SSC: Oops 14

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SSC: Oops 14

(****, M/f, Severe, Daughter spanking)

Mommy's naughty but the daughter gets it. (Approximately 482 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

Since the door wasn't quite closed, Annie forgot to knock. She was startled to find her mother puffing away on a slender cigarette.

Oops! gasped Annie. "Mom!"

Horrified, the teenager turned and ran to her room. She heard her mom banging on the door.

"Annie, open up, please! You don't understand. It was just one cigarette. I haven't had one in months, I swear! I had such a craving... I caved in. I'm sorry, I really am."

Annie opened the door. She glared at her mother. "Dad's gonna kill you," she said. "You swore you were done with those."

"I know, and I am. Please, Annie," pleaded the woman. "don't tell your father. He wouldn't understand."

A door banged downstairs and the woman blanched. "Shit! That's your father! Swear to me you won't tell him. Swear it!"

"Okay, okay," mumbled Annie. "Let me go before I have an emergency."

She pushed passed her mother and went into the bathroom. As she started to close the door, she sniffed the stale, smoky air.

"You really stunk up the place," she growled. Then she saw it: the still-burning cigarette lying in the sink. "Ah, shit!"

She picked up the cigarette with disgust, holding it away from her face. As she turned, she saw movement and glanced up in the mirror, staring right at her father in the open doorway. His face went from shock to fury in two seconds and instantly Annie knew what he was thinking.

"It's not mine," she began in horror, but those were the last words she was able to utter with clarity.

In a blur she was jerked over her father's bent leg, the seat of her jeans being warmed with his hand. Before she could protest, he was unsnapping her pants and drawing them down. The tight denim pulled her panties down partway and she clutched at them urgently.

Her father swatted her hands sternly. "Get your hands away unless you want a trip to the garage!"

Annie knew she didn't want that, and she quickly removed her hands and tried to explain things, but the second her backside was clear he was spanking her again. The stinging warmth confused and startled her.

"Daaadddd-eeeee, puuuhhh-leeezzz," she moaned, gasping for air and writhing on his leg.

In response, her father jerked down her panties and began spanking her bare bottom. He spanked so hard and fast Annie couldn't think, let alone argue with him. The spanking went on and on. Annie's ass swelled and throbbed and turned scarlet. Suddenly it was over.

"If I ever seen you with a cigarette again you'll get the belt!"

Annie nodded, wiping bitter tears from her eyes. She saw her mother standing in the doorway, a somber look on her face.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Annie," the woman said sternly. "Smoking is a filthy habit!"

The End