SSC: Oops 07

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Oops 07

(****, M/F, Intense, Semi-cons spanking)

An actress makes a silly mistake. (Approximately 486 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

In the restroom, Tiffany checked herself one last time. She knew she was gorgeous, but today she needed to be stunning. Her long dark hair was perfect. It framed an oval, slightly pale face, accented by thick red lips. Her petite nose and large eyes were the finishing touch to a perfect face. Today she wore a conservative, yet sexy blouse, with a white skirt so tight she could barely walk. Every inch of her figure was covered, yet intimately revealed. Ideal for an audition.

Taking a final breath, Tiffany headed down the hall. The doorway was unmarked except for the 21 in plain lettering. This was it. Her chance for soap opera immortality. She knocked.

"Come in."

The office was sparse, almost vacant. A single desk sat in one corner. A short young man with a balding head sat before a laptop computer.

"You must be my three o'clock."

"Yes, sir. My name's Tiffany."

"Fine." He studied her carefully, twirling his finger to indicate she was to turn around. Selfconsciously, she obeyed. "Nice, very nice. You ever been spanked before?"

The blood rushed to Tiffany's face. The man was behind her, staring at her ass. She thought he must have been joking, but he was serious. "Perhaps it's something to do with the role," she thought. "My character _is_ supposed to be a teenage brat, after all."

"Not recently," she murmured.

"Good. I like a girl who's fresh."

Tiffany didn't know what to make of that. She followed the man into the back room, which turned out to be a small studio. He flipped on several spotlights and checked a video camera.

"You're going to record this?"

The man gave her a puzzled look. "Of course. That's why you're here, isn't it?"

"Of course."

The man seated himself on the small stage and indicated Tiffany to come to him. "Across my lap," he ordered.

The actress was surprised, but obeyed. However, when he began to unzip her dress, she objected vehemently.

"Hey!" she screamed, leaping off his lap. "What the hell are you doing?"

"You don't expect me to spank you over your panties, do you?"

"Spank me!"

"Of course. That's why you're here."

"Nobody said anything to me about that!" snapped Tiffany.

The man shrugged. "Well, hurry and make up your mind, because I've got another girl coming in fifteen minutes."

Tiffany hesitated. She needed this part badly. How bad could a spanking be?

Ten minutes later a teary-eyed and sore-bottomed young woman emerged from office number 21. "Damn that hurt!" she growled. "Am I going to have a word with my agent!"

She fished in her purse for her address book, when out dropped a slip of paper. She picked it up with annoyance. It was the directions to the audition. Suddenly she froze, a sinking feeling engulfing her.

The paper plainly read: "3 p.m., Suite 12."

The End