Spank School

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Spank School

(****, FF/fffm, Severe, parental discipline)

A mother takes her family with her to a seminar to learn how to spank. (Approximately 3,642 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

"Aw, no, we don't have to go again, do we?" cried the children in unison.

"Of course you do," snapped the mother. "Now get ready. We leave in fifteen minutes."

A short helio ride later the group were on the roof of the Metzenberg School. The elevator let them out on the 60th floor. The four children emerged reluctantly.

Amy was especially annoyed. She was fourteen, much too old for this antique culture nonsense. Why it was absurd! What kind of a society permitted adults to strike children? It was barbaric.

Last week the family had arrived for their mother's first lesson. The subject was something called "spanking," and involved the painful application of an adult's hard palm against the bare bottom of a child. In this case, the adult was Marion Jones, and the bottoms were her four children, Amy (14), Agatha (12), Jason (10), and little Katie (9).

After a long demonstration by Ms. Lexor, the instructor, on a young girl named Kim, all the students were given time to practice. That meant that one by one, the kids had to go over their mom's lap, have their underwear pulled down, and lie there quietly while she slapped her hand against their bare bottoms.

Of course they did not lie there quietly: they made quite a fuss. In fact, too much of a fuss, especially Amy. She had thought it was humiliating enough being spanked by her mother, and when the pain had gotten to be intense enough to be annoying, she rose up and refused to lie back down. That had drawn the attention of Ms. Lexor, who showed up and offered to use Amy in a demonstration.

What followed was the worst fifteen minutes of Amy's life. She was now not just bare bottom in front of her brother and sisters and a few occupied families around them, but on stage in front of the entire class! The huge wall TVs magnified her ass and showed everything from every angle!

Then it got worse as Ms. Lexor proceeded to prove her expertise by smacking Amy's butt about ten times harder than her mom had. She spanked at a faster pace as well, so that after just thirty seconds Amy was better spanked than her mom's entire spanking.

But Ms. Lexor wasn't stopping. Oh no, she went right on, smacking away, ignoring Amy's howls and kicks, continuing until she'd been spanking the teen for a full ten minutes. When Amy was released, she stood there hopping up and down, her miserable buttocks on fire. After a warning from the terrifying Ms. Lexor, Amy didn't dare reach back to rub her steaming buns, but had to stand there and let everyone get a look at a well-spanked bottom.

"Notice the color I've achieved," lectured Ms. Lexor, and Amy's face grow hot as she felt the entire auditorium focusing on her bare ass.

Of course that was just one part of a miserable afternoon. Amy's siblings were equally embarrassed and just as thoroughly spanked. After all, their mother needed lots of practice, and as she got better, the bottoms of the four children got redder.

Now the four children were here again, dreading another afternoon of practice.

"Mom, you really don't need another lesson," said Jason. "You've gotten really good."

He should know, thought Amy. He'd gotten spanked twice during the week. Their mom was really taking this historical kick a bit too far.

"Don't be ridiculous, Jason," said Mrs. Jones. "I've got much more to learn. This is a four-week course and I'm not missing a lesson!"

The children gasped and paled at that news, but their afternoon was about to get even worse. When Ms. Lexor called the class to order, she announced that today's lesson would involve "light implements." Even as the kids wondered what she meant by that, she waved her arms and the wall screens displayed a series of objects spread out on a table. These were ordinary-looking objects, but for some unknown reason they made the kids tremble. There was a long wooden ruler, a large-bowled plastic spoon, and a large black hairbrush.

Ms. Lexor's twelve-year-old niece, Kim, was again her demonstration model, and the girl didn't protest as her pants were lowered and her bare bottom exposed. The teacher began with the ruler, explaining how to hold it, how to swing it, and where to strike. She demonstrated on Kim's butt, which quickly reddened and was soon squirming violently.

Amy sat watching, aghast. This was getting even worse! What sort of insanity was this? It was bad enough to be struck by another human's hand, but struck with a thin flat stick? Absurd! Hadn't the United Nations outlawed this kind of thing two or three hundred years ago?

Of course the U.N. was no longer in power, not after the Lunar rebellion two years ago. Now the new World Government ruled, basing their powers on some sort of ancient document called a Constitution that guaranteed certain freedoms. Including, apparently, the freedom of parents to discipline their kids. The document had sparked a craze in historical artifacts and a revolution of ancient culture. If it was old, it had to be good.

Apparently this "spanking" thing had been popular with parents at one time, incomprehensible as that was. Of course, being popular, the corrupt governments of that period had outlawed it. Now, with the help of radicals like Ms. Lexor, it was making a comeback.

