SSC: The Spanking Automaton II

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Spanking Automaton II

(*****, machine/F, Intense, Paddling)

A woman's husband has a special surprise for her. (Approximately 482 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

To say my husband's invention has been successful is like saying Bill Gates made a few dollars selling software. At least three or four times a week I'm strapped to the machine for an hour or so of automated discipline. There are a variety of settings -- I can assure you, I never get bored!

Over the last week Ezra's been making modifications. It looks the same to me, but I'm sure he's been up to something devious.

This weekend Ezra is out of town on business. This happens a lot. It's part of the reason he built the machine in the first place. Unfortunately, I already learned the hard way not to play with the machine by myself.

I stare at it longingly. A few times I've tried to use it without restraining myself, but it's no good: as soon as the sting reaches a point of real pain I'm off the bench, standing and rubbing my ass. Without a stern husband to order me to lie still I just don't have the willpower to submit. It's ironic, because it's that point of real pain -- just beyond what I think I want -- that I crave.

The phone rings.

"Hi Honey. Miss me?"

"Like a toothache."

"I've got a special treat for you."


"Yes. Take off all your clothes." When I don't answer immediately, Ezra figures it out. "You're already naked, aren't you?"


"Naughty girl. Okay, go lie down on the spanking machine."

I obey.

"Put your feet in the restraints."

"But Ezra--"


Gulping, I obey. I'm trembling with eagerness, my sex damp and ready.

"You see a switch at the top, near your head?"


"Flip it, and then hang up the phone."

Flipping the switch activates something: Ezra's voice emerges from speakers on either side of the bench.

"Can you hear me?"

"You put in a speakerphone!"

"More than that, Honey. Now strap in your wrists."

"Are you sure--" The cold silence inspires my obedience. "Okay. I'm in."

"Good. Here's your surprise: I can program the machine remotely. Watch." I heard some touch tones and suddenly the heaviest wooden paddle smacked my ass in a series of harsh blows.

"Yooowww!" I hollered.


"You... can make it do... anything?" I gasped.


"Oh, God!"

"That's right, dear. Now, shall we go over your day? I have a suspicion you were a naughty girl while I wasn't around to keep you away from the dark side."

"Ezra, please. This isn't funny. I'm trapped!"

"Of course you are, dear. Now tell me... did you finish the Ben & Jerry's?"

"Uh, I... ooh!" I wiggle and grunt as the machine begins a thorough punishment cycle.

"You're a devil, Ezra," I hissed when it finally stopped. His only response was a cackle of delight. It was going to be a long night.

The End