Sorority Girl #092

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Sorority Girl #092

(***, F/F, Intense, sorority paddling)

A sorority sister remembers paddlings. (Approximately 1,241 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

[As told by S.F.]

The sorority stories you hear -- it usually wasn't like that at all. Usually it was just ordinary fun, occasionally naughty, but fairly routine, all in all. But there were extremes.

There was this girl named Lori. This was in the late fifties. She was essentially a pre-feminist. She was ambitious. Wanted it all. I never saw a woman with more drive. She did anything that would help her get ahead. She fucked professors, the student body president, even the newspaper editor. She cheated, stole, bribed, scratched, and clawed her way through school. It was amazing to watch.

I'm sure she thought of herself as pro-woman, but she lived in a two-class world: the haves and havenots, no in between. When she was in a position of power, she was queen. When she wanted something from you, she was your slave. She'd ass-kiss like no one I've ever seen.

Naturally, she wanted into the top sorority on campus. She had her college years planned out: she was going to be student body president her senior year. To get a running start she needed to be a sorority, make all the right connections. So she came to XXXX.

I was one of the senior members that year. We'd never anything like her. She groveled like she loved it. No task was beneath her. She did everything asked with a big smile. Sonya was sorority president at the time. If she told Lori to fetch her paddle, Lori ran and got and eagerly got into position for her spanking. Sonya always paddled Lori twice as hard because of that, I think, trying to wipe off that pleased smile, but Lori was tough -- she took everything the big redhead dished out.

Lori was a pretty girl. Slender, blond, blue eyes, and big teeth. Her breasts weren't stoplight size, but she knew how to dress to make them look bigger. She liked to wear tight pants to show off her ass. She had a magnificent ass. Big enough for a guy to grab, but not so big it made her look unwieldy. Just a nice, curvy, compact package. I was always jealous of her ass. So were the other girls. Come to think of it, that could be why Sonya paddled her so much.

Lori was always getting paddled. She always tried to act as though it didn't bother her, but you could tell it hurt. But unlike the regular pledges who moaned and whined and begged and made such a fuss it was sarcely worth the hassle, Lori was always obedient and perfectly willing to offer her glorious bottom for the paddle.

Sonya, like the rest of us, saw that Lori's ambition would lead her to suffer any indignity. That brought out the cruelty in the redhead. She took advantage of any opportunity to publicly humiliate and berate the poor girl. Once, as the three of us were walking along a narrow campus path, Lori brushed against a fraternity brother passing by. Sonya was furious, and to punish the girl, she ordered Lori to give the man her panties. I couldn't believe it.

Lori hesitated for only the merest few seconds, then bowed her head and began unfastening her jeans. Her face burned crimson as she slid down her panties and stepped out of them. She handed them to the jock with a mournful apology. She stood there, naked from the waist down, expressionless, until Sonya told her she could put her jeans back on.

Later, I came to think of that as a fairly minor incident. The stuff Sonya eventually made Lori do in private still bothers me. She made Lori masturbate for us. At first with just her hand, then with various dildoes. Lori did it. She made Lori suck off guys while all the sisters watched.

I remember one night, very late, when Sonya called Lori in "for punishment." Lori obviously didn't have a clue what was going to happen, though she knew it wasn't going to be pleasant. Besides the senior sisters, there were six frat boys. Sonya ordered Lori to strip naked, which she did. Then she gave the girl a large pledge paddle and told her to go to each of the men and ask for six swats. After each set of swats, she was to suck the guy off.

Lori obviously didn't like this idea, but nodded and obeyed. She took the paddle and went to the first guy. She asked him to spank her, and got down on her hands and knees. He went to town on her ass, with six tremendous blows. I could hardly watch it looked like it hurt so badly, but Lori took it silently.

Then she unzipped the guy's pants, took out his cock, and sucked him for four minutes. I know it took four minutes because Sonya was standing there with a stopwatch timing the whole thing. When Lori stood up and wiped the come off her face, Sonja announced that the guy was now allowed four more swats, one for each minute it took for him to come.

I lost track of how many swats Lori took that night. Her ass was swollen to watermelon size and purple. Most of the guys she sucked off in just a few minutes, but one guy came while watching the others and his second come was more difficult: it took her ten minutes.

Still, what was amazing was Lori's attitude. She never once complained. She took everything in stride. She wanted to be seen as a "good sport" and did everything asked with a smile.

There were worse things done; scenes with alcohol, drugs, group orgies, skinny dipping in the campus fountain at midnight. Once we dared her to hide out naked in the library and get herself locked in. Sonya gave her a list of one hundred books she was to masturbate over. We pictured her, alone in the dark among all those rows and rows of dusty shelves, humping books like mad. The next day Sonya examined the books for stains and when she didn't find any, or enough, she announced Lori was getting one swat per failure. It was only thirty-nine swats. I guess Lori didn't get much sleep that night.

The other sorority girls I remember were all normal, routine pledges with routine paddlings, perhaps the occasional nude sprint across the grounds or allowing herself to be "lapped" by a German Shepard. But Lori was unique. She was tough, she was ambitious, and she endured everything.

I guess it paid off. I read in the alumni newsletter that she was elected class president her junior year, and student body president the year after. She won awards, she transferred to Princeton Law where she graduated with honors, became a prosecutor, later a D.A. Today she's the attorney general of a large southern state. I see pictures of her on TV occasionally, still thin, still blond, still beautiful, still determined. She's got a family, a couple kids (from her husband's previous marriage).

There are rumors she slept her way to the job, rumors she's a lesbian, even rumors she killed the former A.G. (who died in a car accident). There are rumors she's running for governor, then perhaps the senate, and eventually president. They're just rumors, but if they were all true, it wouldn't surprise me. Not in the least.

The End

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