SSC: Oops 19b

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Oops 19b

(****, M/F, Intense, Spanking, belting)

Revenge is a dish best served pink -- especially in this case. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

Fortunately for Dani, Randle agreed to keep her come-on secret. Unforunately for Dani, his spanking had been an extremely painful one. A professional lifeguard, Randle kept his body in perfect condition -- and he wore himself out spanking his wife's little sister.

Dani went away sobbing and apologizing, but inside she thought of nothing but revenge. Strangely, it wasn't the athletic Randle she hated: it was her beautiful sister, Chrissy. Eight years her senior, Chrissy was like a mother, raising Dani when their mother had passed away.

The spanking had humiliated Dani. After all, she was nineteen -- an adult -- far past the age of parental discipline. Besides, Randle wasn't her parent any more than Chrissy.

She remembered the occasions growing up when her sister had spanked her -- God, she'd hated that! It was so unfair. Who was there to spank Chrissy when _she_ was naughty?

Dani grinned at the thought of the sophisticated and responsible Chrissy being bent across a lap for a thorough paddling.

The spanking magazine at the sex shop gave Dani the idea. She bought it, ignoring the suggestive winks of the overweight clerk. At her apartment, she found the story she wanted: it was about a husband disciplining his wife for being too sexy. With a yellow highlighter, she marked all the most violent passages.

That evening she enjoyed an especially erotic night imaging Randle spanking Chrissy. She used the magazine as an aid, making sure the pages got crinkled and there were a few stains in the appropriate places.

The next morning she took the well-worn magazine to her sister's. On the pretext of using the bathroom, she managed to stash it in Chrissy's room, in a place where Randle would surely find it. All that was left was the waiting.

For three nights she climbed the tree outside her sister's window and watched. Twice she endured the couple's routine lovemaking. But on the third night, Chrissy's face was apprehensive as she waited for her husband. When Dani saw Randle, her bottom trembled as she recognized the look in his eyes: he was ready to spank.

Randle ripped off Chrissy's petite negligee. Then he put her across his knee and spanked her naked buttocks until they glowed crimson. Dani giggled with glee as he whipped Chrissy's bare ass with his thick leather belt. His wife sobbed and begged for mercy, but Randle gave her none.

The next day, Dani popped over, ready to see her newly humiliated and subdued sister. To her surprise, Chrissy greeted her with a huge smile, her skin glowing radiantly. Randle peered over her shoulder, his arms around her.

"Hi, Dani! Come on in. Isn't it a glorious day?"

Bewildered, Dani stumbled inside. Her sister walked gingerly, as though her bottom ached, but it was obvious from her outrageous grin that she was an incredibly well-fucked woman.

"Jeepers!" thought Dani. "She enjoyed it! She fucking enjoyed it!"

The End