Sorority Plots

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Sorority Plots

(****, F/F, Intense, sorority paddling)

A guy tricks his girlfriend into getting sorority paddlings. (Approximately 2,536 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

Karen burst into the room, throwing her arms around James, sobbing hysterically.

"Whatever's the matter?" gasped the young man, struggling to shut the dormitory door and not drop his girlfriend. He carefully guided her to the bed.

But when her bottom touched the bedspread she leaped up, howling and grabbing her ass. "Oh oh oh!"

"Did you get paddled? Again?"

Karen nodded ruefully. "I don't know how she did it, but Sister Margaret found that marajuana joint you gave me. I had to take twenty-five swats or be kicked out of the sorority."

"Oh you poor dear. Let me look at it."

Gratefully Karen stretched out on the bed on her belly. She raised her hips off the bed as James carefully pulled down her navy blue sweat pants. As her round buttocks were exposed, James gave a gentle whistle of sympathy. Even partially covered with white panties he could see the smooth milky white skin was now an angry red.

He dragged the pants down to her knees, then worked on the panties, apologizing once or twice as the tighter garment rubbed across the tender flesh. Finally Karen's bottom was bare and James studied it intently.

James loved Karen's ass. She was a healthy girl, not scrawny skinny like so many wannabe models. She had wide hips and wonderfully round bottom. In tight jeans she was a dream. But today her ass was in pitiful shape. A firey red blush covered most of the rump from the top of the crack to the start of the thighs. The middle portion of each cheek was deeply bruised and sore just to look at: there radiated a series of circular hues ranging from purplish-blue to crimson to blister white.

It was bizarre, but the painfully battered flesh aroused James fiercely. He half-wished the sorority president had paddled Karen even harder. There were still some not so badly spanked areas on the outer edges of her cheeks, and down low, where the cheeks hung over the thighs -- the meaty flesh there could take a lot more punishment.

James swallowed his desire and forced himself to remain calm and sympathetic. "Gosh honey, that Margaret really did a number on you."

"She hates me," moaned Karen. "This is the third time in two weeks she's found an excuse to paddle me!"

"Maybe she just likes your sexy ass." James leaned forward and ever-so-gently kissed the ravaged flesh. Karen wiggled with excitement.

"I don't know how that Margaret keeps finding out my secrets," whispered Karen, moaning a little as James continued his kissing. "It's like she's been reading my diary or something. Last weekend it was like she was psychic, waiting for me after curfew. I don't know how she even found out I'd snuck out to be with you."

"We'll just have to be more careful."

"Ohhhh! Don't stop, that feels so good!"

James tongue dropped a little lower, delving between the blond's pretty legs. He expertly licked her into a state of passion. In a few minutes she forgot all about the pain of her buttocks. "Fuck me!" she kissed in his ear, nibbling so heartily she practically bit it off.

The man didn't need a second invitation. His clothes vanished and after a brief hassle with a condom, he was inside her. He pounded her ass against the bed, kissing her mouth to muffle her screeches of pain. His hands traveled underneath her, grasping and squeezing the hypersensitive flesh of her ass.

Tears glistened in Karen's eyes as her entire body vibrated with desire. "Harder, harder!" she moaned, and James oblidged, pumping with mad animal passion.

Afterward the two lay sweating and damp, exhausted but smiling dreamily. "Wow," muttered Karen. "That was intense."

"You were hungry for it."

"Starving. I think it was the paddling. I needed something pleasurable to distract me."

"Was it really that bad? Tell me about it while I put some cream on your butt."

James crossed to the dresser and found a jar of aloe vera lotion. A nude Karen was stretched out on the bed waiting for him when he returned. He sat beside her and began to gently work the ointment into her damaged skin.

"Ahhhh, that feels heavenly."

"So tell me what happened."

"Well, I came back from psych and there was Margaret waiting. From her expression I knew something was wrong. Then I saw she had my paddle across her lap and I wanted to run away."

"But you didn't."

"No. I didn't know what was going on until she pointed to the book on my desk. It was 'Adventures in Flying' and my heart sort of skipped a beat. I don't know how she knew but she did. She opened it right to page 197 where you put that joint."

"She must have been searching your room all afternoon."

