SSC: Bachelor Party

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Bachelor Party

(****, M/F, Severe, Kink, n/c public paddling)

A woman is abducted and made non-consenting guest of honor at a wild bachelor party. (Approximately 499 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

The lady was dressed in a long black skirt, high heels, and a modest white blouse. Perfect. Hidden underneath all that finery and regal bearing was undoubtedly the body of whore. The men abducted her.

She awoke on a stage fully dressed and no worse for wear, except for bewilderment. A gang of thirty randy young men were hollering at her to "Take it off!"

A shirtless muscular man approached and explained. She was to "perform" for the men.


"You know, strip dance."

"I'm not a stripper!"

"Every girl's a stripper at heart."

The man rudely delivered a sharp swat to the woman's rump, making her gasp and grab her ass. The audience laughed. She flushed and looked frantically for an exit. The obviously intoxicated men were everywhere.

Marla didn't dance.

The muscleman came back carrying a wooden board. Marla cringed as she recognized a fraternity paddle.

"You'll perform one way or another, lady," he growled.

"I-I can't. I just can't!" Marla burst into tears.

The man shrugged. Holding her in place with his left hand, he proceed to soudly paddle her backside.

The woman shrieked, kicked, and danced all at once. Her rear burned as the paddle connected again and again. The audience cheered every wallop.

"Please!" she begged. "Please stop!"

"Will you dance?"

"Oh, you can't ask me to do that!"

The paddle resumed its dance on her bottom, and after a dozen spanks the woman capitulated.

"I'll stay here to 'encourage' you," smiled the muscleman.

The woman began to dance, swaying her hips and weeping. She stretched her legs and took off her high heels. She began to unbutton her blouse, twice looking at the muscleman for mercy.

Then the blouse was off to shouts of approval, for the woman did indeed conceal stupendous femininity behind her conservative clothes.

The skirt was next, dropping inch by inch over her hips, until it fell completely, leaving the woman in only her undergarments.

"Please," she appealed, blue eyes watering.

Instantly she was over muscleman's lap, the paddle walloping the back of her pert panties. The crowd roared.

Sobbing, the woman stood and ripped off her brassiere. Tears splashed her large breasts. She mooned the crowd, sliding the blue panties off her pretty posterior, exposing the blistered flesh of her ass.

The crowd went wild. A modest smile slowly blended with the blush on the woman's face. She wagged her bare rear and tossed the panties over her shoulder, flattered at how the men clawed each other to possess them.

She faced the men, her body fully on display, and danced blindly, obscenely, thrusting out her pelvis and rubbing her crotch. She didn't even care when the man with the paddle smacked her rump.

Hours later, with most of the men passed out, she left the stage. She walked naked, arm in arm with the muscleman. She carried the paddle.

"We'll need it at my place," he whispered.

The woman nodded meekly.

The End

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