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(*, M/F, Intense, spanking, sex)

Two naughty adults discuss the merits of hand spanking during an illicit meeting. Sci/Fi theme. (Approximately 1,509 words. Originally published 1995-11.)

The woman and the man slipped through the shadows and headed for the basement. The man pried open a locked window and pulled himself through, then helped the girl. Once inside, he locked the window and motioned for her to follow.

Silently they tripped through the night, deeper and deeper into the recesses of the building. Finally he came to a door he unlocked and locked behind them. There was a long corridor here, which opened to a small room. There was an ancient couch and some empty beer bottles.

"This is it?" whispered the girl.

"This is it!" He grinned at her, proud as can be. "Safe, secure, they'll never find it. We have nothing to fear here."

"I hope not," she whispered. "I don't like getting caught Outside."

She looked around and finally settled on the couch. He jumped beside her and ran his fingers through her long, black hair. They began to kiss, and he palmed her breast with one hand while his other found her ass.

With fervor he unzipped her tunic and ripped it off. She unbuckled and pulled down his pants. He unsnapped her jeans and slid a hand down her underpants when suddenly she pulled away.

"Woah! What's wrong, honey? I am going too fast?" His left hand continued to fondle her breast, and his tongue licked her lips.

"Are you sure it's safe here?" She stared at him, her eye wide and clear and frightened.

He nodded. "Absolutely! Come on, we're miles away from anybody!"

She looked unsettled. Suddenly she stood up. She kicked off her jeans and pulled down her underpants. Turning, she showed him her ass. It was shapely and smooth, gorgeously round. But there were six sharp scars about a half a centimeter thick running horizontally across both buttocks.

He whistled. "Ouch! Did they do that to you?"

She smiled. "I got caught in pretty much the same position we're in now. That's why I'm so paranoid. Major Ducan is liberal with his cane. I only got six because it was my first offense and I was a minor." She paused. "I'm eighteen now."

The man gasped like he was shocked. "You've been Out before? With someone else?"

She grinned and pushed him to the couch. "Shut up, you moron. Of course, not. I'm a virgin, just like you."

He rolled his eyes at that and kissed her for a minute or two. When they stopped for air he peered over her shoulder at her bottom. "That looks pretty fresh. Six months or less?"

"Almost four."

"Wow. How'd he do it?"

She snorted in disgust. "In his office, privately. It was taped, of course. But just the strokes. Not how he acted before or after. He made me lie naked on a couch. He took his time between strokes, too. Several minutes. He'd just stand their talking, caressing my shoulder or touching my thigh. There was no warning when the next blow would land. It was agony. I never want to go through that again." She trembled in his arms, and hugged him. He hugged her back.

"I spanked a girl once," he whispered softly. She tensed and lifted her head to look him in the face. He smiled. "Nothing quite like yours, believe me.

"It was back when a was a private. We'd caught a female deserter. We were out on patrols, some three days from base. I was put in charge of returning her to base for a hearing and disciplinary action. I was to bring her back unharmed. The Sergeant gave me his 'lectrowhip, for controlling her, but I hate those things. Ever been whipped with one? No? It feels like your skin is being peeled off. No, I don't like them. Especially not for use on a woman."

He paused and swallowed. "No, I decided to use the old fashioned approach. Within two hours of leaving the others she made her first attempt at escape. According to procedure we had stripped her and her fingers were securely taped behind her neck. But she broke away during a moment my attention was diverted. I caught her in seconds. Stupid of her. There was nowhere she could go.

"Well, I tried reasoning with her. I tried threats. I even used the 'lectrowhip once. I aimed for her back but she whirled around and it caught her right across the chest--both breasts. After that I knew I couldn't use that thing anymore. But she still continued trying to break. I found out later this was her second desertion--she was to be Programmed." The man shook his head in sympathy. "She had fire, that one. Too bad.

"Anyway, I finally resorted to spanking her bottom every time she tried to escape. She had an incredibly round bottom, large and bouncy, much larger than yours. Though I love yours," he whispered, patting her rump affectionately.

"I don't even remember how many times I had to spank her. Dozens at least. At first she just ignored them. Then she started to wiggle about. Then her escape attempts grew more violent, more calculated. But I was alert to all her tricks. She couldn't escape me. She just earned herself more spankings. Finally my hand couldn't take it any more. So I found a large metal spoon in my mess kit and spanked her with that. It didn't cover near the area, so I had to use it much more liberally, but where it hit it left a bright red spot.

"Well, it took over two days of spankings to get her to cooperate, but cooperate she did. By the time we got back to base her bottom had resumed its natural pink color. No one would notice what I did, not that they would have cared anyway. But everyone was mystified as to how I had tamed that hellcat. Most thought we'd slept together. But it couldn't be proven, since we hadn't."

"Did you want to sleep with her?" The girl's question was weighted.

"Honestly? Yes. Like I said, she had a remarkable figure. And I spent a great deal of time with my bare hand on her naked ass, not to mention wrestling her down each time she ran off. And she was naked during the whole trip. I think that's why I was chosen to escort her--as a fresh recruit it was part of my indoctrination--escort a naked female for three days and not sleep with her!

"But she wanted me to sleep with her. She really tried to get me to. But I knew better. Judgement is off when distracted by sex. She probably would have escaped if I'd given in."

"Sounds like you did the right thing," said the girl, moving to kiss him. "The bitch needed spanking. Real bad. Sounds like you were too lenient."

"Hey, hand spankings hurt!"

"Yeah, and your dick's three meters long!"

The man glared at her. "Alright, if you think you're so tough, why don't you let me give you one of my old-fashioned hand spankings and just see how you like it?"

The girl laughed and kissed him. "You silly man!"

"No, I'm serious! You think it doesn't hurt?"

"I know it doesn't hurt. But that doesn't mean we have to demonstrate it."

"Why not? If it doesn't hurt, why not?"

She looked exasperated. "Because there's no point. Who cares?"

"I care. You think you're so damn smart. Let's see what you know!" He pulled her towards him and sat up on the couch.

"All right! Fine. If that's the way you want it, go for it. Spank away, see if I care." She stretched out across his lap and even puffed up her ass in his face.

At the first blow her expression changed slightly. Mostly it was surprise, both at the amount of pain and at the fact that he'd go through with it. The second blow hardened her resolve, and she began to whistle. Again and again his palm landed on her rump, slapping her flesh harder and harder, trying to make her grunt or squeal, to reveal pain. She continued to whistle.

He was getting tired. His arm was sore, his hand was starting to swell. Her bottom was blood-red and swollen, but she was still whistling, though not as cheerfully. He continued to spank her, again and again and again. Finally the whistling stopped but she still refused to give in. He began to use his left hand, which wasn't as strong, but it was healthy. She still did not speak.

"Had enough? Ready to admit that a hand spanking can hurt?"

"Well, when you spank someone two thousand times they are bound to feel it!"

"Aha! So you admit I'm right?" There was a long pause and he filled it with several more solid swats.

"OK, OK, OK. You're right. Fine. Hand spankings can hurt. Especially yours. OK. Fine. Let's forget the whole thing, OK?"" She rolled over and kissed his lips. He smiled and kissed back.

The End