SSC: Hell Week

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Hell Week

(***, M/f, Severe, Youngster, teen n/c paddling)

A naughty girl is given the ultimate punishment by by her father: the dreaded 'Hell Week.' (Approximately 499 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

"I can't have lunch with you this week."

"Why not?" asked Donna.

"I'm going home," shrugged Candy. "Dad's on this family kick. I've got to eat at home every day."

"That sucks!"

"Tell me about it."

Candy hurried outside. She couldn't believe this was happening. She was a senior, supposedly exempt from childish punishments. Her last "Hell Week" had been as a freshman. But Saturday Daddy had found the marajuana under her bed.

He was waiting in the living room, the big wooden paddle in his hand. He didn't speak. Candy went to the back of straight-backed chair in the middle of the room and unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. Then, in one swoop, she slid her jeans and underpants down to her ankles. It was like a chilly pool--better to just jump in.

Candy bent over the back of the chair, grasping the sides of the seat tightly. Rising up would mean starting over. Her long legs dangled behind her, her toes just reaching the carpet. It was an awkward, vulnerable position, dishearteningly appropriate for a naughty girl about to get her bottom warmed. Candy's round bottom was already a soft pink from her breakfast spanking. She waited, dreading the inevitable.

WHAM! The heavy paddle walloped her hard. Candy hissed sharply and lifted her head, her long blond hair tumbling over her face. The pain was incredible!

WHAM! Another blow, right in the meatiest part of her ass. God, that hurt.

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Ohhhh, Candy moaned loudly and wiggled, dancing on the tips of her toes. She hated several in a row like that. It was pure agony. She thought she'd pass out, but of course never did.

The next blow was an upward stroke that lifted Candy off her toes. It was followed by another to the exact same spot, and Candy screamed.

WHAM! The paddle came again, and Candy hopped from one foot to the other, waggling her large rear back and worth like it was tail.

Oh, please, she thought, praying for the end to come quickly.

WHAM! Another low one, right at the base of her butt. Candy knew from experience that those were the worst, making it impossible to sit properly for the rest of the day. Tears of self-pity trickled down her cheeks.

WWHHAAMM! Candy couldn't help but howl through clenched teeth. Her ass was on fire and no amount of gyrating doused the flames.

But it was over. Ten swats were just on this side of bearable.

Sniffling and wiping her damp cheeks with her shirt sleeve, Candy carefully tugged up her panties and jeans. She'd worn her largest, most comfortable pair, yet the cloth against her tender rump made her wince. Algebra was going to be more hell than usual this afternoon.

But then that was the purpose of hell week, wasn't it? Ten little, bearable swats at breakfast, lunch, and supper, every day for a week. Candy already regretted her mistake.

The End

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