SSC: Mindy 3: Addiction

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Mindy 3: Addiction

(*****, M/f, Severe, Schoolgirl caning)

A beautiful girl is caned. (Approximately 486 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

The naked girl stood in the corner of dim office. Six finger-thick weals adored the cheeks of her bottom. Her hands were at her side, fingers itching to rub.

"Alright," said a deep male voice, the sound loud in the silence.

Mindy went to the desk. She stood in front of it, legs pressed tightly together, and bent forward, her hands grasping the edge. She shivered slightly, causing her delicate breasts to quiver. The nipples were long and hard. She waited. Her round buttocks, smooth except for the weals of the previous six strokes, trembled expectantly.

Mr. Fessler brought them down hard and fast. The girl clenched her teeth and hissed at the intense pain. A tear squeezed out of her right eye and traveled down her cheek. She didn't notice, concentrating totally on holding her obedient position.

When the echo of the sixth and final blow had finished bouncing around the small office, Mindy blinked and opened her eyes, scarcely believing it was finally over. She breathed heavily, rising slowly. That had been the most intense yet. She'd have to wait at least another week before allowing herself to get caught with Jason again.

Then she froze.

The cane was pointing to the corner. He couldn't be serious!

Trembling, the girl went, her body twitching with pain. She waited, the dull ticking of the wall clock hurting nearly as much as her throbbing bum. The silence was horrible. She wanted to scream, to shout, to hear some noise. She waited.


Again the position, this time slightly less enthusiastically. There was the nearly silent "worshhh!" followed by the sharp crack as the rod struck full across the broad expanse of Mindy's rear. The pain was familiar, but no less intense: a fierce biting that threatened to overwhelm one's consciousness. Mindy moaned dully.

Methodically, impersonally, the rod struck again and again. When Mindy opened her eyes, tears streaming down her face, she was not surprised to see the cane pointing to the corner.

"Be careful what you wish for," she whispered to herself. "You might get it."

This time the wait was too short, for barely had Mindy regained her breath when she heard Mr. Fessler calling her. She stared at the evil clock in disbelief, astonished that fifteen minutes were already gone.

This six drew yelps and vivid moans from the girl, who quivered pathetically before the impervious headmaster. Her buttocks were nearly black and blue with marks, but he didn't hold anything back. When finished, he told the weeping girl to rise.

"Perhaps you can remember that for at least a week," he murmured, a slight smile breaking his lips.

"Yes, sir," whispered Mindy. To herself she vowed to make the memory last a month.

The headmaster's final words were dire: "If I see you again this term, it will be the birch."

Mindy could only gulp.

The End