A Scavenger Hunt

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A Scavenger Hunt
Part 1

(*****, FM/FM, F/f, Severe, public spanking, mast, teen daughter spanking)

Several couples compete in an unusual scavenger hunt... for spanking implements! (Approximately 5,753 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

"It is now almost exactly seven o'clock," said the tall woman carefully examining her watch. "Each of you should have your list and map along with your video camera, blank tape, and fully charged batteries. Are there any more questions? No? Well, then, let's get started. Everyone must be back here by nine p.m. exactly or forfeit. Good luck to all!"

There was a general rumble of agreement and the group broke up, couples pairing off and disappearing together. A middle-aged gentleman with streaks of gray in his hair approached the tall woman. "An excellent turnout," he said pleasantly. "The two new couples seem quite promising. I'm getting quite aroused."

"Naughty boy," said the woman, twinkles in her stern eyes. "That's my job."

"Then you've been working overtime." Gently he took the woman in his arms and kissed her lips. They giggled and fell to the couch and began to make love with teenage abandon.

* * * * *

Frank Moss had just settled down in his easy chair when the door buzzed. He was annoyed. Today was supposed to be _his_ day. In one hand was a cold beer, in the other a slice of piping hot pepperoni pizza. At his elbow was the remote control to the TV. In just two minutes the game was going to start and he couldn't wait. Best of all, his wife was in Seattle visiting her sister for the weekend.

The doorbell buzzed again and groaning, Frank set aside his pizza and beer and slowly rose. Standing outside on his porch was a young couple. Frank noticed the girl immediately. He couldn't help it. His face transformed into a smile and he asked, "How can I help you?" but his eyes were looking at the pretty blonde.

"We're sorry to bother you, but we're on a scavenger hunt," said the young man. He appeared to be a little nervous, thought Frank. The girl too. She was blushing a little and looking at her feet. "We were wondering if you might have one of the items we are looking for."

"Oh? Well, what are you looking for?"

"Well..." The man glanced at the girl for help. She smiled shyly up at Frank. "Can we come inside a moment?"

"Sure," Frank said with silly grin, the game and pizza forgotten.

"My name is Kathy," said the girl.

"I'm John."

"Well, I'm Frank. What can I do?"

The girl blushed. "This is a little awkward. You are our first stop, so we're a little nervous. You see, we're members of a special, uh, club. We have certain... interests. We're looking for some things relating to our interests. I don't want you to be too shocked or anything..."

Frank didn't have a clue what the girl was talking about, but she looked so cute he couldn't help but smile and think that she could talk as long as she wanted.

"What my wife is trying to say, Frank, is that we are into sexual spankings."


"Yeah, I know it probably sounds weird, but it's not really. We just enjoy spanking each other."

Frank looked at the girl to see if she agreed with what the man was saying. She nodded. "It's true. We're here looking for spanking implements."

"Yeah, you know, paddles, a hairbrush, a belt or razor strap, or a cane. Anything that can be used to punish a naughty bottom."

Frank felt bewildered. This was astonishing, to say the least. He blushed as he thought about the time in college shortly after his wedding when he'd spanked his wife lightly with his hand a few times. She'd been very upset and had made him stop it, but Frank had found it extremely erotic. Now here was a darling young couple asking him for a paddle to be spanked with! For a moment, Frank felt jealous of the relationship of the two.

"We don't have to keep it," added the young man. "We just need to videotape ourselves using it on each other."

Frank's jaw dropped open. "You-you mean you are going to spank each other right here, in my living room?"

The two blushed. "If it wouldn't be too much trouble," interjected the girl politely. She leaned forward to Frank and whispered confidentially. "We could do it outside but I'd rather not. It's a little public, and proper spankings have to be bare bottomed, you know."

Frank felt a stirring between his legs at those words, and his mouth was suddenly dry when he tried to swallow. "Uh, wait right here. Let me see what I can find." He began to think. What did he have that would make a good spanking implement? Suddenly he remembered a strip of rubber he had out in his workshop. He fetched it from the garage.

