Snippet 09: The Absent Minded Housemistress

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Depending upon your perspective, the Flogmaster's been very good or very bad. He's been diligently working, just not on his erotica. So to make up for his neglect, here's another FIVE STAR story!


The Absent Minded Housemistress

(*****, F/F, Intense, semi-nc)

The moral: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. (Approximately 884 words. Originally published 1998-05.)

The first Claire knew of her mistake was when she mentioned to Jen and Alison that she would be living in the Daybrook house.

"That's Mrs. Peabody's place!"

"Yes," answered Claire. "I met her this morning. Sweet old lady. Been here forever, I gather."

"Sweet? The woman's daffy!" Alison and Jenny began to giggle. "But you'll find that out soon enough!"

There were only six girls living at Daybrook, which puzzled Claire, as it was a terrific house with dirt cheap rent. That night at dinner things came to light.

She was enjoying the delicious baked chicken in mushroom sauce and chatting away with her new roommates, when her enthusiasm got the best of her and she knocked over her milk. Instantly the table went silent.

"Whoops! Sorry, Mrs. Peabody. I'll clean it up."

"Naughty, naughty girl!" cried the white-haired woman, leaping to her feet. But instead of attacking the spill, she grabbed Claire by the wrist and dragged her into the living room.

"Mrs. Peabody! What are you doing?"

"Naughty girls are punished!" snapped the housemistress, sitting on the sofa and flipping the hapless Claire over her lap. The next thing the stunned Claire knew her skirt was up, her panties down, and hot, stinging slaps were raining down on her bare bottom.

"To the corner with you," said Mrs. Peabody finally, releasing the teary-eyed girl.

Claire was too bewildered to disobey. As instructed, she waited in the corner, panties around her ankles, hands holding up her skirt so everyone could see her freshly spanked bottom. She was normally rather proud of her trim figure, but this was the most humiliating experience of her life. She could hear the others eating as though everything was normal.

"How can this be happening?" she thought. "That sweet old lady!"

After supper, Claire felt relief when Mrs. Peabody returned. "May I go to my room now, please?"

"After your spanking, dear," said the sweet woman. "Come across my lap."

"But you already spanked me!"

"Nonsense, girl! I told you I'd spank you after supper. Now come on, or I'll have to fetch my hairbrush."

Somehow utterly helpless, Claire accepted her second sound spanking of the evening. This time she cried freely, her misery compounded by the injustice of being spanked twice for the same offense!

Later, safely under the covers in the dark, she sniffed and felt sorry for herself. Then the door to her room opened and Mrs. Peabody entered carrying a large wooden hairbrush. "Time for your bedtime spanking," she said.

"But you already--"

The woman's jovial face turned scornful. "Don't give me that! You know I haven't spanked you in weeks, Erica."

"My name's Claire!"

"If you like. Now turn over, dear. This one's going to be a good long one to make up for all my neglect."

A chill not caused by cold air passed through Claire as her nightgown was lifted to reveal her naked buttocks. She felt the thick fingers of the kindly old woman squeezing and kneading the plump flesh of her hyper-sensitive bottom.

"Let's get these cheeks nice and hot," said Mrs. Peabody in a cheery voice, and Claire shuddered.

The pain came in thick, heavy waves, a deep, profound pain Claire had never experienced before. It was more emotional than physical, a kind of aching longing. She wept big, slow tears and relaxed completely, allowing the old woman to do her worst.

Mrs. Peabody kissed her on the forehead when she'd finished, clearly pleased with herself and with Claire's response. "Good night, dear. Sleep well. You know I love you very much."

Claire curled up in that warm place and slept wonderfully, her dreams vague but exciting. She awoke in the morning refreshed and revived.

Showering, Claire noticed Donna also sported a red behind. "What's the story with Mrs. Peabody?"

"Her daughter Erica died at age eight," Donna whispered. "Disobeyed her mother and ran out into the street. Mrs. Peabody blames herself for not disciplining the girl, so she's making it up now."

"That's insane!"

"Getting room and board for a mere $125 a month is insane," winked Donna. "So what if that includes the occasional red ass?"

"Occasional?" thought Claire grimly.

"You'd better hurry," Donna said as she departed. "Unless you want another spanking you don't want to be late for breakfast."

Claire gulped and rubbed her sore butt. She looked at herself in the mirror. God, she was horny this morning. Come to think of it, she'd been turned on most of the night, too. She began to massage her crotch and the terrified thought came to her head: "What would Mrs. Peabody do if she caught her doing this?"

The obvious answer pictured itself vividly in her imagination and to her astonishment she grew even more aroused. Perhaps Donna had a valid point after all. Daybrook was going to be an interesting place to live. With this urgent business to take care of, there was no way Claire was going to make it to breakfast on time.

The End