SSC: Chamber of Horrors

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SSC: Chamber of Horrors

(***, FFF/F, Severe, Kink, initiation)

A sorority initiate undergoes the ultimate test of her will. (Approximately 489 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

Jade studied the thirty yards of open space between her and the dilapidated house: no cover, no shrubbery or trees, just a deserted field surrounding the building. And of course tonight was a full moon.

Taking a deep breath for courage, the naked girl sprinted from the shadows. Ten yards from safety a deafening siren howled and floodlights popped on, momentarily freezing the stunned eighteen-year-old in the blinding light. Blushing at her exposure, she hurried forward, the siren cutting off and midnight returning.

In the shadows of the porch sat a young woman dressed in black. "That's one," she said, punching a ticket and handing it to the panting, trembling Jade. "Go inside."

The ticket was numbered to 10, number one punched out.

Cautiously, Jade entered. Inside was blackness, but a florescent arrow on the floor pointed to a door with a glowing "#2" on the surface.

In the dim room stood a woman holding an ominous wooden paddle. Jade grabbed her ankles and gritted her teeth as twenty furious wallops smacked her bare ass. Jade left with apprehension, her buttocks raw and steaming. Yet her body felt elation she hadn't known since her first roller coaster ride.

Room three was a dark hallway where a woman in black impersonally clipped clothespins to Jade's erect nipples and punched the ticket. The pins bobbing painfully, Jade entered room four.

Here a nozzle was thrust into her ass. She was filled with ice water and plugged, her ticket punched. A dazed Jade waddled to room five, where she guzzled two cans of beer.

In room six she showered with ice water while photographs were taken. Next, she grabbed her ankles for another twenty from the paddle. Room eight contained three naked men shielded from the waist up. She had to pick a cock and make the man come in two minutes or return to room seven.

Room nine contained a large dildo on a wooden block: with two minutes to come, Jade finished in thirty seconds. Only one challenge remained.

In the dark sat a woman in a straight-backed chair. A spotlight above splashed a circle of white over her lap, leaving her face in shadow. But what caught Jade's eye was the large ebony hairbrush gripped in the woman's hand.

"You've been a naughty girl, Jade."

Jade gulped, her sex quivering, as she realized with dread she needed to play the sorority's game. "Yes, Mommy," she whispered.

It felt like a dream, going over the woman's lap, hands on the floor, bare butt in the air. Then she was howling with all her lungs as the mighty brush tattooed her rear with crimson blotches. It went on and on and on until Jade was sobbing for "Mommy" to stop.

"Congratulations," said the woman, suddenly releasing Jade and punching her ticket.

Trembling, Jade took the ticket. It was over: she was a sorority member.

The End