John, the young man looked slightly aghast when Frank brought the strip back. It was a stiff black rubber blade a little more than a foot long, and about two inches wide. It was about a quarter inch thick and Frank suspected it would really sting. John took it in his hand and wiggled it. "T-That should work f-fine," he stammered slightly, his nervousness showing. He gave it to his wife. "I'll go first dear. Get the camera set up."

Frank sat back in his chair and watched the couple. The cute girl set up the tripod and fixed the camcorder on it and focuses on her husband, who was kneeling on the couch with his butt sticking out behind him. When she was ready, he carefully took down his pants. Blushing a little he took down his underwear, revealing firm round buttocks. Frank felt rather odd looking at him to he watched the girl.

Kathy started the camera recording and took up the strap. She looked at the list. "It says five with a leather strap, but I think this will more than qualify." She approached her husband and pulled back far and gave his ass a tremendous slap with the flat rubber piece. He squealed and wiggled his ass mightily. She grinned and winked at Frank and gave John another solid crack. He moaned loudly and she encouraged him with two more. Then she pulled way back and delivered the final with all her force.

There was another yelp and slowly John rose to his feet, rubbing his bottom ruefully. There were tears in his eyes. A series of large red marks about two inches wide stretched across his buttocks. He pulled his pants back on and took up the strap, motioning for Kathy to get on the couch. She did so obediently but a little nervously.

After checking to make sure Kathy was in the camera window, John flipped up his wife's short skirt revealing a pair of tight white panties. In a second these were down around her knees and Frank was painfully aware of the sudden constriction in his crotch area. He had to adjust himself to sit comfortably. Seeing those two gorgeous white cheeks, so smooth and unblemished really turned him on.

John took up rubber strap and pulled back and "whap!" gave his wife a sharp smack across her generous rump. She gasped and arched her back and threw her head back as she breathed desperately and tried not to cry. There was a whistle and another crack, and then another. Kathy was crying and breathing loudly. John pulled way back for the last two, making them the hardest yet. At the loud snap of rubber Kathy squealed and writhed in pain and again the strap came down and it was over, the lower half of her buttocks painted red with thick stripes of color.

"Wow!" said the girl as she rose and cautiously pulled her panties back up. "That was some sting. Where'd you get this thing?"

Frank stared into her shining face and tried to calm his thoughts. "Oh, it's some kind of scrap rubber. It came with a box of junk I picked up at a junkyard once for a $1. I don't know what's it's for but it looks so smooth and _designed_ I didn't have the heart to toss it."

"Do you want to sell it?" asked John slowly, putting away the camera.

"Hey, if you two want it, it's yours. You've just given me some entertainment I couldn't buy at any price."

"Wow, thanks, Frank," said the girl with a smile. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. It made Frank feel old and fatherly, in a way, but it still pleased him. "No problem," he said with a smile.

"Well, it will help keep my wife in line, that's for sure," said the young man grinning.

"Don't think you won't taste it," said the girl waving the rubber strip ominously.

"Now you see what I have to put up with," winked John. "It I don't tan her at least a couple times a week she gets all domineering on me."

Frank slowly closed the door behind the couple, his member aching between his legs. He knew he couldn't wait any longer, and headed for the bathroom for some relief.

"Amazing," he thought. "This is definitely an evening to remember!"

* * * * *

"Are you sure you are ready for this?" asked Tony as they approached the front door. His wife of three months nodded, and though her face was pale and frightened, it was set in hard lines of determination.

The door opened and a young teenage girl stared at them. She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans and a loose tanktop. Tony felt himself go dry. The girl was quite cute, but oh so very young! He hadn't expected someone like her at all. He felt himself blushing furiously as he tried to talk.

"Er, uh, hi there. My name is Tony, and this is my wife Andrea. Is your father or mother home?"

The girl just stared at the two for a few seconds, the only sound the blare of some loud rock music behind her and the munching of her jaws on her chewing gum.

