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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(**, F/f, Serious, Youngster, n/c discipline)

A grandfather remembers various spankings. Has the distinction of being the first story the Flogmaster posted on the 'Net. (Approximately 494 words. Originally published 1995-08.)

"Did you ever get spanked, Grandpa?" sniffed the darling blonde girl, clutching the man's neck, her face still teary. Her twin brother perched on grandpa's other leg, wiping his eyes and bravely pretending he hadn't been crying. But his eyes watched the hairbrush warily.

The old man threw his head back and laughed broadly, tousling the little girl's pretty hair and smiling into her wide blue eyes. "Did I get spanked?! Why I must'a got a whippin' almost every day when I was a wee lad!"

"No!" exclaimed the boy, unconsciously slipping a protective hand down to his still-burning bottom.

"And not wimpy feather-duster spankings you kids today get. My father thrashed me good. He'd drag me out to the barn kickin' and screamin' and throw me across a saw horse and woe to me if I didn't drop my pants fast enough! Then he'd take that thick leather strap and he'd lash my bare rump good. I was usually bawlin' after the second sizzlin' stroke! But only when my bottom was striped from corner to corner with thick red welts did he stop. You kids today got it easy, getting a few smacks from a hairbrush. Someday I'll show you a real spanking!"

The twins stared opened-mouthed at the gray-haired man and Suzy began to cry again. "I dont wan anodder s-spanken!" she wailed and her grandfather hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

"There, there, Suzy. You be a good girl and you'll never feel that strap!" The girl brightened and stopped crying.

"You're scaring the poor girl, Harold!" exclaimed an elegant gray-haired lady from the doorway. "I ought'a take _you_ out to the barn...."

"Did _you_ ever get spanked, Grandma?" asked Bobby, his eyes still wide from Grandpa's story.

"Of course not!" said Grandma stiffly. "I was a good girl."

"Ha! I *know* she got it because I *saw* her, kids," whispered Grandpa boldly. The children leaned closer. "Back when I was a senior in high school and datin' your Grandma we were out very late one night. Boy! Did I get thrashed for that! Anyway, I went over to her house to apologize to her parents for bringin' her home so late. Near the house I hear this caterwallin' and I reckon someone's being murdered or somethun. I peek over the fence and there's your Grandma, white panties around her ankles, skirts up and snow-white bottom bared! Her Mama was thrashing her bottom with a large peach switch and your Grandma was hollerin' to high heaven! I was so embarrassed I ducked down and ran straight home, terrified I'd be caught spyin'.

"I must admit, though" said Grandpa with a twinkle, "I think I fell in love with your Grandma at that moment!"

"Why Harold Archibald Adams! I never knew! You never said a word. All these years!" With an embarrassed flush the old woman turned and left the room, leaving the children giggling and wondering.

The End

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