SSC: The Shapeshifter

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SSC: Shapeshifter

(*****, F/f, Intense, Youngster, hairbrush)

A young girl is saved from punishment by a mysterious alien creature. (Approximately 484 words. Originally published 1997-08.)

The crystal vase wobbled and then shattered across the kitchen floor. Little Carrie gasped, horrified. That vase was Mommie's favorite! She was sure to get a spanking!

A tear crept out the corner of one eyelid as she looked ruefully at the broken glass. Her hands went protectively to her bottom. She heard a sound and turned, expecting to see Mommie with hairbrush.

Instead she saw the strangest creature. She knew it was a creature because it had a mouth and smiled, but her first thought was that it looked like giant ball of silly putty. She was startled but not afraid, because it was so tiny.

"Going to get a spanking?" it said.

Carried blushed and looked away, her misery returning. "Yes," she whimpered. "I broke Mommie's favorite vase."

"Do you want to get out of it?"


"I'll take the spanking."

"Mommie would never allow that!"

"Sure she would," said the face. Suddenly the ball narrowed and grew slightly taller. The face shrank to a head, and limbs sprouted from the torso. In the blink of eye it had happened--Carrie was looking at her twin.

"How'd you do that!" she cried.

"Magic," said the shapeshifter with a wink. "Now, I need your clothes."

Indeed, the creature was naked as a newborn, and though Carrie wasn't usually so eager to disrobe in front of strangers, she did it gladly to escape a spanking!

"Can I watch?" she asked.

"Sure. Go hide in the closet. But don't let your mother see or you'll _really_ get it!"

Carrie closed the closet door almost all the way. She could already hear her mother's footsteps.

"Did I hear something crash?"

"I'm sorry, Mommie," said the imitation Carrie, standing in the kitchen with her head down and hands behind her back.

"My vase!" cried the woman. She dragged her daughter to the living room. "You stay put while Mommie fetches her hairbrush! Naughty girl!"

Carried could hardly bear to watch the terrible spanking that followed. The fake Carrie didn't seem to know anything about taking a spanking: she didn't cry enough, so Mommie spanked her much harder, and every time Mommie told her to be still or not to put her hands over her bottom, that's exactly what the girl did! The hairbrushing was much longer than any Carrie had experienced.

Afterwards, when Mommie had gone and Carrie was standing in the corner with her red and purple bottom on display, little Carrie ran to her new friend. "Oh!" she cried. "That was a very bad spanking!"

The creature smiled through her tears. "It was a very _good_ spanking," she said, rubbing her bottom.

"You sound like Mommie," said Carrie sourly. "Grown ups always talk about how _good_ spankings are. I guess that's cuz they don't get any."

The fake girl just smiled and faded away, leaving an empty pile of clothes.

The End