"Naw, no one's here but me," she said finally. "Whatcha want?"

Tony glanced at his wife for a second as though wanting confirmation that they should go ahead. "Uh, well, we are on a rather unusual scavenger hunt. What we require will take a few minutes of your time. Would that be a problem?"

"Scavenger hunt?" said the girl, mild interest creeping into her voice. "Whatcha lookin for?"

"Well, let's see, first on our list is a wooden paddle. Do you have something like that? Like a cutting board or ping pong paddle?"

The girl looked puzzled. "My dad's got his frat paddle in his office. Is that what you want?"

"Yes, exactly!"

"Well, you can't have that. He's very attached to it. All kinds of college memories and crap."

"Oh, well, we don't need to take it. We just need to borrow it for a few minutes. We've got a video camera, you see, so we just record that we found it, that's all."

"Oh. I suppose that will be okay. What are you going to do with it?" The girl had opened the door and let the couple inside, but her question made Tony pause.

"Uh, well, uh, w-we are going to paddle each other...let's see, twenty smacks! Ouch, that's a lot, honey. Are you sure you want to do this?" The silent woman nodded vigorously.

The teenager stared at the two in amazement. "You are going to paddle each other on videotape? Right here in my house?"

"If you'll allow us," said the tall man.

"Wow! I can't believe this. This is too cool. I've never seen anyone be paddled before. My brother used to get it all the time but dad always shut the door."

"Oh, you don't have to watch," said Tony quickly, sending another concerned glance at his wife. "We can take care of everything ourselves."

The girl laughed. "Oh, yeah? I don't think so. It's my dad's paddle and if you want to use it I'm watching you. That's that."

Tony nodded. "Okay, okay. It's your right, I suppose. But it sure makes things awkward. You see..." he paused, unable to finish. The girl's eyes went wide.

"You get it bare, don't you!" she exclaimed. Tony nodded and the girl's mouth stretched into a huge grin. "That's so cool. Come on, it's in here." She opened the door to a small study, bookshelves lining the wall and a tidy desk on one side. On the fireplace mantle behind the desk was a large oak fraternity paddle bearing the Greek letters "KBF" in large stenciled type. Tony gulped as he took it down off the hooks and swung it lightly through the air.

"Your dad ever use this on you?" he asked the girl.

She blushed slightly and looked away. "Yeah, when I was younger. It's been a year or so now. Sure stings, though. He never gave it to me bare but he did do my brother a couple times that way."

"Yeah, it looks like it hurts a lot," Tony said quietly, looking pointedly at his wife. She shrugged and began setting up the camera and tripod. Tony stared at her petite bottom as she bent over to get the camera and he felt his cock stiffen. He blushed thinking that the teenage girl might notice his erection.

"Why are you guys doing this, anyway," asked the girl. "Some kind of initiation or something?"

"It's a contest," answered Tony. "A scavenger hunt."

"Yeah, but _why_ paddle yourselves. Isn't that a bit weird?"

Tony shrugged. "Well, we both find it a little, er, stimulating, if you know what I mean."

The girl's eyes widened. "Oh."

Tony was going to suggest that he go first, but his wife beat him to it. After positioning the camera, she bent in front of the large desk and told Tony to give her twenty good ones. He shrugged. Order didn't really make that much difference anyway.

He reached forward and lifted up her long dress and folded it carefully across her back. That pert little bottom he loved so much stuck out distinctly behind her as she nervously waited. Her panties seemed a touch too small, slipping into her crack a good deal, and leaving the sides of her bottom exposed. He carefully took them down to her ankles, his cock going rock hard as he knelt near her and smelled her arousal and fear.

Taking the large frat paddle he nodded at the girl who was watching from the doorway, and turned on the camera. Perfect, Andrea was centered within the viewfinder. Without further delay Tony took the paddle and gave his wife a sharp spank. Her bottom bounced under the blow and she yelped. Her buttocks were a slight pink.