After a lesson with the ruler, Ms. Lexor demonstrated the spoon, which was similar, except she talked about how the ball of the spoon could be used to reach uncomfortable areas between the cheeks. But Amy grew seriously concerned when the woman showed the hairbrush, for it had a dramatic effect on poor Kim, who really kicked and shrieked and made a fuss. Obviously it was enormously effective.

Then it was practice time. Marion quickly ordered all her kids to get their pants and underwear off -- it would save time later. "Just leave them off," she said. "We've got a lot of implements to practice with."

So the other three had to stand there half-naked while they watched a sibling go across their mom's lap for a bare bottom rulering. The ruler, Amy soon discovered, made the hand feel nice. It stung ferociously, and it was only fear of attracting Ms. Lexor and being made another spectacle that kept Amy from running away.

The plastic spoon proved similarly stinging, but it bruised a bit more, hurting beneath the skin. All the kids were crying by the time Mrs. Jones was ready to start with the hairbrush.

At that moment, Mrs. Lexor appeared. During the practice time, she wandered the room, giving tips and assistance, pointing out mistakes and encouraging parents to give it their all. Amy didn't dare look at the woman -- she didn't want to give her any ideas!

Instead Amy looked at her little sister's crimson butt as the hairbrush paddled the chubby flesh mercilessly. Katie screamed and kicked, but she was small enough to be tightly held. The hairbrush was so hard and it walloped down with such force that it made Amy sick to her stomach to imagine that soon it would be her ass suffering like that.

A terrified Jason was next, followed by a pouting Agatha, who thought the whole thing dreadfully unfair. Ms. Lexor seemed pleased, and all eyes turned to Amy.

Without hesitating, she quickly went forward and got into position. What followed made the previous week's experience seem like the highlight of her life. This was pure hell. Her bottom was just battered and battered, every swat taking her breath away. After a week or two of agony, it was finally over. Or so she thought.

"Might I give you some tips?" asked Ms. Lexor.

"Of course," said Marion, passing Amy over as though she was a doll.

Ms. Lexor smiled at Amy and patted her lap. Reluctantly the girl went over the instructor's legs, and promptly discovered her mother knew nothing about giving a hairbrush spanking. This woman really spanked hard, and she varied the spanking in subtle, devilish ways that made it especially agonizing, catching the insides of a cheek, smacking the outer edge of one side, or driving the flat brush in right at the base where curved butt met smooth thigh. It was hideous and Amy was screaming in seconds.

The demonstration was mercifully brief -- a mere three minutes -- but Amy was out of tears by the time it was over. Her rear end was so hot that she didn't even care when the instructor dragged her to the front of the stage so everyone could admire her spanked ass. She stood there weeping helplessly, everyone gasping at the deep crimson hue of her buttocks. After a brief pause, the sound of countless spankings throughout the auditorium resumed with increased vigor, as mothers and fathers sought to emulate Ms. Lexor's fine example.

When Amy was released and returned to her family, she discovered Jason and Katie were crying again, and Agatha was howling and kicking as she was being spanked again, Marion putting her lesson into practice.

Finally the session was over. It was a quiet, humbled, and very sore group that traveled home. None of the children were interested in talking. Their mother, however, was extremely pleased and whistled a tune as the helio deposited them on their rooftop.

"Same time next week, children," said Marion as the kids disembarked. "Ms. Lexor will teach us how to use various leather implements."

She sounded disgustingly eager, thought Amy.

Amy had to look up "leather" in the computer. She was horrified: it was the dried skin of an animal! What a horrible concept. The ancients obviously were primitive and no sense of compassion for animals. They apparently developed all sorts of tools and uses for leather, from furniture to braided whips. The concept of whips was incredibly ancient, and Amy trembled when she read about them. Surely Ms. Lexor couldn't be planning on whipping them!

Her fears proved justified, however, when they arrived at the school the next week. Each parental group was given an assortment of implements. The first was a leather paddle. It had a wooden handle but the blade was a thick layer of leather that was stiff yet flexible. There was also a belt-like leather strap which Ms. Lexor called a "tawse." The belt was wide but the end was split into several tails. Ms. Lexor explained that these would separate during the downstroke and provide three separate stings.

But that wasn't all the implements! Ms. Lexor held up something called a martinet, which was a slew of thin leather straps attached to a wooden handle. Then she revealed a fourth item which was a thin whip made of several leather strands braided together.

