Snippet 05: The Video Game

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Video Game

(****, ?/fm, Intense, children, fun)

A brother and sister compete to best their new video game. (Approximately 942 words. Originally published 1996-06.)

"Whatcha got?" asked the girl as she popped her gum noisily. She looked at her brother through half-closed eyes. She didn't really care, of course. Whatever he had couldn't be a tenth as good as he was making it out to be, acting all mysterious and sneaky as though he had a stolen case of Hershey bars.

"Nothing," he mumbled, trying to disguise his excited grin with an overdone frown. His eyes rotated around the house as if making sure no one was spying on them.

"Adam J. Kolinksy, you've got something! I can tell. Now you show me right now or I'll tell Mom and she'll give you a licking you won't believe!"

Adam raised himself to full height and glared at his sister. "All right," he said grumpily. "Come with me."

Sharon followed her brother into the den where he led her to a weird contraption set up next to the Nintendough machine. She gasped when she saw it. "Is that--"

"Yes!" Adam grinned proudly. "Isn't it awesome?"

"But how--"

"I've been saving my allowance and I used my Christmas money. Pretty cool, eh? Want to play a game?"

"Uh, I'm not very good."

"That's okay."

"Yeah, but that's not very fair."

"Sis, with this machine you'll learn _real_ quick. Trust me. I bet with this incentive you'll be better than me in just a few games."

Sharon pursed her lips and stared at her brother and then shrugged. "Okay. But I don't want to play that kickboxing game you like so much. Let's play 'Burro Kong'."

"Aw, come on, that's an ancient game. I want to play 'Headless Karate Master'!"

"BK or nothing!"

"Okay, okay. I can whip your pants off, anyway."

A chill passed through Sharon. "Better not," she said seriously. As she and her brother exchanged looks the humor got to them and they both burst out laughing.

* * * * *

Minutes later the two teenagers were facing each other, strapped into the contraption, and deeply engaged in mortal combat. To Adam's surprise his sister scored the first win, completing the first level with 300 more points than him. The paddle arm of the machine promptly delivered three mild smacks across his ass.

"Ouch! Sis, that's not fair. I completed the level faster than you."

"Yeah, but I scored more points. That's what really counts."

Vowing revenge, Adam tried very hard the next level, but it had been a long time since he had played Burro Kong--a fatal mistake cost him one of his lives and the paddle automatically whacked him five solid ones for that. Then he finished the level 500 hundred points behind Sharon, and got another five. These were a touch harder.

Growling, Adam pressed on. Sharon made her first mistake on level three, a burro stepping on her foot, costing her a life. The paddle promptly walloped her butt five times, but she still finished 100 points ahead of her brother. He giggled at his single smack, however, and gleefully told her she was "in for it."

The fourth level was the much more challenging Lye Factory. Dangerous buckets of lye dripped everywhere and after several near misses Sharon was sweating. She still hadn't made her leap across the gullet yet and time was running out. Adam was taunting her. If her time ran out she'd lose a life _and_ 500 points!

Summoning all her courage Sharon took a chance and leapt--right into the lye waterfall, her leap mistimed to catch the elevator. Not being able to escape she yelped her way through five stinging spanks and proceeded to try the level again.

This time she was more careful, and managed to ride the elevator and escape the lye buckets. But she finished 1100 points behind her brother and the machine promptly delivered a series of 11 hard spanks to her behind. Her eyes were tearing a bit when it was done.

"Are you sure you've got this thing calibrated right? It's going pretty hard."

"Sure," said Adam with a big grin. "These are these standard settings. We could play tournament if you really want to play for high stakes." Sharon shuddered.

By the next level Adam had most of his game back and managed to squeak ahead of his sister with a 600 point lead. Sharon's wallops were a touch harder this time, and she vowed revenge. Fortunately her brother forgot a few key techniques needed to pass level six and lost another life while she passed easily. Unfortunately his extra time on the level gained him more points and Sharon softly whimpered through seven solid whacks.

Immediately on level seven Sharon lost a life when she slipped on a burro turd, but then Adam got a turd in the head and his game was over. The machine promptly delivered his five wallops for losing a life, but Sharon continued to play. It didn't take her long to lose her last man, but she managed to close the gap with her brother and only lost by 700 points. She took her dozen quietly, though these really stung.

"You wanna play again?" asked Adam when Sharon's spanking was over and she stood grimly rubbing her sore rump.

"I-I think I've had enough Nintendough for one day."

"Yeah," said Adam with a broad smirk. "It's kind of a pain in the ass, eh?" She glared at him and left. Adam went to the phone to call some friends over to play, making a special point to invite the delectable Hannah Davidson. She loved to play Nintendough and it was widely rumored that she was terrible.

The End