SSC: Games II

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Games (Main)

(****, M/F, Intense, Adult, discipline games)

The characters from the first story gather for their anual camping trip, mixed with delicious naughty games. (Approximately 478 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

As I drove I remembered the night of Steve's story so many years ago. Once mentioned, the topic of spanking proved impossible to dismiss. We all began to reminice about our childhood spankings. Most of us had been spanked. Alice was the exception, though she had watched a friend spanked and been fascinated by it ever since.

"What's it like?" she asked. Steve volunteered to demonstrate, which caused her to go silent.

"You can try on me," said Melinda, stretching across Steve's lap.

We all laughed, but she was serious. Soon a full-fledged spanking was in progress, while everyone watched in amazement. It got even more amazing as every one of us began to get warm, then hot, and before we knew it Steve had pulled down Melinda's jeans and was spanking away on her panties.

The evening ended late with all of us naked, spanking and being spanked.

Our games that first night were mild but sweet. I remember them fondly. As I turn onto Route 10 and head up the mountain I know that tonight will be very different.

We've been doing these games for years. While in college it seemed like we did it every weekend. We've honed our craft. Over the years Steve refined a system. We have a grab bag of "scenarios" and whatever we draw is what we play. That's the risky part. It's also what makes it exciting.

We never know, going in, whether we'll be the spanker or the spanked. Some of the scenarios call you to be the angry parent or principal. Or you could be the rebellious child. It's all random.

By the same token, you never know how severe the spanking's going to be. One year Steve added a caning scenario. We were terrified, but knew if it was drawn, we'd have to go through with it. It was a year before it came up. We suffered bravely, taking our excrutiating stripes from Alice, who'd drawn the teacher role. It was intoxicating. Afterwards we asked Steve to include more caning.

Perhaps we'd draw one this weekend. That thought made me shiver and wince. Such a devilish game.

Our rules are simple: we're all gender neutral, playing whatever role required. We share equally the risk of being spanked or having to spank someone. (Personally, I prefer being spanked, but that's only until the middle of a terrible beating--then I wish I was on top.)

Lately Steve's scenarios have grown complex with the roles requiring improvisation. Your character description might say you are a "brat," for instance, and you've got to play the part even though you know it will mean extra punishment from whomever is dishing it out.

Ah, there it is. I see the cars and recognize Steve's blue van. Everyone is here. It's going to be a terrific weekend.

The End