SSC: Oops 12

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Oops 12

(****, M/fm, Intense, Switching)

Two teens are caught making out. (Approximately 479 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

"Come on... through here," hissed Gray, holding out his hand to the hesitant girl. He'd crawled under the fallen tree and was paused a log on the other side.

Amy was wearing a short and frilly sun dress. She looked so out-of-place in the forest that it gave Gray a surge of desire. He grinned at her and pulled her close, finding her slender body within the loose fabric of her gown. Pressing her breasts against his chest, his lips touched hers in a long, profound kiss.

"I told you this was nice," he said finally.

"It's so quiet," whispered the girl. She giggled, her eyes bright. "Daddy will never find us out here!"

"You got that right. We might as well be on the other side of the moon!"

The young couple laughed. They walked until they found a private clearing on the banks of a little brook. Gray sat on a large rock and took Amy in his arms. The kissing was passionate, and in moments the girl's dress was hanging on a nearby bush. Gray slipped down his pants and shirt, and the makeout resumed.

His hands had found their way into her panties when they heard a voice booming across their secret gully. Terror struck the couple and they bounded up frantically, only to find their pathway blocked by a gruff-looking farmer with a shotgun leveled at them.

"Well, what have we here?" mused the farmer.

"Shit!" cried Amy, trying to hide behind Gray. Her bra was ten feet away, hanging from a branch.

"If you were my kids I'd thrash you until Sunday!" snapped the old man. "Thievin brats!"

"Lick us all you want, just don't tell my father!" begged Amy.

Negotiations were quick -- the lickings took longer. Gray and Amy took down their shorts and the farmer did the honors with a long green willow switch. When both their naked buttocks were well-striped with puffy, red welts, he threw down the switch and picked up the shotgun.

"That's done," he growled. "Now give me back the apples and we're all square."

"Apples?" moaned Gray. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play the fool, boy, or I'll give ya another lickin! I followed ya both from my farm where ya been stealin my apples. Now give 'em back."

"You've got the wrong couple, mister," sobbed Amy. "We ain't got no apples."

"We were just looking for some privacy," sniffed Gray.

"Well, I'll be..." said the man, pressing forward and studying Amy's pretty, tear-stained face. "You're durn right. The girl I saw was a redhead. I guess I done licked the wrong couple! My apologies."

"No harm done," said Gray wincing. "Uh... now how about that privacy?"

"Oh, sure," winked the farmer with a broad grin. He vanished into the woods, leaving the injured couple to console each other.

The End