Spank Me, Please

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Spank Me, Please!

(****, M/F, Severe, sorority paddling, sex)

A young lady faces a difficult sorority initiation and asks the narrator for his astute assistance. (Approximately 3,386 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

"Excuse me, sir, but could I speak to you?" The voice was young and nervous and I thought I could even detect a note of fear. I turned and saw a beautiful young coed standing before me, nervously fidgeting.

"Yes?" I said casually, trying not to show too much interest in this incredible-looking petite thing. She had long blond hair and a body that was made in heaven: small, but with perfect handles in all the right places.

"My name is Tara, sir. I'm pledging into the Mi Kappa Beta Sorority." I nodded and tried to look bored. Her face was very pretty, with a dark sharp eyes and a disarming smile that showed perfect teeth. Now, though, her eyebrows were furrowed and her expression was troubled. She was obviously quite distraught.

"Is there something I can do?" I asked gallantly.

"Yes, sir, that's exactly it. You see, I, uh, this is going to sound a little strange, sir, but, it's part of the initiation, you see. They picked you from the crowd, and I'm supposed to ask you...."

"Ask me what?"

She looked around. The library was crowded but still fairly quiet. "Can we go outside?" I was going to protest but she looked so inviting and her troubled expression was so serious I agreed.

Outside the south entrance was a park bench and here we sat while she explained.

"As part of the initiation I am to be, uh, paddled." The girl blushed delightfully when she said this and she looked away from me. "It's supposed to build character or show that I really want it or something. You understand?" I nodded and smiled.

"Good. Now this sorority has a committee that picks three men at random for each pledge and it is the pledge's duty to, uh, convince one of the men to perform the punishment. So I have picked you."

I stared at the girl incredulously. "Am I understanding you correctly? You want me to paddle you?"

The girl breathed a deep sigh of relief. "Yes, exactly! Will you do it? Please?" She leaned against my arm and looked right into my eyes, pleading with me. What was I to do?

"Uh, when does this take place?"

"Immediately, if you can. Everyone is waiting. It must be done tonight. Will you do it?"

"Why me? And why are you so desperate?"

She looked abashed for a moment. "I told you, they picked you out of the crowd. I need you," she paused for a moment, "because you're my last hope. The first guy left campus before I could catch him and the other guy, well, he's a jerk I know from the football team. I don't want him near me. So you're my only hope. If you won't do it I won't get into the sorority!"

"And why is that so important?"

"I want to join. I will do whatever it takes to join. Isn't that enough?"

I nodded. "Fine. It's not my concern. If this is what you want."

"It is, it is. Thank you! Thank you!" She suddenly hugged me and pulled me up. "Follow me, quickly."

"Woah! What's the hurry? And I haven't exactly said yes yet."

She smiled. "Yes you did. Come on! The later I get back the more I get paddled." We hurried along the pathway towards the sorority houses at the south end of campus. "Every hour or fraction thereof past eight o'clock I get an extra 10 blows," she said. "It's almost ten now. We've got to hurry!"

Did I slow her down? Truth be told it is a long ways from the library to the Mi Kappa Beta house. On the other hand, a part of me just couldn't quite get over the fact that in just a few moments I might actually be paddling that gorgeous rump that danced along in front of me, and that any delay would increase the number of blows I could give her. Besides, it was her choice to enter the sorority in the first place, right? She gets whatever she deserves.

We were late. I could tell that this frustrated Tara, but she took the news well. She slowed down to a walk. "OK, it's after ten. No need to rush now. We're still a couple of minutes away anyhow."

"Just how many times am I supposed to paddle you, anyway?" I asked.

She licked her lips and swallowed. "It's supposed to be forty. But since I'm late I guess it will be, uh, sixty."

"Sixty? No way!"

She nodded. "I know, I know. But I can take it. When I was younger my daddy paddled me all the time. I can take it, don't worry."

We were approaching a large two story house that I could tell from her expression was Mi Kappa Beta.

"How hard am I supposed to paddle you?"

"Hard. If you don't do it hard enough it won't count. So spank me hard, OK? Don't hold back. I can take it. Just give it to me, even if you hear me say no, give it to me anyway, OK?"

I was going to say more but it was too late. We entered Mi Kappa Beta house and were greeted by a girl in a white robe. She led us down a set of stairs to the basement where the whole room was filled with white-robed girls. At a table at the far end sat five girls in black robes, obviously the leaders. We approached them.

The girl in the center stood and smiled at me. "I take it Pledge Tara has explained your duties?"

"I think so."

The girl looked severe. "Think so? Let us make sure: your task is to paddle that girl as hard as you can until she breaks and runs away or you have given her sixty blows, whichever comes first. Do you understand?"

I nodded. She waved her hand and I suddenly realized Tara was no longer beside me. I looked around and then I saw her. She was walking toward me from the far end of the room, but she had changed clothes. She was now wearing only a tiny t-shirt and a thin pair of panties. From the way she carried herself, I decided that this was required wear for a paddling.

