Snippet 03: Shorts

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(****, M/f, Intense, wife spanking)

Marie's pretty new shorts have diabolical secret -- one that's revealed when her bottom's properly warmed by a thorough spanking. (Approximately 691 words. Originally published 1996-06.)

Bob grinned at his pretty wife. "Come on, dear. Put them on."

Marie peeked from behind the bedroom door. "But they're so _short_. I can go out like this!"

"You don't have to. Just come out here, where I can see you. And take that silly shirt off!"

Slowly Marie came out from behind the door. Bob sucked his breath in sharply. The tiny short shorts were even more beautiful than he had imagined. They gripped to his wife's round ass with cellophane-like stickiness and obscured about the same amount--which was to say very little.

Bob whistled loudly. "Honey, you are _gorgeous_! Turn around so I can see all of you. And take off that shirt!"

Marie giggled as she spun around the living room. The shorts practically rode up between her butt cheeks and she blushed at how much of herself she must be showing, but did have to admit that Bob's gift did make her feel very sexy.

"Didn't I tell you to get that shirt off?" growled Bob grumpily. "Do I have to fetch the paddle?"

"No, sir!" Marie said quickly, instantly slipping off the T-shirt and standing before her husband wearing nothing but the skimpy white shorts. Her long legs were bare and sleek, as was her belly and her breasts. While the tiny white casing around her waist protected her modesty a tad, it mainly just made her all the more attractive by enhancing the rest of her nakedness.

Bob took his wife in his arms and kissed her on the lips. His eyes twinkled dangerously and Marie became nervous and that made her wet between the legs. "There's something special about these shorts, you know," he whispered.

"What is it?"

"Well, you know those T-shirts that change color when they get warm?"


"Well, these shorts do that."

Marie glanced down at herself. She gasped in horror, for the crotch portion of the shorts were no longer white--they were a pale blue and growing darker by the second! It was painfully obvious exactly where Marie Thompson was aroused.

"They get red, too. As red as your cheeks are now." Bob rubbed his wife's face as she blushed even more. "But they have to be _hot_ first. Do you know how we get them hot?"

Marie shook her head very slowly, but she was afraid she knew exactly how Bob wanted to warm her shorts. "Bob, please," she started to say, but he was already drawing her across his lap.

Up went his hand, and Marie tensed. WHAM! Bob's palm slapped soundly across Marie's tight bottom and she grunted. Again the hand went up and came down. Faster and faster it went until the hand was a blur and Marie's moans were continuous.

As the spanking continued, Bob's grin got wider and wider. He was very pleased with himself. For Marie's white-clad bottom wasn't so white anymore. Portions of the white short shorts were a bright red. Other sections were a warm orange or a pale pink. It was delightful.

The shorts were so tight they clung to Marie's bottom like a second skin. It was almost better than having her naked. Bob loved spanking his wife. He loved watching her bottom cheeks tremble under the smack of his hand or paddle, loved watching her buttocks turn pink and then red. But this was different. The paleness of the shorts in the unspanked areas made the redness really stand out, and the cool blue seeping out from between Marie's legs and oozing all around her crotch got Bob very excited.

Finally he stopped and made Marie stand up and model for him. She was woefully embarrassed. She'd been naked before her husband many times, of course, and this wasn't her first spanking by far. But never had her arousal and pain been so strongly advertised. She could hardly believe it herself.

"It think it's time I took these shorts off," she said to her husband, her words overflowing with innuendo. He grinned and nodded, practically drooling at his wife's body.

"I can think of an excellent reason to do that!"

The End

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