SSC: Oops 03

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FLOGMASTER: SSC: Oops 03 (****, M/f, schoolgirl caning)

*** Author's Note ***
A few years ago I wrote a fun little story called Oops! about a girl getting spanked by accident. I later wrote a non-sequel called SSC: Oops! II. The accidental spanking concept happens to be one of my greatest fantasies.

So as part of this year's SSC competition, I've written a slew of short shorts all in the "Oops" vein. I hope you like them!

The Flogmaster

SSC: Oops 03

(****, M/f, Intense, Schoolgirl caning)

A girl's sent to the Head with a note, but a mixup ensues. (Approximately 564 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

Mrs. Parchaken clucked her tongue in annoyance. She'd forgotten to respond to the Headmaster's memo and he wanted an answer before three o'clock. Quickly she tore off a sheet of the school's notepad and wrote her reply.

She looked up at the class where her students were studying quietly. Ah, Danielle, such a nice quiet girl. Perfect attendance, perfect test scores.


"Yes, Mrs. Parchaken?"

"Take this note to the Head."

The petite teenager nodded and obediently rose to take the slip of notepaper from her teacher. Mrs. Parchaken watched her go with satisfaction. Such a darling girl. A bit shy, but cute as a tulip.

* * * * *

Danielle hurried down the corridor, careful not to run, for running was forbidden. When she turned the corner she collided into a senior girl. They both went sprawling. The older girl rose to her knees, vocalizes her rage.

"You little shit! How dare you!"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" gasped Danielle. The note had fallen from her hand and she searched for it frantically.

The older girl narrowed her eyes. "What are you looking for?"

"Mrs. Parchaken gave me a note to take to the Head."

"Oh?" The girl suddenly held out a slip of paper. "Here it is."

"Thank you." Danielle grasped the note thankfully.

The secretary outside the Head's office took Danielle's note and studied it. She seemed surprised, but told Danielle to wait.

Danielle went to the row of chairs nearby and sat. She was rather nervous being this close to the Head. She'd never met him, but she'd seen him in the dining hall and he seemed like a fierce old man.

"The Head will see you now," said the secretary rather coldly.

Danielle wondered why he wanted to see her. Perhaps he had a message for Mrs. Parchaken.

The Head's office was dimly lit and filled with elegant furnishings. Danielle was quite intimidated by the leather davenport and huge cherrywood desk.

"Let's get this over with. I've got a meeting in five minutes."

The Head opened a cupboard and drew out a long white cane. Danielle gasped and her knees buckled weakly.

"Touch your toes, girl."

"But sir!"

"Not another word unless you want extras."

Poor Danielle couldn't imagine why dear Mrs. Parchaken would want her caned, but she didn't dare argue with the stern headmaster. She bent over obediently and gritted her teeth as her skirt was lifted over her back.

Two minutes later Danielle was in the corridor, weeping and nursing a very sore bum.

"Enjoy that?" smirked the senior girl from nearby.

Truth dawned. "That was your note!"

"Tell a soul and you'll get worse from me!"

Danielle gulped and nodded as the girl went into the Head's office with her original note from Mrs. Parchaken. In truth, Danielle was more relieved than upset. At least Mrs. Parchaken hadn't intended her to be caned.

The End