SSC: Lines

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SSC: Lines

(*****, M/f, Intense, Youngster, schoolgirl discipline)

A new girl at a school discover that the punishment of 'lines' did not mean what she expected. (Approximately 479 words. Originally published 1997-07.)

"Oh please, Miss, not lines!" moaned the pretty teenager.

"A full dozen, Erica. Fifteen if I hear another word!"

The girl gulped and nodded, returning to her seat with a sniffle.

"Crybaby!" hissed Jessica, the new girl. "At my old school we got fifty lines, minimum. I used to get _hundreds_."

"Liar! No one could take 100 lines!"

The redhead snorted. "Such a baby. I could do fifty lines before breakfast."

Erica winced at the thought, wondering if it was possible. Jessica sure didn't seem tough with her pale skin and shapely body. She looked like a delicate princess.

"Jessica Morton!" roared Miss Alvin from behind her desk. "No talking during study time! I realize this is only your second day, but I shall give you lines if you don't behave."

Jessica couldn't help but snigger. "Yes, Miss," she said politely, struggling to keep a straight face. She paused and almost let it go, but couldn't resist. "I couldn't _bear_ lines."

The teacher's head snapped up at the sarcasm. "Are you being smart?"

"I'm always smart."

"That's it. A half-dozen lines, then."

"Oh, Golly Gee, a whole half-dozen."

"A dozen!"

"Ooooh. I'm scared now."

The teacher's jaw dropped. "My god, child! You are really asking for it. Twenty, then."

Jessica laughed out loud. She couldn't help it. It was absurd. This teacher was acting as though twenty lines was a death sentence. God, at her last school Jess used to write out lines in advance, just in case.

The teacher's jaw snapped shut. Her face was black with anger. "Thirty lines, and if I hear another word I shall send you to the Head immediately!"

Jessica sighed. This was getting boring, anyway. "Yes, Miss," she whispered meekly. She grinned at Erica.

After class Miss Alvin gave the girls their punishment notes for detention. Jessica put hers inside her notebook, next to the ones she'd gotten earlier. The teacher paled when she saw them.

"Foolish, arrogant girl," thought Miss Alvin. "Serves her right."

The detention room was packed with a dozen nervous girls when Jessica arrived. She'd do her lines and be home in time to watch _Sweet Valley High_. She gave her notes to Mr. Brison.

"Thirty, ten, fifteen. That's fifty-five lines!" he exclaimed.

Jessica shrugged. "It's only my second day."

Mr. Brison didn't smile.

Finally, it was time. Alphabetically, Tonya Arsdone was first. Shaking, she went forward and bent across the desk. Mr. Brison flipped up her skirt to reveal white underwear. Without a pause he slipped the panties down.

He took the extremely thin brown cane off the desk, flexing it briefly before snapping it across the girl's rump. A bright red line gleamed on the whimpering girl's bottom.

"That's one line," said the teacher proudly.

In her seat, a pale and suddenly somber Jessica was melting into a puddle of despair.

The End