Snippet 06: The Chamber

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Chamber

(****, f/f, Intense, teen n/c discipline)

A girl discovers that school discipline is virtually unbearable. (Approximately 1,316 words. Originally published 1996-06.)

"No, Miss Allen! Not the Chamber again, please!"

"Young lady, you've got a dozen of the max right now. Do you want eighteen?"

The girl shook her head miserably and took the key from the teacher. Her feet shuffled as she slowly headed off to the punishment chamber.

The Chamber was a small, closet-sized room off of the Principal's office. It was occupied when Kimberly arrived, so she had to wait. It did not take too long. After about five minutes a boy emerged, wiping tears from his eyes and sniffling. He saw Kim and blushed crimson and raced off. Kimberly felt sorry for him. She knew him vaguely--Brad or Bret or something--and he was kinda cute, but she had bigger worries on her mind. It was now her turn for a session in the Chamber.

Kimberly shut the door behind her, flipping the lock so it read "occupied" on the outside. She began to tremble slightly as she picked up the heavy leather and metal gloves and placed the visor on her head.

The computer had already been programmed by Miss Allen with Kimberly's information, so as soon as Kimberly pressed the start button the world around her dissolved. She was standing in a formal boardroom. A group of stiff-necked men and women in business attire sat behind a long desk and glared at her. Kim knew they weren't real, but the effect was disconcerting nonetheless.

She glanced down at herself and saw that she was completely naked. She wanted to cover herself but the committee would never let that go without extra punishment.

"Please begin," said a dark-haired woman with tinted glasses. She took out a yellow legal pad and began writing.

The punishment horse was immediately in front of the committee. It was made of wood with pieces of soft rubber covering the places where a person's knees and belly rested. Kimberly mounted it, bending far over and grasping the handgrips on the other side, her bare ass the highest point of her body.

The woman who had spoken pressed a gadget on the table in front of her and immediately Kimberly found herself standing again. This time she was dressed in a loose-fitting shorts and a simple T-shirt. The woman at the table was holding out a long wooden paddle for Kimberly to take. She did so, her heart dropping a few feet when she felt the weight of the heavy instrument of punishment.

Taking the paddle in both hands, Kimberly turned and saw herself. She was naked and kneeling across a punishment horse, and holding on for near life. Kimberly blushed as she saw how much she exposed. Her ass faced the committee, who, unless they were blind, could not fail to see the pouting lips peeking from between her legs.

Determined to get this over as quickly as possible, Kimberly hurried forward and got in position. Lifting the paddle she aimed carefully at her own ass.

"Twelve within maximum intensity range," said the committee woman stiffly, and Kimberly nodded. The computer would monitor her pain levels. If she failed to deliver a blow of the required intensity, it would not count and an extra swat would be added to the tally. Kimberly swallowed hard and clenched the paddle firmly. She was determined not to earn any extras.

Kimberly pulled the paddle back to her shoulder and after a deep breath, swung it down as hard as she could. There was a loud pop as the wood spanked the fleshy rump in front of her, but Kimberly barely heard it. Instead she nearly dropped the paddle as the explosion of pain made its way across her bottom.

"Yeow!" she hollered, hot tears stinging her eyes. Her buttocks steamed and she wiggled a bit. The girl on the punishment horse was quivering and dancing but did not get up. She wouldn't either, no matter how badly she hurt. It was the paddling Kimberly who really suffered the pain.

"That's one," said the woman at the desk, nodding her head and writing on the pad. "That was a ninety-three. You must keep between 90-100 for each stroke to qualify."

"Holy shit!" thought Kimberly. "I swung that as hard as I could and it barely qualified as a max!" Gritting her teeth she pulled back and gave herself another terrific swat. Immediately pain flooded through her body.

"Two. A ninety-one."

Gasping and blinking away the tears, Kimberly walloped herself again and again. Her bottom was starting to really hurt now, even when she wasn't spanking it. It throbbed and seemed to swell up like a inflating beach ball. She could see the blood-red blotches on her ass. Soon she would be blistered.

At number nine Kimberly lost her nerve. Her ass ached so bad and when she swung the paddle at the last second she slowed it slightly, hesitating. The heavy wood sent a sharp vibration through her body, but she was not surprised when the committee woman shook her head and said, "That was only a seventy-six. It does not count. You now have thirteen instead of twelve."

Trembling, Kimberly wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded. This was the worst part of the spanking. She'd gotten over the initial fear and the first few spanks which hurt so amazingly, but now she was faced with the task of simply enduring the punishment. It got very hard to concentrate during the last few strokes.

WHAM! "Aahhhh!" she gasped, and then "Grrrr," she growled with fury, determined to get through this without any more extras. If she wasn't careful she could be here all day. She'd heard horror stories of students who'd been sentenced to a dozen or so and had to give themselves four or five dozen to get through it. It was ridiculously difficult to give yourself this much pain. The body always wanted to hesitate, to resist. Kimberly had to force her mind to obey her.

WHAM! Wham! "Oh, shit!" though Kimberly with a curse. "That didn't work at all." She'd thought she would try to give herself two quick ones in a row, but the pain from the first blow stunned and confused her so much that the second one only qualified as a sixty-three!

She continued with the spanking, punishing herself as hard as she could.


Kimberly eyes saw purple and she reeled with the pain. That one had been the worst yet.

"Twelve," said the impartial voice of the woman. "A ninety-nine. Excellent."

Kimberly was so in sync with the spanking that she could not stop to concern herself with the woman. In a rage she walloped herself again, and as soon as the haze of pain left her eyes, she gave herself the fourteenth and last spank.

It was over. Slowly Kimberly straightened and lifted herself from the punishment horse. Her ass was blistered and swollen, hot weals pulsing and aching. She put a hand back on her ass and was astonished at the bumpy moonscape she found there. She'd blistered herself good.

"Well delivered and taken," said the committee woman, smiling broadly at the teenage girl. "You are free to go."

The board room slowly faded and Kimberly realized she was alone in the punishment chamber. It was dimly lit and slightly cold. She slid off the visor and gloves and took a few deep breaths. She lifted her skirt and slipped her hand under her panties and was relieved to feel that her bottom was as silky smooth as always. It would have been unbearable to think that she could have to live for a week or more with those bruises and blisters.

Of course the administration loved this aspect of virtual punishment. Without marks there was no danger of permanent damage. If needed, she could be sent to the chamber a dozen times a week!

The End