SSC: Phone Call

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SSC: The Phone Call

(***, F/f, Intense, Youngster, n/c daughter discipline)

A mother accidently discovers a terrific way to keep her daughter quiet and respectful during her spankings. (Approximately 476 words. Originally published 1997-08.)

It's a guarantee: the phone always rings at the most inoportune moments.

On Saturday I was paddling Denise's butt. She'd stayed out past curfew the night before and I'd promised her a long hard spanking in the morning. I had just done the first "coat" when the phone rang.

Growling with irritation, I answered it. I thought it might be my husband, calling from Baltimore, but it was Denise's best friend Allie.

I almost told Allie Denise couldn't make it, seeing how she was standing in the corner crying, but a devilish thought ocurred to me.

"Sure, Allie. She's right here."

I proceeded to hand the phone to a startled and horrified Denise. She shook her head frantically and tried to give it back.

"Hello? Oh, hi, Allie. No, everything's fine."

Denise wiped tears from her eyes and cleared her throat. She was standing next to her dresser, naked from the waist down. Her short t-shirt didn't begin to cover her full bottom, already a brilliant shade of red in the center area. I had a long way to go and Denise knew it.

"Uh, I've got to go, though. Can't talk now."

"Nonsense, Denise!" I cried loudly, making sure Allie could hear me. "Talk all you want. Our business can wait."

Denise glanced back at me in terror, and then quickly tried to quell her friend's suspicions.

"Uh, no, it's just my mom and I, uh, are working on a little project, uh, yeah, cleaning my room. Yeah, really boring. Sorry I can't come over."

I listened with amusement. Then I pulled back the hairbrush and gave Denise's bottom a sharp whack.

"Ow!!!! Oh, uh, nothing! I just stubbed my toe, that's all." Denise put her hand over the mouthpiece and hissed at me: "Mom! Not on the phone!"

I grinned. "Keep talking," I said sternly, delivering another scalding spank.

Denise gritted her teeth as she listened to Allie. She kept the mouthpiece covered except for the occasional "Uh huh" and tears dribbled down her face as I smacked her butt again and again with the hairbush.

"Oh?" she said after a particularly loud spank, "that- that's the TV... a stupid kung foo movie -- oooooh. Yeah, noisy."

I continued to spank Denise. Amazingly she bore it like an adult -- scarcely making a sound and putting on less fuss than I'd ever seen. After about twenty minutes I heard relief in her voice: "You have to go? Oh, that's too bad. Well, my Mom's waiting for me anyway. Bye."

As soon as she put down the phone she burst into loud tears, grabbing her bottom and pleading with me that her spanking _had_ to be finished.

"Almost dear," I said pleasantly. "Now over my lap for the finale."

Strangely, Denise kicked and screamed during the rest of her spanking.

The End