SSC: Mindy 2: The Kiss

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Mindy 2: The Kiss

(*****, M/f, Severe, Schoolgirl caning, masturbation)

A beautiful girl is caned. (Approximately 503 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

Mindy had never been kissed before.

She lay quietly in the dark thinking about it. She lay on her belly, breasts thrust roughly into the sheets, one hand silently rubbing the bushy velvet between her legs, the other kneading the hypersensitive knots of pain that traversed her buttocks.

There were eight distinct lines, but the pain was everywhere. Her bum throbbed with heat. Only the rubbing of her crotch helped. That, and thinking of Jason Morgan.

He was the one who had kissed her today.

The smell of him against her had made her lose all control. His body was so foreign, hard where hers was soft. She loved the feeling of her nipples scratching his chest. She loved his strong hands gliding up and down her back.

She moaned, arching her back as she rubbed fiercely, imagining him touching her.

He had gripped her neck with a startling fierceness, then, holding her steady, he'd moved his head closer and closer, so near she thought she was in danger of breathing him instead of air, and then--magic.

It was electrical. It was fire. It was impossible cold and impossible heat all at once. It was indescribable. Her body was an emotional hurricane. Her heart fluttered.

Mindy groaned again, slipping fingers inside herself, juice trickling down the insides of her thighs. She shivered. Her left hand pinched her bottom viciously where the cane had bitten her, the abrupt pain nearly blotting out the heat between her legs. But the relief was only momentary. The heat came back quickly, twice as intense.

Desperately, as her body convulsed wildly, her mind wrestled with the contrasting images of Jason's sugary kiss and the tart kiss of Mr. Fessler's rattan cane. Both were extreme. Both had caused her to experience unimaginable intensity of emotion. Strangely, she regretted neither. The two balanced each other.

The thought of never experiencing Jason's honeysuckle lips, so powerful and delicate, was deplorable.

Yet Mr. Fessler's cane held its own bizarre attraction, an eroticism filled with terror. The pain had appalled her but the process, including her humiliating nakedness before the fearsome headmaster and the agonizing waiting, had aroused her more intently than she could have imagined possible.

Even now she was enflamed thinking of that beating, of the cane whipping across her flesh as she stood, naked, patiently waiting.

Everything began to blur--Jason, the cane, the kiss, the stripes. She saw Jason's lips approaching, approaching... then kissing her bare bottom. The kiss left a sizzling burn mark in the shape of pursed lips.

With a cry Mindy exploded, her body shuddering. She fell down on the bed, dimly aware of lights and a woman's voice. Her blanket was pulled back, revealing her nakedness and her guilty hand inside her, quivering faintly as though with a life of its own.

"Well then," said the teacher primly, "You'll be wanting to see Mr. Fessler in the morning, won't you."

All Mindy could do was sigh.

The End