SSC: Mindy I

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Mindy I

(*****, M/f, Severe, Schoolgirl caning)

A beautiful girl is caned. (Approximately 501 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

Mindy Toffit was a very pretty girl, slender and innocent as a wild flower. Her long brown hair was bound into a little tuff at the top of her head where it dangled prettily, leaving the occasional stray strand to drift across her sweet face. Her large, round eyes peered out cautiously at the strange, alarming world. Her eyes were luminous and brown, like those of a fawn. Everywhere Mindy went she gave people a honey smile so delicate and fragile it took the person's breath away.

But Mr. Fessler, while not immune to the ingenuous charms of the girl before him, could not allow his feelings to interfere with his duty. His severe expression didn't waver as he calmly picked up the quill and wrote in the open logbook.

Mindy stood waiting meekly, biting her lower lip. One arm was bent tightly across her chest, hiding the soft bulges of her growing breasts; the other arm stretched past her slender belly, her hand spreading wide to cover the petite V of her crotch. Her palm completely hid all traces of pubic hair, which, unbeknownst to her, made her seem still younger and even more innocent.

On the desk before Mr. Fessler lay the long brown rattan cane, knobby sections every eight inches or so. It seemed impatient, half on and half off the desk, ready to leap into action at any moment. The room was deadly silent, however, except for the scratching of the headmaster's stylus.

Finally he stopped, sighing and looking up at the trembling girl. He nodded and stood with purpose. The girl slowly became undone, blushing feverishly as her hands inched off her naked body and reached for the support of the broad desk. She leaned forward, the exposed twin breasts leaning forward too, pert nipples pointing up and outward. The graceful valley between her legs indeed contained a sea of alluring dark brown hair.

Mr. Fessler picked up the cane, bending and swishing it as he walked behind the girl. She was bent quite steeply, causing the round cheeks of her bottom to be thrust backward, the pale, soft curves as graceful as a snowbank. The headmaster hardly wanted to mark such a delicate vista, but rules were rules.

The gentle woosh of air as the cane swept forward was far too quiet in contrast to the explosive snap as the rod struck the plump hindflesh. Mindy sucked in her breath and groaned. A heavy red welt blossomed across both cheeks of her rump. Again the cane snapped forward, and again and again. Four times it kissed her soft flesh, leaving thick, trembling weals with each touch.

The slim cane pointed to a dark corner of the narrow room and Mindy quickly took possession of it, gasping and blinking her teary eyes rapidly. She waited silently with her fidgeting hands by her sides.

"Fifteen minutes," said the low, unemotional voice of the headmaster. "Then four more."

Mindy wanted to cry.

The End

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