SSC: Ice Cream In Pain

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SCC: Ice Cream In Pain

(*****, F/M,F/M, Severe, Kink, sex games)

A man recounts how his girlfriend takes him to an unusual San Francisco restaurant. (Approximately 489 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

Dear Fred:

San Francisco is incredible!

Last weekend Mandy took me to a place called "Ice Cream in Pain." Turns out the name is the most normal part!

It was fancy. Ever been to a dessert place that required reservations? The waiters dressed in Tuxes. The tables are private enclosed booths with glass doors. There's a heavy curtain that can be closed to keep people from looking at you while you eat. Nice.

The table was padded simulated leather and could be folded out of the way.

The menu took my breath away: everything was bizarre! There were things like "Cracked Nuts" which was described as "Almonds and walnuts swirled within chocolate and vanilla and topped with our best 'ball-crusher' harness. Perfect for the naughty man in your life." Or how about "Hot Buns Sundae" which came with "Gobs of vanilla ice cream, a pitcher of steaming chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a Marchino cherry plug, and your choice of hardwood paddle."

"What is this place?" I asked Mandy, but she just grinned evilly. We didn't need the menu: she ordered the extra-large "Banana Spear" and got me the "Frozen Popsicle."

I tell you, Fred, I thought I was a worldly man until those orders came.

As soon as the waiter left, Mandy started stripping. She had me naked inside of thirty seconds. Need I say I was apprehensive?

Mandy's order came first: vanilla ice cream drowning in chocolate sauce and whipped cream with a banana sticking out. She promptly mounted the table and spread her pussy lips wide over that banana and speared herself, sitting deeply in the ice cream. The waiter had left a thing with a handle and about nine strips of leather dangling from it, apparently part of Mandy's order. She thrust her ass out and told me to whip her while she "played" with her food. Ice cream went everywhere.

Afterward, I licked her clean and we buzzed for my order, which turned out to be a hollow frozen dildo which fitted over my member. God that thing was cold!

But Mandy immediately set to work at keeping me hot! She used a wooden paddle on my ass. I remember childhood spankings being horrible, but getting it from a babe like Mandy was heaven. I won't kid you--it really hurt--but I was so excited by everything I didn't give a fuck!

When my frozen dick started melting Mandy wanted to suck me off but instead I plunged inside her, letting her see what icy genitals felt like!

God, Fred, I've never come so many times in such a short time. There was something about the hot spanking and the cold ice cream in unusual parts of my body that just blew me away. Mandy wants to go back next week. She tells me she's got a girlfriend who'll tag along if you want to come...

The End