She was led over to a corner where what looked like an old exercise machine stood. She was made to stand before it and her ankles were strapped to the foot of the contraption. Her wrists were strapped to cords pulled tight over her head, stretching her body out. The device was then shifted so that poor Tara stood half-naked, slightly bent over at the waist, her arms painfully pulled above her head, her face and breasts facing forward, her buttocks exposed behind. The entire group could see her buttocks as she hung there, and even worse, they could watch her face in the wall mirror in front of the contraption.

It was a humiliating and degrading position. I was incredibly aroused. Her round bottom stared at me invitingly as she fidgeted. I could see the sharp points of her breasts on the t-shirt in the mirror.

A white-robed lady handed me a huge wooden paddle. The width of the wood was more than large enough to spank all of Tara petite bottom at once. The paddle was heavy but thin. I knew that it would sting most effectively, but it would not cause Tara any permanent damage.

"Paddle the tar out of her!" hissed one of the robed figures. "Give it to her good," said another. Poor Tara was already crying, silent tears running down her beautiful cheeks.

Her other cheeks were barely covered by the thin panties she wore. Her buttocks were fully exposed at the bottom corners, and the panties filled the crack between her buttocks, seeming to split them in half. She was going to be raw when this was done, I thought.

I positioned myself to Tara left. Holding the paddle with both hands I took a few practice swings to get the feel of the weapon. Then I pulled it back and with a last longing glance at the smooth flesh of Tara's beautiful creamy-white bottom I slammed the wooden board against her rump.

The sound was shattering. It seemed to echo and magnify in the basement room and I saw many of the robed girls wince. Tara's body jerked forward with the blow and I heard her gasp and whimper and I realized that even that first blow had been more painful than she had expected. How was she going to take sixty?

As I pulled back the paddle I saw Tara's buttocks quivering and bouncing and I felt myself go incredibly hard. The flesh of her buttocks was so smooth and round and now it was a bit pinker. I slammed the paddle into her again and this time I could see her buttocks were definitely reddening. The crowd behind me shouted out "Two!" and "Fifty-eight to go!" and I saw Tara struggling in the mirror. Her teeth were clenched and her eyes were teary but she saw me looking at her and she nodded her head vigorously.

Blow after blow landed, and it was fascinating to me. Her bottom was really red now, and she was writhing and wriggling it every which way in an effort to reduce the pain by any measure she could.

I gave her several more hard spanks and soon I noticed we had reached a plateau. The twelveth and thirteenth blows were just as hard as the eleventh, but produced much less of a reaction. The pain was reaching a peak. I would have to change something to freshen the experience.

Each blow felt different to me. Some, I could tell, landed just on the left or right buttcheek, and those had a distinctive hard feel. Others landed on the lower portion of her buttocks and here I could literally lift her buttocks up with the paddle, and the vibration of the flesh as it descended and bounced almost brought me to ecstacy.

I could get a sense of Tara's pain, too, not only from how she reacted, her groans and wiggles and tears, but also from how the paddle felt against her flesh; if it was a solid blow, or mostly noise, or if it fell on a fresh portion of flesh I had not yet spanked. From these indications I felt a bond with Tara I had not known with any other woman. I felt an intimacy there that was unique and challenging and terrifying. For what is more intimate than shared pain?

I could feel Tara's embarrassment and humiliation at being tied and hung awkwardly and exposed and then spanked by a man in front of dozens of her peers. I could feel the eyes of the others on me as I paddled her, and I could feel her shame. I felt understood Tara's groans and tears even better than those watching.

Using this knowledge, I found ways to keep Tara in peak pain. I realized that a good paddling is not random flailing, but it adjusts and adapts itself to new conditions. Thus I varied the spanking constantly, paddling every part of those beautiful buttocks, working each portion just long enough to bring it to peak pain and then abandoning it for richer territory. Sometimes I would vary the rate of the blows, taking my time and giving her plenty of opportunity to feel the pain of a blow and anticipate the next, other times giving her a quick series that would leave her gasping. In her cries I could tell that Tara appreciated my techniques, for she was constantly in motion, writhing under my blows, desperate to escape but unable to avoid my hard spanks. I was pushing her, challenging her, taking her to new levels of pain and endurance, making her go far beyond what she thought she was capable of taking.

Time seemed to be flying by too fast, and yet in other ways it seemed frozen. The crowd was chanting "forty-three" already, and I felt we had just begun. I wanted this to never end.

Tara had reached a new plateau of pain, now. Her struggles and cries contained a new measure of desperation. The moans were low and deep within her chest, almost guttural. Her writhing was not so sharp and pronounced, but slower and more agonizing. Rather than frantic flailing she would seem to stretch herself to the limits of her confines and hold herself there for a blow or two. Once she even pushed her buttocks out toward me, almost inviting me to spank them, which I did most soundly. It was as though she had reached a state of despair or resignation and now decided to simply endure.

Her buttocks now were a painful, violent, red. The skin was losing some of its smoothness as rough welts were beginning to appear. I was so close to her buttocks I could feel the heat rising from the burning flesh and was astonished. With each blow her entire bottom would flash white and be left covered with fading blotches of white. Though the flesh under her panties was sightly less red, the underwear really gave her no protection at all. I noticed that some combination of the paddling and her struggling had caused more of the panties to hide in the crack of her buttocks, leaving more flesh exposed now than when we had started.

