SSC: SSC: Oops 16

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SSC: Oops 16

(****, F/f, Severe, Schoolgirl paddling)

A joker has the tables turned on her. (Approximately 472 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

"What's so funny? What's everyone looking at?"

Mrs. H., the gym teacher, glared at her class. The students were struggling not to laugh. Realizing it was something behind her, Mrs. H. turned and looked at her butt over her shoulder. She gasped. The seat of her white shorts were covered with two large scarlet handprints. Wild laughter broke out everywhere.

Redness coursed through her cheeks. She spun around. "Who did this?" she roared. "I want the culprit to step forward immediately!"

There was silence in the room. No one moved.

Dani did her best to look invisible as the teacher's searchlight eyes passed over the crowd. Everyone hated Mrs. H. Dani had thought the handprints was a great idea. Now, seeing how angry the woman was, she was becoming worried.

"All right. Here's what going to happen," shouted Mrs. H. She pulled out the familiar and much dreaded wooden paddle from her gym bag. "Ten swats for each and every child in this room."

Her eyes traveled the group. "That's right. Ten swats each. I'm going to paddle each and every one of you, innocent or guilty, unless the guilty person steps forward within the next thirty seconds."

She pressed a button on her stopwatch. "Think about that. Think how sore your ass is going to be in a few minutes. All because someone didn't step forward and admit their wrong-doing. Everyone's going to suffer because of that one person."

Dani was becoming excited. She hadn't dared to imagine that she'd get everyone paddled. What a delight! Boys, girls -- everyone would get their butts warmed.

The clock ticked closer and closer. Dani could hardly wait. Sure, she'd have to take a few licks with everyone else, but that was no big deal. Certainly worth it to watch the others get it!

Suddenly there was movement in the line. Barbara Ash, one of the seniors, was stepping forward. "I did it," she said calmly.

What? No! thought Dani desperately. No, _I_ did it. You're lying! What the hell are you doing? Are you nuts?

Everyone watched as the teacher approached the girl. "Grab your ankles," she ordered. The senior girl complied.

Dani watched her with awe and frustration. The girl's beautiful round ass was the focus of every eye in the place -- no guy could resist such a view. Babs' popularity would triple after news of this stunt went around campus.

The paddle slammed into the tight gym shorts again and again, a full two-dozen eye-blinking, palm-sweating, teeth-gritting spanks. Babs stood slowly, the blood rushing from her face. She grunted at Mrs. H. and stiffly walked back to the lineup.

Dani felt ashamed of herself. Despite her jealousy, she admired Babs. The girl had stones. Next time, she swore to herself, next time it will be me!

The End