SSC: The Exchange

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Exchange

(****, F/f, Intense, caning, arousal, mast)

A girl convinces another to take her caning. (Approximately 475 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

The moaning was loud and distinct. Sherry reddened as she recognized the unmistakable sound. Surely _she_ didn't sound like that during her morning shower!

She cocked her head and listened. There was no doubt: a woman in the nearest stall was experiencing the latter stages of orgasm.

Sherry felt a tingle between her legs at the thought. Whoever it was obviously didn't care about being discrete. Sherry wished she could be so daring. Holding her breath, she slipped a hand underneath her skirt and rubbed her panties. "This is so naughty," she thought. "I'm in a public bathroom!"

"You horny too?"

Sherry gasped and straightened, staring at the tall blonde in bewilderment. Somehow she'd lost a few moments of time.

"Go ahead, I just had mine. You getting the cane too?"

"W-what?" mumbled Sherry. Her face was so red it hurt. She wished there was a hole she could crawl inside. At least the girl didn't know her. Sherry had no trouble recognizing Carmine, the head cheerleader.

"The cane. Isn't that why you are here? Slicking yourself up for the Big C?"

"No... I just came to use the restroom."

"Oh." The girl shrugged. "Novel idea." She suddenly snapped her fingers, staring at the younger girl. "Say, you wouldn't want to swap, would you?"


"Sure. I just got the cane two days ago. I'm full up. We'll swap. You take my caning today and I'll take your next one. Here's my note."

Sherry stared at the offered piece of paper. "I've never been caned."

"Really? Girl, you are missing out! Caning's the greatest experience known to woman."


"Trust me: there's nothing more stimulating than a caning. The whole process is fantastically arousing. Going to the Head, the lecture, the bending over, the waiting, and then the fiery sting! It'll change your life."

"You must be joking!" said Sherry, her mouth agape. "No one could _like_ getting caned!"

"It's horrendously painful, I grant you that," continued the older girl. "I'm not saying it doesn't hurt. But the more you feel it here," -- she massaged Sherry's bum -- "the more you feel it here." Her hand moved to caress Sherry's crotch.

Sherry didn't know what to think. Her sex was bursting with desire. As she imagined herself -- the girl who _never_ got in trouble -- going to the Head for a sharp dose of the slender rattan cane across her pert posterior, she couldn't believe the radioactive heat flooding her crotch.

"Oh God," she whispered, her voice a low growl. She arched her back and spread her legs slightly to give Carmine better access. The girl rubbed and Sherry found herself growing weak as passion overtook her will.

"So, you'll exchange?" murmured the cheerleader.

"Yes," breathed Sherry. She wondered if it was a mistake, but she couldn't wait to find out!

The End