SSC: The Joke

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SSC: The Joke

(***, M/F, Intense, Adult, office spanking)

Office workers trick the new girl into accepting spankings from her supposedly 'strict' boss. (Approximately 499 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

Kristen was very excited about her new job with a prominent firm. The pay was nearly double what she had been making. She was a little nervous about the strict Mr. Peters. The others in the office told her he caned girls for such minor mistakes as typos, and Kristen couldn't bear the thought of the cane. She'd gotten it twice in school and it terrified her.

But there was a trick that had always worked with her father. Whenever she was to get the slipper or the hairbrush, she'd run to him before he asked and beg for a spanking. She almost always got off with a much milder hand-spanking.

So on her second day when Kristen accidently hung up on the gentleman from the Prime Minister's office, she quietly let herself into Mr. Peters office at lunch, shutting the door behind her. She didn't see any canes about, but that didn't calm her nerves.

"I wanted to apologize for that phone call," she said meekly.

He nodded. "I'm afraid it will go on your record. Mistakes have consequences."

"The others told me. I'll take my punishment."

Quickly, then, before the man could fetch any cane, she pulled up her skirt and threw herself across his lap. She'd removed her panties in the bathroom.

"Go ahead, sir. Spank me."

Mr. Peters had many important things on his mind, but the lovely sight of the secretary's bare bum was irresistible.

"Are you certain?"

"Oh yes!" exclaimed the eager girl. Mr. Peters obliged, quickly turning the pale skin pink with heavy slaps of his hand. The girl squirmed and made funny noises, but didn't resist.

"That's enough," he said finally.

She got up and smoothed down her skirt. "Thank you, sir," she said as she left.

Four more times that week the gorgeous girl stretched herself across his lap, often over the most miserly excuse. Mr. Peters decided the girl enjoyed it, though she certainly reacted as though it hurt. As the weeks went on, spanking Kristen became an almost daily habit.

Finally the guilt-filled office crew confessed: it had been a bad joke. Mr. Peters never caned anyone. Sure, he ran a strict office, and marks in your performance record added up, but he didn't cane. No one had expected Kristen to _ask_ to be spanked!

At first, Kristen was humiliated, then angry. She thought she'd made some new friends only to find them backstabbers!

Then Mr. Peters called her into his office. Her 30-day review was up and he was pleased to note that she was the only gal in the company with a spotless record. As a reward, she would receive a juicy bonus.

"But I made all those mistakes..." protested Kristen, astonished.

"I spanked you for those, remember? They didn't go on your record."

Suddenly it was Kristen with the last laugh, and soon all the secretaries were begging Mr. Peters to put them on the "overlap" performance plan too!

The End