Wham! Another stroke, this one harder, and Andrea began to wiggle. By the fourth she had tears in her eyes, and a couple later she was crying. But she kept her position and didn't move, though she howled and begged Tony to go easy on her.

At halfway through her buttocks were red but Tony didn't even pause, steadily smacked her Wham! Wham! Wham! about one blow every ten seconds. When he finished she let out a big sigh and stood and rubbed her bottom. "Ouch! That really hurt, Tony," she complained. He kissed her cheek and told her it was his turn now. She grinned and had him get in position, and then helped him drop his pants.

Tony blushed as he felt cool air blow across his bare ass. The teenage girl was watching, he knew, and there wasn't much he could do to conceal himself in this position. Exactly twenty-seven seconds later he had completely forgotten about the girl. His ass was on fire. Tears sprang from his eyes and he gritted his teeth and wiggled his bottom to get rid of the impossible pain. Andrea barely gave him a chance to breathe between spanks of that horrible paddle, slamming it into him again and again, each blow somehow harder than the previous. By the twentieth one Tony was in agony, crying without being able to help it, rising on his tiptoes and wiggling his whole body in a vain effort to reduce the stinging. It wasn't until after the burn had slowed a bit that he realized he was dancing obscenely in front of a teenage girl and he felt completely abased.

"That was incredible!" exclaimed the girl. "I've never seen anything like that. Very hot!"

"Isn't he," murmured Andrea quietly, a soft blush on her cheeks.

Tony blushed even more as he struggled to pull his jeans back on with the two females watching. The problem was his ass in back was so tender it hurt just to brush against it, let alone slip on tight jeans, and in front, his cock was so enlarged he had a hard time concealing it in his pants. He finally made it and grabbed the camera and tripod and urged Andrea to get going.

The teenager watched him with shining eyes. "Come back any time," she said waving goodbye. Truth was, she was half-glad they were gone. Sure, she would have enjoyed some time alone with the young man, but he was married anyway. The important thing was that now that she was alone Amber could take care of some urgent business. She quickly ran to the bathroom and pulled down her shorts...

* * * * *

Part 2

(*****, FM/FM, F/f, Severe, public spanking, mast, teen daughter spanking)

Several couples compete in an unusual scavenger hunt... for spanking implements! (Approximately 5,753 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

"Oh, please, Mommy, not the switch!" begged the girl piteously. "It will never happen again, I swear! I'll never be late again, please!"

But the heavyset woman was not to be so easily swayed. She flipped the fifteen-year-old across her lap and applied the thin switch vigorously across the girl's chubby buttocks and thighs. The girl howled and cried and kicked her feet and made such a general fuss that the mother was quite annoyed.

"Sit still, Sasha!" she scolded. "Or I'll go out and get Daddy's cane!"

"Ooohh, nooo!" moaned the girl. "That's enough, it hurts, please stop!" There was another quick series of swishes and the girl was writhing and kicking again, this time so much she completely slipped off her mom's lap and fell to the floor.

"Sasha Rene Clark!" screamed the furious lady. "How dare you behave like this! That's it. You're just begging for the cane." She quickly headed for the garage ignoring the screams of protest from the teenager. She took the cane from the tall otherwise empty gun case and brought it into the living room. It was a long thin white cane and the girl looked at with a horrid fascination.

"Grab your ankles, girl!" said the mother sternly. "You're getting six good ones and then we'll finish your switching."

"Oh, Mommy, please, no more!" sobbed the girl. "I-I'll take the cane if that's all I get, but please, no switching after that!"

"Enough!" said the woman firmly. "Now get in position or I'll give you ten!"

That was enough for the girl. She quickly bent over and grabbed at her ankles, her knees bending slightly, causing her buttocks to thrust out behind her. She was only wearing a pajama top, so her legs and bottom were completely bare. The mother came up behind her and lifted the cane and brought it swinging down with rocket-propulsion force.

The girl yelped and her tears flowed. "Owww!" she howled. "Please, mommy, no more!"

