SSC: Oops 10

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Oops 10

(****, M/f, Intense, Schoolgirl paddling)

A principal's quest to find the girl who mooned him. (Approximately 486 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

Principal Edwards stood in his office and watched with pride as the cheerleader squad stood in front of the school, waiting for the bus to take them to their first away game of the season. The girls were in high spirits, joking, laughing, screaming chants, and leaping up and down. He waved to a few of the girls, who giggled and waved pompoms.

"What an enthusiastic bunch of girls," he thought. The bus arrived and the girls filed on board. As the bus pulled away from the curb, the principal started to draw the blinds. He froze in astonishment.

Pressed against the rear window -- in plain, outrageous view -- were two large white orbs. The cheeks were round and firm, with a distinct divide. A pair of navy panties rested at the base.

The image struck the man like a slap -- how dare the girl moon him!

Furious beyond words, the man raced to his car. In minutes he'd caught up with the bus and signaled the driver to pull over. Parked on the edge of the country road, he ordered all the cheerleaders to disembark. They milled around, looking devastatingly cute in their blue and gold miniskirts.

"One of you young ladies," he began, "has disrespected me! I want her to step forward immediately and take her punishment!" He waved the large "Board of Education" paddle he'd brought along.

Not a girl moved an inch. Principal Edwards grew more angry. "Fine. I'll find the girl myself. You there, turn around, bend over, and pull down your panties."


"Would you rather take a paddling? It will be on the bare bottom anyway!"

The girl shook her head and tearfully bent over and exposed her fanny. One by one, each cheerleader pulled down her blue panties and showed the principal her bare bottom.

After studying bottoms for several minutes, Principal Edwards had no doubt: he ordered Marie Worley to step forward. Her ass was large and well-formed, and he recognized the dimple in the right cheek.

"It wasn't me!" protested the girl, eyes bulging with fear.

"Turn around and grab your ankles!"

The paddling that followed was legendary. The principal turned Marie's pale cheeks crimson, blistering her backside with a dozen good ones. She wept and fidgeted, but held on until the end.

"Everyone back in the bus," called the driver. Marie wiped her eyes and climbed on board.

Principal Edwards waved the paddle cheerfully as the bus pulled back onto the road.

Suddenly, a pair of naked cheeks pressed against the glass. The bottom wiggled impertinently, and Principal Edwards suffered a flash of recognition. Unfortunately, these hams weren't red and blistered, but alabaster white!

"Shit!" he muttered. "It wasn't that Worley girl after all!"

Zooming off after the bus, he made himself a vow: he'd find and paddle that moon if he had to spank every cheerleader to do it!

The End