"Yeah. Anyway, she quickly gave me my choices. Twenty-five swats from her, right then, or thirty in front of the whole sorority if I wanted to appeal. Or I could leave and not come back."

"So you chose the twenty-five."

"Of course. It's embarrassing enough getting paddled at 19 -- I certainly didn't want it in front of an audience. Besides, I was guilty. She'd found the joint. I couldn't deny it. It wasn't like the council would be any more merciful."

"What happened next?"

"She made me strip completely nude and lie down over the end of the bed. She told me if I got up or tried to interupt the paddling, I'd get extra strokes. She told me if I needed a breather to ask politely and she'd give me a sixty second break. Then she hauled off and whacked my ass."

"What did it feel like?"

"Like a thousand fireworks had gone off in my pants. It was awful: a loud bang, horrible stinging pain, and heat: I remember the heat. It was like I'd just sat on a hot grill."

James casually paused in his butt massage to briefly rub his swollen member which was rock hard at the description. He swallowed. "And then?"

"I don't really remember the details. It was just more and more heat. It was awful. So loud and so painful. The swats kept coming and coming. I did ask for a break at least a couple times, but the pain was always worse after a delay. Somehow I stayed in position and took all twenty-five, though. I didn't want to give Sister Margaret any excuse for extras because I know she would have taken them!"

"I feel just awful." James felt a twinge of guilt at the lie. His errection certainly didn't feel bad.

"Why? It wasn't your fault."

"I gave you the joint."

"Yeah, but I knew the rules. I just stupidly thought I could get away with it. I mean who'd think she'd search my room, especially that book?"

For a few minutes neither spoke as arousal built. Her bottom well-creamed, Karen spread her legs for a different kind of cream. James dove in from behind, her bottom hot against his belly as he fucked her vigorously. This was slower intercourse, less wild and more intimate, but equally intense. Both were exhausted when it was over.

"I'd better go," whispered Karen after a while. "It's past curfew. I'll get it again if Sister Margaret finds out."

After a few sympathetic kisses from her lover, Karen got up and began to dress. A tired but content James watched her, loving the way her blistered bottom filled out her white panties. Imagining those plump cheeks flattened by a large wooden board aroused him again.

"When will I see you again?" he asked.

"It'll have to wait until the weekend. I've got a major paper due for biology on Friday. With Sister Margaret in the mood she's in, I can't afford a bad grade."

"You're kidding: you get paddled for bad grades?"

Karen nodded. "We're supposed to be good students. Anything lower than a B merits swats."

James thought ruefully of his own dismal report card. "Ouch."

"It's actually a rare punishment. Most of the girls are straight A students. But every now and then someone doesn't study or stays up late partying and gets a C or something. A few swats is a good reminder to keep focused on what's important."

"How does your big sister find out about your grade?"

"I have to tell her if I get anything less than a B."

"Ah. So why not lie?"

Karen frowned. "I couldn't do that."

"So you always tell the truth?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, almost all the time."

"Then there was a time you didn't tell Margaret your real grade?"

The blond looked uncomfortable. "It was just a pop quiz in English Lit. It didn't really count."

"Uh huh."

"It didn't! It was ten questions and I only missed three. That's a 70 percent, which is a C, but not really that bad. Especially considering I hadn't even read the book yet."

"When was this?"

"A couple weeks ago. It was the Monday after I got paddled for putting the egg on Sandy's chair. I still don't know how Sister Margaret knew I'd done it, but she sure whacked me good. After the quiz Monday I didn't dare show her my results or she'd have swatted me black and blue!"

James gave Karen a kiss. "You'd better go or you'll be in trouble."

"Shit! It's almost ten. Gotta run!" She slipped out quickly.

For a few minutes James lay quietly, his erection growing as he anticipated the results of his plan. He'd wait a few days, but it would be worth the wait.

On Saturday morning he arrived at the sorority house to pick up Karen. They'd made plans to go to the mall. He went to Karen's room and waited while she finished getting ready. When she was in the bathroom, he examined the overflowing trash can and sure enough, near the bottom he found the crumpled pop quiz. He smoothed it out and folded it up.

As they left the building, he managed to drop it near Margaret's door without Karen noticing. If all worked right, the would be fireworks at the sorority tonight!

