SSC: Oops 11

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SSC: Oops 11

(****, M/f, Intense, Daughter paddling)

A girl plants incriminating evidence on her sister. (Approximately 478 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

Kelly quietly slipped into the room, shutting the door behind her. She could hear her mom in the shower, noisily splashing and singing off-key.

The teenager went straight for the purse on the bed. In seconds the wallet was open and four crisp $20 bills were in her hand. She put everything back and departed as silently as she'd entered.

In her sister's room, Kelly stealthily deposited three of the twenties in Jessie's underwear drawer, where she hid her money. She grinned to herself. The shit would hit the fan tonight!

* * * * *

Late in the afternoon, the front door exploded open. "Kelly Ann! Get your ass down here this instant!"

Kelly appeared quickly, textbook in her hand and a concerned look on her face. "What is it, Mom?"

"You took $80 from my purse!"

"What? No way, Mom! You think I could forget Dad's paddling the last time I tried that?"

"Kelly, I stopped by the ATM last night on the way home and I put four twenties in my purse. Today they weren't there."

"Maybe Dad took 'em. Or maybe Jessie."

"Come on, you know Jessie wouldn't do that!"

"Of course not," mumbled Kelly. "She's Miss Perfect."

Kelly watched with glowing eyes as her mom went into Jessie's room. She could hear Jessie protesting innocence as the search progressed, followed by a sudden silence. Then Jessie began to cry. Mrs. Lewbowski exited the room, furious as mad bull.

"Just wait until your father gets home!" she scolded. She faced Kelly. "Sorry I accused you," she said.

"I wish you'd learn to trust me," sniffed Kelly innocently, playing hurt.

That evening, dinner was a quiet affair. Jessie picked at her food and looked sullen, her eyes red from weeping. Aaron Lewbowski watched his daughters thoughtfully. "Go to your room, Jessie," he said finally, his voice ominous.

Jessie began to cry as her father stood and took down the large wooden paddle hanging on the kitchen wall. Kelly watched her go with a soaring heart. "Serve that little brat right," she thought jubilantly.

"All right Kelly," said Mr. Lewbowski. "Let's get this over with."

"W-what?" gasped the girl in horror. Her father was approaching her! This wasn't right at all!

Grabbing the howling girl's arm, he dragged her to the living room sofa.

"You really thought you'd get away with it?" he muttered. "You must think your parents are morons!"

"Dad, no!" screamed Kelly as she felt her panties being pulled down.

"I'm gonna make you forget that last paddling," he said sternly. "This one's gonna be one for the ages!"

It was hard to believe, but even Kelly had to admit later that indeed, he'd succeeded in overshadowing that earlier horror with something even more intense. It was a full week before she could wear panties without bringing tears to her eyes!

The End