"She can't expect you to use all of those on us!" gasped Amy to her mother. She was shushed as the woman wanted to hear the instructor.

Ms. Lexor was speaking. "I shall now demonstrate each of these implements. Unfortunately, my niece, Kim, was very naughty last night and I had to spank her severely. Her bottom is too marked to be useful for demonstration purposes. I wonder... Mrs. Jones, would you mind sparing your daughter Amy?"

Marion Jones was very pleased and with a hearty swat to Amy's backside urged her daughter forward. Trembling and already crying a bit, Amy climbed onto the stage. Was this going to be her fate every week?

A moment later she was naked from the waist down, the walls showing hugely magnified pictures of her bare bottom. Her skin was fair and unmarked, recovered from the lessons of the previous week, and Ms. Lexor pronounced it "a delightful canvas, ideal for whipping."

The leather paddle proved to be agonizingly stingy. It covered a large portion of Amy's bottom, reddening it fiercely. After five minutes of spanks and lecturing, Amy was actually glad it was time for something else.

Unfortunately, the "else" turned out to be the tawse. This was a wicked thing, leaving stripes of horrible sting. The tails would wrap around her thighs, slip inside the divide between her cheeks, or even between her legs stinging the tender folds of her sex. Amy howled and danced, but the tawse kept catching her no matter which way she turned. Ms. Lexor indicated this was a key feature of the tawse.

"Another instrument that is equally efficient in that regard is the martinet," said the instructor, putting the tawse aside and lifting the multi-tailed whip. Amy hissed with pain as the whip flogged across her bottom. The tails went everywhere, like being stung by dozens of bees at once.

After a good five minutes whipping with the martinet, Amy was exhausted. She had long since run out of tears, though trails of snot from her nose seemed determined to make up for that. Her buttocks throbbed mercilessly, covered with steaming welts from the various implements used to punish her bottom.

The whip was the final agony. It left thick weals that quickly turned purple, and though Ms. Lexor only gave Amy a dozen, she had never hurt so badly in her life. She stood sobbing as Ms. Lexor gave a detailed analysis of the marks across her bottom for the audience's edification.

"You've been an excellent demonstration assistant," said Ms. Lexor when she was finished. "Thank you, Amy."

Amy grunted, scarcely aware of her surrounding as she stiffly walked back to her family, where she found her mother trying to master the various leather implements demonstrated so vividly by Ms. Lexor. This time it was Jason suffering the leather paddle, but Amy saw her sisters nearby were standing pantless with mournful expressions, each holding a different whip as they waited their turn. Amy noticed that both girls' bottoms were bright red from the paddle, but neither was striped with whip marks like her own.

When Jason's spanking was finished, Amy grinned, expecting one her sisters to be next. She liked her sisters, but it would be nice to see Agatha spanked instead of herself. But to her astonishment her mother said to her, "Your turn."

"What? But I've just had my spanking!" Amy couldn't believe her mother wanted to spank her more. "Did you see my butt?"

"But you didn't get spanked by _me_," said Marion, and Amy was crying as she was pulled across her mother's lap for a paddling. It wasn't that hard or long, but in Amy's condition every swat felt like hell. In seconds she was a sobbing child completely oblivious to everything. When it was done, she stood there weeping and feeling miserable, and she couldn't even take any pleasure in the tormented bottoms of her siblings.

After the lesson, before everyone left, Ms. Lexor passed out jars of a special ointment that would help all the children be healed in time for the next lesson.

"Normally you wouldn't use this," she explained, "as a sore bottom for a few days is a great reminder not to misbehave. But in this case, we've got a very special extended lesson for next time, and I want all these bottoms nice and smooth and healed and ready for some serious spanking!"

The children all groaned at this news, wondering what could be worse than today's session. They all found out sooner than they wanted, for the week passed in a flash, and the following Saturday everyone was back watching Ms. Lexor nervously as she strode onto the stage.

"Parents, today is your final lesson in corporal discipline. After today you should be well-versed in all the various methods: spanking with the hand, light implements, leather implements, and today's lesson, severe implements."

There was a swishing sound as Ms. Lexor swung the pointer she was carrying through the air. It was then that Amy realized the rod was a weapon, a weapon meant to impact severely on her bare bottom. Her stomach did flip-flops as the woman revealed the tools for the final lesson. These were a large wooden paddle, the long thin rod, and a bundle of birch branches.

The only good thing from Amy's perspective was that Ms. Lexor's niece Kim was on stage, her little bottom bare and unmarked, ready to suffer the demonstration. It didn't even register when she heard the instructor calling her name.

