SSC: No Reason

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: No Reason

(****, M/f, Severe, Youngster, n/c paddling)

A father finally figures out how to handle his disrespectful daughter by giving her the treatment she gave him. (Approximately 494 words. Originally published 1997-08.)

"Barbara Lynn Dawsan, get your butt down here!"

The roar shook the house.

Lynn sighed at Cathy and left the Monopoly game. "The Big Cheese's calling," she said, rolling her eyes.

In the den she listened to the familiar tirad. "I'm sick of your ridiculous stunts!" scolded her father. "Last month it was condoms in the toilets and now you pulled a fire alarm for no reason! Why do you do these things?"

The teenager popped her gum. "No reason."

"That's what you always say!" Exasperated, he waved the wooden paddle. "Turn around. I'm going to blister your butt!"

"Aw, shit, Dad! Cathy's upstairs!" complained the girl, but she saw the dynamite in his eyes and obeyed, kneeling on the couch and muttering.

A week later he asked why she hadn't cleaned up her spilled soda and potato chips in the living room.

"No reason."

He sent her to bed after another paddling.

Four days after that it was "Why did you spray paint the principal's car?"

Again the girl was clueless: "No reason."

That paddling kept her out of trouble until Saturday, when he found her smoking her bedroom. "Why are you smoking in here?" he roared.

"Well, I'm grounded, so where else do I smoke," said the girl.

Charles Dawsan stared at his daughter in flaberghasted amazement. "Why do you do this? Why?"

"No reason. I'm a teenager. We do stuff like that."

Charles ran out of the house screaming.

After three pints of beer at "Jack's" a weird rationality took over. He walked home and went straight to Lynn's room. He paddled her for twenty minutes and left without saying a word.

On Monday, he was waiting by the front door when she got home. Without speaking, he threw her over his lap and paddled her for fifteen minutes.

"What the hell was that for?" Lynn screamed, hopping about and squeezing her boiling butt.

"No reason."

Thursday she was yanked out of her morning shower, naked and dripping, for a ten-minute blistering.

"What did I do?" she whined.

"Nothing. I'm a dad. We do stuff like that."

Friday he was waiting for her at the school lunchroom. Lynn was horrified. In the soundproof music room he paddled her for ten agonizing minutes.

Saturday he woke her at three a.m., and Monday he paddled her five minutes before breakfast and five minutes after. Tuesday he had her excused early from P.E. so he could paddle her in the empty locker room.

Lynn watched for him constantly, terrified he'd show when least expected and she'd suddenly be upside down getting her ass roasted. The worst part was there was never any warning, never any reason. It was crazy!

Finally it was too much. The broken teenager confronted her father and begged for a truce: "Let's call it quits, okay? I'll stay out of trouble and you stop spanking me for no reason. Deal?"

Her proposal was acceptable.

The End

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