But Mrs. Clark was not to be deterred from her mission. She lifted the cane for another stroke.

Suddenly there was the "ding-dong" of the doorbell. A look of hope filled the girl's face, but the mother's grew black with fury. Disgusted, she gave her daughter a quick cut with the cane right across the center of her ass, the crack echoing around the walls like a gunshot. The girl sobbed, not just because of the burning line of fresh pain across her cheeks, but because whoever had rung the bell had to have heard her being punished.

The bell rang again. "Don't move!" said the mother sternly, and she went to the door and opened it a crack.

Outside was a man and a woman, perhaps in their early thirties. The man was dressed formally, with an evening suit and jacket, and the young lady had on a long, elegant dress.

They smiled pleasantly. "Good evening, Ma'am," said the gentleman. "My name is Terry and this is my wife, Eve. We're on a scavenger hunt. Might we trouble you for just a moment?"

Mrs. Clark's irritation grew. Interrupted for a silly game! She started to shut the door shaking her head apologetically, when the young lady stepped forward.

"Please, Ma'am. We, hem, heard that you are quite occupied and normally we wouldn't dream of interrupting such important parental duties, but I think you have exactly what we are looking for. If I am not mistaken, didn't I just hear the crack of a Number 13 English Walnut Junior Cane?"

The stout woman started in surprise. "How did--"

"Exactly what we are looking for Ma'am," said the gentleman with a large smile. "It's on our list, you see? We must give each other three of the best with a cane. We've brought our video camera to record the event."

"We'd be out of your hair in no time," added the girl. "And perhaps your, er, _child_ can learn something about proper discipline by observing us?"

"You mean you're--" began the woman hesitantly.

"Yes," said the man with a huge grin. "We're scavenging for spanking implements. We've already found a few at several of your neighbors, but these days, unfortunately, a cane can be difficult to find."

Slowly the light began to dawn on Mrs. Clark's face. "So you just want to borrow my cane for a few wacks? Well, certainly, come on in." She smiled as she opened the door wide in welcome.

The couple entered, the gentleman bowing and the lady commenting on the clean, well-decorate living room. "Why thank you," said the older woman, blushing slightly. "I wasn't expecting guests so things are a mess, but--" She was interrupted by a gurgling cry from across the room.

Poor Sasha! She was still bent over, struggling to hold her position. Her buttocks were partially facing the guests and her face was flushed beet red and swollen with her tears. There was a strange man staring at her!

But Terry just smiled and nodded at Mrs. Clark. "I can see you've had some excellent experience with the cane, ma'am," he said motioning toward the trembling girl's bottom. "Those twin lines are absolutely parallel."

"Thank you," said the woman. "My husband it is the real expert, but he taught me well and Sasha keeps me in practice."

"I wonder," said Eve, stepping forward, small circles of red showing up on her cheeks as she blushed slightly. "I wonder if we might impose, ma'am."

The discussion was short and in less than a minute Sasha found herself completely ignored as the adults busied themselves about their task. Though she was bent over and the world looked upside down to her, she could still see enough to be shocked when she realized what was happening.

The young couple had set up their video camera on a tripod on one side of the room and were now both bending over in front of it. To Sasha's teenage delight the man dropped his trousers and then his underwear, baring a pair of firm, masculine cheeks to the world. She noticed they were already slightly pink in blotches and decided he'd been spanked recently. She could hardly contain her excitement.

Then the tall lady stepped over near her husband and bent over, lifting her skirt up over her back. Her buttocks were plump and round, even covered by her large white panties, but that protection was soon removed, and Sasha was shocked to that her white globes were also blotched with red, including several wide marks that looked suspiciously like strap marks.

Sasha felt herself growing warm between her legs. This was tremendously exciting, watching two adults bend over for her mom's cane. She was glad it wasn't her, but there was a stirring in her belly reminding her that soon it _would_ be her turn.

Her mother partially blocked her view as she stepped forward with the cane, the camera recording the event. But though Sasha couldn't see very well, she could certainly hear the crack of the cane and the gasp of pain from the man.

