SSC: Twins

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SSC: Twins

(***, M/f, Intense, Daughter paddling)

Twin girls make an exchange. (Approximately 477 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

April glared at her twin sister. "You can't be serious!"

"A deal's a deal," replied May. "I'm not the one who scheduled two dates for the same night."

"But that's not fair! I didn't know you were going to skip school and run off with Jack!"

"What difference does it make? We had an agreement."

"I wouldn't have agreed if I'd known what you were going to do," protested April bitterly. "Dad's really pissed."

"Your problem, not mine."

"Shit!" mumbled April. "How do I always let you get me into these messes?"

"Come on. Put on my favorite sweater. And act sullen. Dad'll never know."

"I'm going to get you back for this."

"You weren't complaining last Friday when I dated Andy for you."

Supper was a quiet affair. April kept her head down and stared at her food without appetite. She didn't have to put on an act -- it was exactly how she felt. May, on the other hand, grinned happily and spoke of a great day at school. Ocasionally she pretended shock as she looked at her sister, clamping a hand over her mouth and going, "Oops. I forgot, May. You weren't in school today, were you?"

April just gritted her teeth and tried to avoid her father's furious glare.

As soon as the table was clear and the dishes washed, she followed her father out to the garage. She knew all too well the procedure. Down went her jeans and over her father's broad lap she went. The paddle was a small wooden one that really hurt. She held her breath as it bounced lightly on her nearly naked butt.

The first few strokes brought tears to her eyes. Her ass burned with an amazing sting. She couldn't stop kicking as the paddling continued. Her father lectured as he spanked, but April couldn't even begin to focus on the words. He was furious, and he was letting his anger drive his strokes. She hadn't been spanked this hard in a long time.

After a good two hours of non-stop paddling -- at least it seemed that long -- he finally stopped. April lay sobbing, her panties scrunched up between her scarlet asscheeks. She'd kicked off her jeans long ago.

"Get up," her father ordered. Sniffling, April obeyed. "Hands on the workbench. You're getting a dozen with the strap."

"Ohhhh, nooo! Please, Dadddeeeee!" whined the teenager. "I'm sorry, I really am!"

"Fifteen then," said the implacable man, wrapping the heavy leather strap around his hand so a two-foot length hung free.

Groaning, April bent forward. She wasn't surprised when her panties were lowered -- strappings were always bare bottom. She was surprised at how badly it hurt. It certainly wasn't worth a stupid date. How could she have made such a foolish bargain? With every stroke she vowed to make her sister pay.

The End