Sure enough, that evening a tear-eyed Karen knocked on his door.

"Don't tell me," he said, struggling to hide his glee. "You got paddled again?!"

"Yes. Sister Margaret is the Devil!" Karen sauntered into the room, grabbing her ass and rubbing vigorously. "Another twenty whacks!"

"What was it this time?"

"You remember that pop quiz I told you about? The one I got a 'C' on and didn't tell her about?"


"Well, she found it. I threw it away but I guess she went through my trash. She had it in her hand when I got home today."

"Uh oh."

"Damn right. She gave me ten for the bad grade, plus ten extra for not reporting it. And this time it was in front of the entire sorority. Everyone watched me get spanked like a child! It was so embarrassing."

James' eyes were drinking in the sight of Karen's splendid posterior clad in white slacks. She'd worn them to the mall today and he'd felt like a million bucks walking around with her on his arm. He'd had an erection most of the day, imagining that seat being paddled. Now it had actually happened.

"You want some ointment?" he asked, daring to hope.

"Oh would you? I'd be so grateful." Karen's suggestive words left little to the imagination and James eagerly hurried to the important task, desperate for his reward.

The slacks and panties came down and the glorious naked bottom was again revealed. The blistering wasn't quite as bad as before, but the redness was vivid and intense. Karen had been well paddled.

The young man set out to masage in the cream, but within minutes the two were making love. As usual after a paddling, Karen was frantic with desire and James had an erection that wouldn't quit. The two had sex three times over the next hour.

James was in heaven. His plan had worked better than he'd ever imagined. Two weeks ago when he'd made the anonymous call to report that the egg-on-the-chair joke had been instigated by the sweet and seemingly innocent Karen Donnally, he hadn't really believed that Karen would actually be paddled. But when she showed up with a crimson bottom, he'd fallen in love.

He'd waited a week before the next attempt: an anonymous tip that Karen was breaking curfew with a guy. She'd gotten it even harder for that.

Then came the joint-in-the-book scam, and now justice for the pop quiz. If he just kept his ears open, maybe he'd discover something else he could use to get Karen spanked. He felt a little guilty at the schemes, but one look at Karen's blood-red butt and he knew he'd do it again. God she was hot! And with that spanked ass she was ten times hotter.

After making love for an hour, the two lay on the bed in silence. Finally James spoke.

"Bummer about her finding that quiz."

"Yeah. Sister Margaret's a real bitch."

"Don't let her hear you say that."

Karen laughed. "Shit, she'd whack my ass clean off!"

"At least you don't have any other secrets she can discover."

"Are you kidding? I know I look innocent, but I'm actually very naughty." Karen grinned wickedly at her boyfriend. "In fact, I've got some porno hidden on my iMac. It's in a secret folder called 'Tax Stuff' -- I'm sure she'd never look there!"

"No way."

"Yes. And there's worse. Remember when Erica was on the rampage about her favorite sweater having that cigarette burn on it? Well, it was a few months ago. You and I weren't dating then. Anyway, I have the exact same sweater. Same size, everything. But the truth is... oh I'm soooo baaaaad... I swapped sweaters without her knowing. It was really my sweater that had the burn!"

"No way!"

"Yup. That's not even all. I was the one who put the baking soda in Marie's coffee, and -- get this -- I cheated on Mr. Alexander's biology test last month. See? I'm evil!"

"Of course you are!" giggled James, embracing her, scarcely believing his good fortune. "I just hope Sister Margaret doesn't find out about any of this stuff."

"Oh, how could she? I'm not worried."

"She's persistent. You said it yourself, she's looking for any excuse to paddle you...."

As the two kissed, James felt warm with pleasure. He had enough amunition now to ensure Karen's bottom stayed hot for weeks to come. He ignored the twinge of the guilt. Life was too good.

* * * * *

Next to him, Karen sensed his pleased mood and grinned to herself. It had worked! He'd taken the bait. With any luck at all she'd have a hot bottom for at least the next month!

She wiggled closer, thrilling as his strong palm squeezed her right asscheek. It felt like getting a sunburn slapped, but she concentrated on the intense feelings between her legs.

God she was horny. She'd have to dream up more naughty behavior soon.

The End