At the sound, Sasha herself gasped and tears came to her eyes just thinking about how much those cuts hurt. She could still feel the stinging lines of pain across her arched bottom and she blushed furiously, thinking about how she must look. But she couldn't help but wonder if the man looked the same, a bright red stripe across those two gorgeous mounds. Sasha founder herself growing damp as her private spot began to tingle. She blushed even more, wondering if anyone would be able to notice. She squeezed her legs together tighter, enjoying the friction this created.

Oblivious of her daughter's new feelings, Mrs. Clark next gave the young lady a stern stroke, and then went back to the man. She alternated like that until each had received three sharp cuts and the two slowly stood, their bottoms trembling with tension and pain.

"Whhoooo!" whistled the girl with deep sigh. "That was amazing, Mrs. Clark. If your husband is better I can't say I'd be happy to meet him!"

"Amen to that," said Terry. "I've gotten six that weren't as excellent as those three, ma'am. Your daughter does not know how lucky she is!"

At this, three heads turned to look at Sasha, who was right in the middle of a particularly awkward wiggle. "Stop that writhing," snapped Mrs. Clark. "You are to be still. Just for that, I will finish your caning now and let Terry and Eve watch! I think they will like that, won't you?"

"Certainly, ma'am," said Terry, his eyes shining. Eve nodded, too.

They both stood silently as Mrs. Clark took the cane and approached her daughter, who began to cry again and beg for mercy, for privacy, for anything but this.

The crack of a sharp cane stroke cut her off mid-sentence and she gasped in pain and tremendous shudder passed through her small frame. Again a stroke landed and the girl moaned in pain and almost stood upright. "Stay down," her mother warned, and the girl nodded, miserably.

The next cut landed right across the base of her buttocks, right above her thighs and the girl yelped and cried out loud. She began to sob as the last one struck her full across her thighs. She stood slowly, her buttocks burning with incredible pain, her heart pounding wildly, her face flushed both from her position and from her exposure. She could practically feel the eyes of the young couple on her bottom, eying the six parallel stripes marking her from the top of her buttocks to mid-thigh.

"There," said Mrs. Clark with satisfaction, giving her daughter's buttocks a gentle squeeze. "That ought to teach you a good lesson. Now stay in position, Sasha. We still have to finish your switching."

The girl gasped and began to cry again. She'd forgotten the switching wasn't over! Her buttocks tingled at the very idea of further punishment, but she was strangely moved, and felt a surge of feeling between her legs when her mother spoke. Now she _really_ wished it was over because she needed to touch herself down there, to sooth that burning itch, but she couldn't do it while her mother watched. She groaned miserably and wiggled her bottom, blushing with shame but unable to stop.

The large woman guided Terry and Eve to the door, wishing them luck on their hunt. "I hope you find what you are looking for," she said with a broad wink. The couple looked at each other knowingly and laughed.

And in the house a young girl began to tremble in fear as her mother approached, a long thin switch in her hand.

* * * * *

The fourteen men and women wiggled uncomfortably on the couches and chairs. The room was dark and all eyes were on the television screen. The video showed a young man, pants pulled down to reveal his bare ass, lying across the lap of a young lady who smacked his red bottom mercilessly with a large wooden hairbrush. The man was crying and struggling to remain calm and still, but he couldn't stop wiggling. After thirty spanks the woman stopped and the two switched places, the man lifting up the girl's skirt to reveal a plump bottom that was already quite red and sore.

As the couples watched the spanking videotape, many were groaning and whimpering, and several had lost their battle with their wills and sat openly with their hands at their crotch, massaging their sex organs without shame. The young lady in the videotape sat blushing beside her husband, who casually slipped a hand down to her butt and palmed it, making her gasp in pain and pleasure.

After the hairbrushing, the tape cut to a scene in a messy garage where the girl was being soundly strapped with a thick leather belt. When she was done it was the man's turn, and the girl spared no strength for him. Then the tape was over.

