen, Scarlet's left buttock was somewhat marked, but still not enough, so I said, "Another dozen," and then, "Another."

Finally, after four dozen backhand strokes, Scarlet's left cheek was nicely reddened and even bore a few nice weals. It wasn't nearly as damaged as the right cheek, but it was certainly an improvement.

"All right, Scarlet's turn," I said, and Scarlet gave me a grateful glance. She'd been suffering under Elise's awkward technique for much too long and was eager for revenge. "You need to train her better," I said, and the look that Scarlet gave me clearly said that she'd _love_ to teach Elise how to cane... with my bottom as the target!

The final twelve strokes I allowed Scarlet to administer to Elise were doozies. It was a thorough thrashing, far worse than anything I'd ever gotten, but of course the girls were much older and bigger than me. Elise howled and cried the whole time, writhing and rising up, causing even Scarlet to get angry at her friend. I didn't say anything, just watched the two lovelies, for I could tell that there was no way Scarlet was going to let Elise off easy without her twelve strokes.

I thoroughly enjoyed Elise's dancing as the cane lit up her ass, and Scarlet's beauty took my breath away as she so gracefully and athletically thrashed her friend. When it was finally over, I had both girls come and stand with their backs to the window, buttocks right up to the glass but not touching. I let them stand there for a good ten minutes while I masterbated and finally spurted on the glass.

The clock read six twenty, so I decided it was probably time to start cleaning up. I had the girls press their bottoms against the glass, then cleaned the glass, enjoying the the sensation of wiping a wet paper towel right over their sore, blistered bottoms and yet not touching them.

I made sure the front door was locked, then went upstairs for a quick shower. I dressed, set out clothes for the girls by my parents' bedroom window, and then came down. Elise and Scarlet were still at the sliding glass door, but they weren't still: both were actively rubbing themselves. Scarlet saw me out of the corner of her eye and must have said something, for they stopped when I approached, but I told them, "No, continue. In fact, step away from the door and face me and let me watch you."

And so I spent the final few minutes before my parents returned watching my babysitter and her friend masturbate. At first they were reluctant, but soon enthusiastic; I suppose having a male watch them gave things an extra charge. At just before seven I heard a car outside and I quickly ran to the front. It was my parents!

I raced upstairs, grabbed the clothes and flung them outside. Then I ran downstairs and peeked through the peephole. Dad was unloading the luggage and Mom was coming up the walkway. I ran and unlocked the sliding glass door. Elise and Scarlet were hastily pulling on shorts and t-shirts.

"You didn't give us any underwear," cursed Elise, and I laughed. I grabbed the cane, hairbrush, and strap and threw them behind a bush. I'd have to put them away later.

Then the front door was opening and in came my mother, quickly followed by Dad. Elise and Scarlet greeted my parents politely. Elise looked nervous, but Scarlet was cool.

"How were things this weekend?" Mom asked. "Did Pete give you any trouble?"

"Nothing we couldn't handle," answered Scarlet. She grabbed me from behind and playfully ruffled my hair. Her other hand, however, was ruthlessly pinching my butt. I put on a fake smile and laughed.

"Good," said Mom. She came and gave me a hug.

Dad took the suitcases upstairs, and Mom went after him. I was alone with Scarlet and Elise.

"Don't even think of trying anything," I hissed warily, inching away from the two angry girls.

"You have no idea what you're in for," whispered Scarlet, and a dark shiver went through me.

I was saved, or so I thought, by the return of my mother.

"Pete," she asked, "why is our bedroom window open? Were you in our room?"

Before I could answer, Scarlet glided in. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Johnson, but I caught Petey in your room. He had removed all of his clothes and was wearing a pair of your panties. I gave him a little spanking, but I figured you'd want to take care of the matter fully when you got home."

"What?" I screamed. "No way. Mom, she's lying. That didn't happen at all!"

I saw instantly that it was a lost battle, however. Mother's face was pink with anger. My father was watching, and he came and put his arm on my shoulder. "Why don't you and I go downstairs and have a little talk," he said in a voice that sent chills down my spine.

"Yes," said my mother. She glared at me and turned to Scarlet. "And I want you to tell me _everything_ that's gone on this weekend. It doesn't sound like Petey was a good boy afterall."

"I'm afraid he was a bit naughty," Scarlet was saying as Dad and I headed for the basement and my destiny. I groaned, but I knew when I was outmatched. There was no way out of it. No doubt Dad and I would be having a series of long and involved discussions.

But still, as I reflected on the sweet memory of Scarlet's and Elise's nude bodies, I decided it had been worth it. I probably would pay for my crime many times over, but was still worth it. Already I was anticipating the next time Scarlet would come to babysit.

The End