"Amy Jones, please come up here. I shall use two volunteers for my demonstration today," said Ms. Lexor. "Amy Jones, up here, now!"

Marion was smacking Amy's butt with her hand, urging her forward. Stunned, the teen stumbled forward. She was again to be a spectacle! It was so unfair.

In moments Amy was on stage next to Kim, both girls completely naked (Ms. Lexor said this would enhance the punishments). The wooden paddle was devastatingly loud and Amy couldn't believe the force Ms. Lexor was using to smack it into Kim's small bottom. Her own bottom twitched in nervous anticipation at every wallop.

After twelve, it was Amy's turn, and she was to receive fourteen. Ms. Lexor explained that punishments designed around a child's age worked well. "You can always increase the stroke for severe misbehavior, but as a base, a child's age is an excellent starting point."

The paddle was heavy and seemed to knock everything out of Amy. She couldn't breath for an eternal five seconds, and then she felt a swelling pain throbbing through her buttocks. Again and again the paddle came down, each blow flattening her. She was sobbing by the fourth blow. Fortunately she discovered that as Ms. Lexor explained, the heavy paddle tends to numb the bottom, so it's not too effective past ten swats or so. Even the middle swats -- seven through nine -- weren't as bad as those before. They still hurt unbearably, but the sting wasn't as fierce. By the time she'd taken the full fourteen, Amy was dizzy and her buttocks steaming.

The birch was next, each girl given twice their age. Now that stung! The branches were thin, the marks small, but each swipe left dozens. By the time she'd received half her punishment Amy was dreadfully uncomfortable, and she was a babbling idiot before it was over. She noticed Kim wasn't in much better shape.

But the climax of the lesson was the cane. Here Amy and Kim had to bend over, touching their toes, with the strict instruction that rising up for any reason without permission would mean an extra stroke. Kim bravely bent for her dozen, and almost made it, accidently rising up slightly on the tenth stroke. She ended up with a baker's dozen of rudy stripes.

Amy didn't fair as well. Despite her resolve, she rose up twice in the first five, then gritted her teeth and settled down until the tenth, which was agonizingly awful, down low, in the crease between buttock and thigh. The next one was equally bad, and Amy thought she'd managed to stay down through incredibly willpower, but Ms. Lexor judged she'd gotten up. When Amy protested, the cruel woman announced Amy would be receive an additional two for arguing!

The cane was awful. The swipe cracked like a gunshot and the weal left was thick and heavy, red on the edges, and purplish black on the insides. It was all Amy could do to endure it. She received not only the fourteen alloted to her, but six excruciating extras, and every one had her screaming.

When it was done, the oohs and ahhs of the crowd brought her back to reality and she horrified to see someone's horribly battered bare ass filling the wall screens. The bottom, once smooth and sleek, was now crisscrossed with deep purple stripes. A few of them were inky black. It hurt just to look at that suffering bottom, and Amy, despite her own agony, felt a twinge of compassion. The caning had been most thorough, with a number of the cuts low, into the crease at the base of the buttocks, and several weals had blossomed across the upper thighs.

Her own thighs throbbed and Amy put back a tentative hand to squeeze the blistered flesh when a hand covered the giant wall screen ass. The shock was like a slap, as Amy realized the image on the screens was her own butt!

But worse was to come. When Amy arrived back to her family, her mother was in the process of caning an extremely uncomfortable Agatha. A naked Jason and Katie were standing nearby, still crying, and Amy could see from their striped bottoms that her mother was a fast learner.

"You're next," said Marion sternly, and Amy gasped in horror.

"You can't be serious!" she cried. "My bottom's gone! It's been whipped off!"

Fortunately for Amy, Ms. Lexor was passing, and casually suggested Amy had already had her dose. "Her bottom's thrashed rather well, I'm afraid. More right now wouldn't be recommended."

"But I need the practice," said Marion. "I'm just starting to get the hang of it but Agatha's bottom can't take more than a couple dozen, see?"

"Of course you need to practice," agreed Ms. Lexor. "But not today. You can whip Amy next Saturday. I'm sure she'll be healed by then."

"Good idea! I'll practice with all the kids."

The four children gasped in horror at this announcement, but worse still was in store.

"I shall practice every Saturday until I'm expert in all the implements. And then I'll teach my husband. He needs to learn how to discipline the kids as well."

Ms. Lexor beamed. "Excellent, my dear. You are a terrific pupil. So enthusiastic! Keep practicing, and children, I suggest you prepare yourselves to have sore bottoms for a long time to come!"

The End

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