"Well, that's all folks. Time to pay up. The first ones back were Terry and Eve. Please come to the front and show everyone your marks." The tall woman, older than most of the couples, stood next to her husband and rubbed his shoulder. She watched with pleasure as the young couple in question rose and hesitantly went to the front of the room. Here they bent over and bared their bottoms. With a nod from Eleanor, the leader, the group rose as one and went and inspected the displayed bottoms.

"Wow, you really got a good caning!" exclaimed Andrew. His wife Tiffany nodded, giggling at his elbow. Others expressed similar sentiments, and soon Eleanor had to call the room to order and make everyone return to their seats.

"We have a special prize for the winners," she said boldly, motioning to her husband. He was already on his feet and fetched the large portfolio case. He stood in front of the TV and unzipped the case. It opened to reveal a collection of punishment implements. There was a large ebony hair brush, the wooden back smooth and gleaming. There was a large fraternity paddle, pierced with a dozen small holes. An old-fashioned razor strop hung in one corner, and near it, a long thin riding crop. But the centerpiece of the set was a beautiful rattan cane, very thin and bendy, and obviously well-crafted and polished and smooth.

"This set of collectibles is worth over a thousand dollars," said Eleanor proudly. "We are happy to donate it to Terry and Eve. I'm positive they can find _something_ do with each other these items." The crowd snickered and giggled.

Eleanor's husband, Jack, approached and put his arm around his wife. His face was grim. "But we must also reward everyone else for their failures," he said with a devilish smile. "Terry and Eve: are you ready to break in your new equipment?"

The young couple nodded and all the other couples quickly but reluctantly stood and formed a line, their faces nervous. Terry and Eve each sat on a separate couch and motioned for the first couple to step forward. The man, John, went to stretch across Eve's lap, while his wife, Kathy, spread out on Terry's lap. In seconds both bottoms were bare and ready for spanking.

Eleanor gave the hairbrush to Eve and she began to whale on John's ass, admiring how effective the brush was. It was heavy but well-balanced, and the smooth service painted John's cheeks a healthy burgundy. After a sound thirty spanks Eve passed the brush to her husband, who promptly gave the same treatment to the lovely female across his lap. Eve sat quietly and caressed John's sore bottom as they both watched Kathy receive her very thorough spanking. When it was done, both people were released and sent to the rear of the line.

Couple after couple came forward and dutifully bared their bottoms and accepted their sound spankings. Terry and Eve were tired but elated when they saw that next in line was John and Kathy again. The hairbrush was exchanged for the razor strop, and the entire sequence was repeated again and again as the winning couple tried out all their new toys. Everyone got to taste the riding crop and the heavy pledge paddle, and bottoms were very red and punished when it was time for the rattan cane.

The cane pushed many over the edge, leaving them nothing but a quivering mass of flesh that couldn't stop sobbing. Everyone was profoundly grateful when the last stroke had been issued, not because they were reluctant for more pain--they could handle that--but because the couples had extremely urgent needs they needed to satisfy quickly, before something exploded.

After everyone had left, Jack took Eleanor in his arms. "A wonderful game, my love."

"Yes, I think they liked it. We will have to do another, next month."


Her eyes dropped slightly and she wiggled seductively at her husband. "Hmmm, shall we watch one of the tapes again?" Her grin was infectious, because Jack was wearing a matching one as he inserted a new tape in the VCR.

"I think you are simply trying to tease me," he said with a smile. "I am so hard now I can't get any harder."

"Oh, no?" The woman pointed at the television where a teenage girl stood watching as a woman was paddled with a big frat paddle.

The older man's cock rose a few degrees at the wonderful sight. "I stand corrected," he said politely, his face laughing. He put his arm around his wife and kissed her, lovingly. "Don't you have a paddle like that you'd like to test out?"

The woman nodded, and as the man undressed, she ran to her room to fetch the wooden paddle. Ah, this was definitely the life!

The End