Snippet 02: Church

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(***, M/f, Intense, teen caning)

A father comes up with a plan to keep his daughter from sleeping during the Sunday morning church service. (Approximately 819 words. Originally published 1996-06.)

Paster Allan Westly was impressed. Mr. Kite had taken his words to heart. Whatever he had done or said to his daughter had certainly worked. The teenager was the model of attentiveness during the long Sunday morning sermons now. Just two months ago she could not go fifteen minutes without nodding off. Finally Paster Westly had seen fit to speak to her father about it.

"She's setting a bad example," he had told the man. "You really should teach your daughter to respect the Lord's word more."

Mr. Kite had apologized profusely and promised a solution starting the very next Sunday. But there had been no change. A second Sunday went by and in mid-sermon Pastor Westly saw Kelly Kite sleepy away. It distracted him for a minute and he almost lost his place in the sermon. He had been determined to talk to Mr. Kite again after the service when the man showed up by himself.

"I'm sorry about my daughter, Paster W. I've tried everything. We made her go to bed at nine, and then at eight. She still has a terrible time waking up for church--she's frightfully grumpy in the morning--and then she sleeps during your sermons! I don't know what to do."

"Have you punished her?"

"Well, yes. We took away her TV priveledges last week. It didn't seem to help."

"Hmmmm. Perhaps a more direct approach is necessary?" He motioned for Mr. Kite to follow him into his study. From a cabinet in the corner he took out a long thin cane. "Spare the rod and spoil the child, Randle."

The short man stared at his paster in astonishment. "You mean you think I should--"

"It's just a suggestion. If you feel it's inappropriate in your family, that's your business. In my family my children know exactly what to expect when they are disobedient."

Mr. Kite grunted. "Your children are very well behaved."

"Yes, they are."

"Could I borrow that?"


"Thank you. I'll see you next Sunday, Pastor."

Pastor Westly smiled as he thought of the scene that would play out in the Kite household later that week. A solid caning was just was a teenage girl like Kelly needed.

But the next Sunday there was no change. Kelly again was sleeping during the sermon. A very annoyed Pastor Westly sought out Mr. Kite after the service.

"Didn't you use that item you borrowed?"

"I sure did," said the stout Mr. Kite. "I gave her a sound thrashing last Sunday afternoon right after dinner. But you can see all the good it did. Her memory must be very poor. I shall thrash her again this afternoon."

"And will she remember it next Sunday?"

"I shall give her a reminder just before church!"

Pastor Westly had been astonished at the girl who had shown up the next Sunday. She was wide-eyed and alert the entire service, and she didn't even slump in her seat, though she fidgeted a bit. A single glance from her father calmed her down immediately.

The Sundays after that it was the same. For the last month the girl hadn't even yawned! It was a miracle.

"Good morning, Pastor!"

Pastor Westly turned and saw the beaming faces of Mr. Kite and his wife and the subdued but polite figure of fifteen-year-old Kelly Kite behind them. "Good morning. I'm glad you all could make it this morning."

"Never miss it," said Mrs. Kite. "Your sermons are inspiring."

"Thank you."

"No, thank you," said Randle Kite. "Our daughter Kelly has something she'd like to say to you."

A very pink Kelly was urged forward. "Uh, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior in the past," she said hoarsely. "I mean sleeping during church. My father has taken your advice and I can promise you that I will behave from now on."

"Well, thank you, Kelly dear. That is very nice and your apology is accepted. But I'm not the one you should apologize to, you know. There's Someone much more important that regrets your rudeness even more than me."

Kelly turned scarlet. "Oh," she said. She glanced at her mother and then went to the alter and the front of the church and knelt to pray.

"What on earth did you do!" exclaimed the Pastor when the teenager was out of earshot. "She's a different girl."

Mr. Kite grinned. "Well, since she has such a short memory I give her a thorough reminder every Sunday morning before breakfast. Six strokes with that cane. It does wonders. She's wide awake until midnight! And there's no way she can sleep on those hard wooden pews with such a sore bottom."

"Brilliant," said the Pastor. "I must remember that one. It may come in handy for certain other situations around here."

He winked at the couple and headed off to converse with others who requested his attention.

The End

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