SSC: The Gamble

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Gamble

(***, M/?, Intense, Youngster, paddling)

The narrator lives on the edge: gambling for punishment. (Approximately 449 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

My father has always loved gambling. Betting fascinates him. He loves to watch people in the agony of a dilemma: risk the life savings or go home secure but meek? Daddy never gambles himself--he's not that kind of person. He's too smart. His interest is in how other people react--the psychology of gambling.

Whenever it came time to spank us, Daddy would offer us a deal: we could gamble away our punishment. The bets were always innocuous, like drawing cards or rolling dice. Occasionally it was sports scores, or the classic "What's in my pocket?" Winning the bet meant less punishment. Losing meant extra. It was always a tough call.

A typical deal went like this. I'd be standing nervously in his study, the big wooden paddle nearby on his desk. Daddy would eye me sternly.

"You disobeyed me. That calls for serious punishment. I'm going to give you forty whacks on your bare bottom."

"Oh, Daddy, please no!" I cried. "I'm almost fifteen! I'm too old to be spanked."

"No you're not. But I'll offer you this: pick a number between one and six. You roll this die and if you roll the number you said I won't spank you at all."

"And if I roll a different number?"

"I'll add ten spanks."

The silence in the room is horrible. "It's only ten spanks," I think, shuffling my feet. "And a chance to escape a spanking."

"Okay," I say. I pick up the die. "Four." I throw it. It lands on five.

Daddy grins at me. "Wanna try again? Pick a new number. The stakes go up to an extra twenty this time."

In for a penny, in for a pound. Now I'm expecting 50 swats. I've _got_ to go for it. "Three." I roll. It lands on six.

I gulp, staring at my father. Seventy swats! I've never been spanked that many before, and Daddy paddles hard. He reaches for the paddle. Tears sting my eyes. "Please, one more chance!"

Daddy sighs. "If you want. But it's thirty swats if you lose, ten if you win."

Great, so even if I win I get spanked. Still, I couldn't help myself. "Six," I mutter, knowing even as I roll it's not going to happen. I close my eyes, afraid to look. Sure enough, it's a one. A stinking, miserable one!

Daddy whistles at me. "One hundreds swats! Ouch, this is going to hurt. Wanna do double or nothing?"

For a second, hope floods my heart. Another chance! Then I see the trick, see what he's doing. I shake my head.

"No, sir. The punishment I've got coming will be fine."

The End

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