At fifty-five began the end. I gave her a mercifully quick series of really hard spanks full across the lower portion of both buttocks, lifting the flesh with each blow. I could feel a new tension in her struggle as the rapid blows gave her no time to adjust or prepare in between.

The final blow was a long, hard spank, taken from quite far back, and across the tender flesh of the upper part of her buttocks. It was a blow designed not to sting, but to make her buttocks sore, and I could tell from her hoarse groan it succeeded admirably.

At the conclusion of the paddling the crowd cheered and two of the black-robed girls untied Tara and a third presented her with a white robe, welcoming her as "Lady Tara, Mi Kappa Beta." Tara was crying and laughing, her pretty face struggling to compose itself with so many conflicting emotions.

Cake and punch were produced, and soon a grand party was in effect. I was invited by default, and with plenty of ladies for delightful conversation, enjoyed myself thoroughly. However, I constantly found myself looking about for my lovely Tara, wanting to talk with her. I was finally told she had retired for the evening, and had gone upstairs to bathe and sleep.

I managed to slip away from the party and made my way upstairs. I had no idea what I was doing, but only knew I had to speak with Tara. At the end of the second floor I heard a bathtub being filled, some splashing, and then it was quiet. I knocked. Tara's lovely voice answered, "Come in, it's just me."

Obediently I opened the door and entered.

Tara was stretched out on her stomach in the tub, with her back to me. Her bruised and sore buttocks were just visible to me above the soap bubbles surrounding her. I knelt down beside her. Using a wet washcloth I gently washed her buttocks. I heard her groan and hide her face in her arms, but it was a groan of pleasure. "Oh, thank you," she said. "Please don't stop."

So I continued, carefully and ever so gently washing and caressing her sore buttocks. When I finished I continued up her back, and began to massage her shoulders. She groaned more but again urged me to continue. It was wonderful being so near her, smelling her hair, feeling her flesh with my fingers. And when I peeked I could just see the outline of one breast dangling beneath her.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and turned, saw me, and started. "You! What are you doing here!"

"You invited me in," I said, standing apologetically. "Please, I mean you no harm. I just wanted to talk to you."

"About what?" Her voice was hostile, but not angry. She tried to turn to face me but found herself sitting in the tub and her sore buttocks protested.

"Turn back around," I said. "I've seen your butt. You don't need to be embarrassed." She laid back down and I sat down near the front of the tub and looked her in the face.

"Tara, I don't know exactly what you felt tonight, but I felt a special connection with you. You are the most incredible girl I have ever seen, both physically and emotionally. I don't know why you want so to join this sorority so badly, but I admire you immensely for putting up with what you did to do it.

"I paddled you very hard tonight, both because you asked me to and because I found myself wanting to. I don't know exactly why--it wasn't that I enjoyed hurting you, it's that I enjoyed seeing you bear the pain. There's a big difference. Do you understand?"

Tara stared at me in amazement. "I understand perfectly! I'm grateful _you_ understand. I was afraid you wouldn't. I thought you understood, or at least I hoped you did."

"I do. Or at least I am trying. These feelings are so new to me. I found myself fascinated by you tonight. I wanted to make you cry, to see you struggle, to push you beyond what you thought you could endure."

"And I love you for that!" She almost shouted the words and then our lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Before I was quite aware of what was happening I found myself in the tub on top of Tara, still fully dressed, kissing her breasts while she struggled to unbuckle my belt.

I felt her hand grasp my penis and it was larger and harder than I thought possible. She made me stand and suddenly she had taken it in her mouth and I was pumping into her. She swallowed and stood up, standing naked and dripping before me. I ripped off my wet shirt and struggled out of my shoes and pants and hoped back into the tub.

We coupled then, and it was only much later I realized Tara never once complained of pain even though she had spent much of the time underneath me, her buttocks surely pressed against the tub bottom.

Tara lay across me on the floor, panting, both of us too tired to move. Then I sat up and pulled her across my lap, cupping her buttocks with my right hand, my left squeezing her breasts.

Her buttocks were already healing and losing some of their tender redness, and felt smooth and warm beneath my fingers. "I think you can still take more," I whispered quietly in her ear.

"Oh, no, please, no more. _Please_."

"Quiet!" I hissed and gave her bottom a sharp slap. She whimpered but did not try to escape. I gave her another slap, and then another. The slaps were not all that hard, but I could see they stung her considerably. For my part, I found the sensation of hot flesh bouncing under my hand delightful, and I quickly began to spank her in earnest.

She was crying softly, occasionally wincing and saying "Ouch-ouch-ouch!" when I gave her a particularly hard spank or two. But all in all she was remarkably well-behaved and tame, and when her bottom was brilliant red and very hot I rolled her over and we made even more violent and passionate love than before.

After we had finished I stroked her thighs and long legs and told her that there was plenty more of her to be punished, and she looked guilty and frightened as she begged me for mercy. I told her we'd save the legs for tomorrow and she kissed me excitedly and we made love again and again until morning.

The End

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