SSC: Oops 05

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Oops 05

(****, Surprise!, Intense, )

A high school principal lusts after a new teacher. (Approximately 479 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

I didn't even notice Lea's face until the third time I met her. She was a new English teacher, but with the body of a coed goddess. She had a fondness for short skirts and at first all I saw was her pert rear end wagging back and forth. I couldn't stop fantasizing having her in my office, lifting that skirt to reveal succulent, firm cheeks, and having a go with my wooden paddle.

When I met her in the cafeteria, she was sitting, so I focused on her face, discovering a wonder of nature. Her eyes were large and luminous, and her smile made the whole room light up. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

As the principal of Dewey High, security is under my domain. Traditionally I don't abuse my powers, but with a source like Lea drawing my attention, my willpower was nonexistant. I followed her every move with the security cameras, watching her staying late grading papers, teaching class, and sitting reading in the teacher's lounge.

About the third week of school I realized she stayed late every night in the computer lab. I wondered what she was doing. It didn't seem to be school related, for she had a computer in her own classroom. Of course that Mac didn't have Internet access.

Checking the log files after she left one night, I discovered her secret: she spent the evenings browsing a certain newsgroup called I'd lurked there many times myself. It was a spanko's paradise.

Delighted that Lea was "one of us," I thought long and hard about how to proceed. Finally I sent her an official-looking principal's note asking her to come to my office after school, hinting that I had discovered her secret, and mentioning in no uncertain terms that "a paddling was in order."

A spent the rest of the day as nervous as a cat on the fourth of July. I kept wondering if she'd show up, if she thought I was a nut case, or worrying that I'd overplayed my hand she'd report me to the superintendent.

My fears faded precisely at five-oh-three when Lea showed up at my door. She was dressed in a stunning green gown that revealed a luscious figure. It wasn't the schoolgirl outfit I'd imagined, but Lea's shapely body would have made a potato sack look good. I ached to watch those plump cheeks quiver under my paddle.

With the reality of what was about to happen so real, I suddenly hesitated. Lea did not. She went straight to the wall behind me and took down the wooden paddle hanging there.

Gripping it firmly, she turned to face me, her demeanor grim. "Have you been a bad boy?" she whispered. "You ready for a sound paddling?"

I gasped in horror. I'd sent my note to a DOM!

The End

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