SSC: Oops 04

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Oops 04

(***, F/f, Intense, Spanking, manipulation)

A young girl is spanked for someone else's mistake... or is she? (Approximately 407 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

The vase tumbled through the air. Twins Eric and Erica watched in dread as it headed straight for the tile floor, hoping by some miracle the vase would just bounce away unharmed.

It shattered into a thousand-and-one pieces.

Eric gulped and stared at his sister in fear. "We're in for it now!" Erica was trying desperately not to cry. They'd just been passing by... how could it have fallen so easily? Mother would never believe they hadn't been rough housing -- surely a spanking was in order!

First on the scene was little Veronica. "Whadyado? Whadyado!" she hollered excitedly.

"Shut up," growled Eric.

"Go away," echoed his twin.

"What was that crash?" came the voice of Mrs. Batty, and all three children went a shade paler. The twins, after a heartbeat hesitation, saw the hopelessness of the situation and bolted. Veronica watched them go.

Mrs. Batty stared at the mess in disbelief. "Veronica! How dare you!"

"I'm sorry, Mommy," mumbled the little girl.

"You know how careful I've told you to be in here."

"I know."

Mrs. Batty found a chair and sat, frowning at her daughter. "Come here, young lady."

A thrill passed through Veronica. Hiding her grin by bowing her head, she hurried to her mother's lap. A moment later a heavy hand was bringing a stinging warmth to her nether regions. Veronica could hardly mask her excitement. The stinging hurt -- she couldn't deny that -- but the whole experience was inspiring.

"That ought to teach you not to play rough in the house!" snapped an annoyed Mrs. Batty as she righted her daughter.

"Yes, Mommy. I'll be good from now on."

"Now clean up this mess and be careful -- I don't want you cutting your fingers on the fragments."

As soon as the adult was gone, Veronica began to sweep up the remains of the vase. It had been so easy, really. A folded piece of paper under a leg to make the wooden stand wobbly, and the vase set at an awkward angle. She knew her brother and sister would pass together and could hardly avoid brushing the vase.

Everything had gone according to plan. Not only had Veronica experienced a most satisfying spanking, but Mommy would be falling over herself the rest of the day to make it up to her darling. In addition, her older brother and sister were severely in her debt.

Ah, life was good.

The End

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