SSC: Oops! II

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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*** Author's Note ***
Since I once wrote a non-SSC story titled Oops! that is similar to this, I have called this "Oops! II", but it is not a sequel. Just so you are not confused. :-)


SSC: Oops! II

(****, M/F, Severe, Youngster, schoolgirl discipline)

A strict principal makes a dreadful (but entertaining) mistake. (Approximately 527 words. Originally published 1997-08.)

For the last blow, Principal Williams swung the wooden board as hard as he could. It connected with the teenager's round bottom with "pop!" that echoed around the room.

"Ouch!" screamed Barb, rising and rubbing her rear end frantically.

"I hope you learned something. You may go," said Williams coldly. "Send in Juliette."

Stiffling, the girl tugged her jeans up over her panties and quickly departed.

The principal studied the paper on his desk. Juliette Stevensen was 18, and the ringleader. She merited serious punishment. At the knock, he let her in quickly.

She was quite pretty, with an adult body that brought out the man in him. She wore a full-length dress that was modest, but to his old-fashioned taste only enhanced the fullness of her proud breasts and generous bottom. It was amazing how mature seniors were these days! But he couldn't let her beauty distract him.

"Over my desk," he growled.


"Now, girl, or I shall increase your punishment!"

"But I--"

With an exasperated sigh Williams grabbed the girl's shoulders and turned her toward the desk and bent her forward. He lifted up her dress and laid it across her back, exposing baby blue panties.

"Mr. Williams!"

"Quiet! One more word and I shall take down those panties!"

"But I'm not--"

"THAT'S IT!" roared the principal. Before the girl could move he slid the panties down her thighs to her knees. The pale cheeks of her round buttocks trembled delicately as she waited, too frightened to speak.

"One more protest and you will receive an extra dozen!"

Williams picked up the paddle and proceeded to roast the graceful buns in front of him. There was plenty of surface area and he made sure every inch was well basted. The girl took her punishment well, squealing only at the most severe blows, and never trying to stand up.

Finishing with his hardest smack ever, Williams dropped the paddle and panted from the exertion. The girl slowly rose and dressed, her face nearly as crimson as her backside.

"May-- may I speak now, sir?" The girl stood before him shyly, one hand rubbing her sore tush.

"You may."

"I'm Gloria Canter. I'm student teaching Mrs. Watson's English class this week."

The blood drained from Williams face and his jaw dropped. "You-- you're not Juliet Stevensen!"

"I'm not."

"You're a teacher!"

"A silly mistake."

"An adult!"

"I look young."

"But how--"

"It doesn't matter. I believe this... incident... is best kept between us, Mr. Williams. Don't you agree?"

The stunned principal nodded rapidly, visions of lawsuits thankfully fading.

"Good. I'll stop back by later with my paperwork. I can see you are busy this afternoon."

Again Williams nodded.

Gloria paused at the door. "Kinda reminded of my sorority days," she said with a broad wink. Then she was gone.

Williams collapsed in his chair, too overcome to think.

The End

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