SSC: Angels

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SSC: Angels

(****, M/F, Serious, Implied spanking, humor)

A mother can't understand why her children are suddenly acting like angels. (Approximately 451 words. Originally published 1999-07.)

"Are you *really* into that book?" asked Max as he climbed into bed. One glance revealed the telltale gleam in his eyes.

"Oh, again?" I whined, making a grumpy face. "Didn't we do that last night?"

"Shut up and kiss me, you tramp," he growled, rolling over on top of me. "Or I'll put you over my knee." Giggling, we kissed and my mystery novel was forgotten.

Then came the voice. "Mommie?"

With a frustrated sigh, Max turned away and I sat up. "Yes, honey?"

Jamie was seven. I'd put her to bed hours ago, but here she was, wide awake. "I've been naughty."

"What did you do?"

Somberly, she held out a tiny hand with a white dot in the middle. "I didn't take my pill at dinner."

"You know you need your medicine."

"I'm sorry, Mommie."

"That's okay, dear. Why don't you take it now?"

The girl's face brightened. "You mean it's okay? You're not mad at me?"

"Of course not."

"Strange," I whispered to Max after she left. "She seemed terrified." But Max was asleep.

* * * * *

The strangeness continued the next day. Dani, the oldest at twelve, shocked me by fixing lunches for everyone. Then Tommy didn't watch cartoons after school -- he came and helped me unload the groceries and set the table for dinner!

As we sat down to eat, Dani piped up, "Don't worry about the dishes, Mom. Jamie and I will take care of them."

I glared at Max with suspicion. "Okay, who stole my children and replaced them with these angels?"

The mystery continued, however, and wasn't answered for several days. On Wednesday Dani rushed out to get the morning mail as she'd been doing lately, but when she came in her face was ashen.

"Dani, what's wrong?"

She handed over the official-looking envelope with a heavy sigh. "It's history. I'm sure I didn't do very good."

"Or math either!" I gasped, staring at the dismal column of letters.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I'll do much better next time, I swear!" The girl grabbed my arm and pleaded. "Just please don't tell Daddy!"

"Of course I'll tell your father. What nonsense is that?"

"But he'll--" The girl froze, her lips curled in terror.

"He'll what?"

She shrank away, staring at the floor. "He'll... spank me."

"What? You're almost thirteen! You know we don't spank you any more."

Dani looked surprised. "But Daddy... the other night... we saw Daddy spanking _you_!"

"With a belt!" added Tommy, and I saw Jamie was there, too. Jamie's eyes were bigger than her face.

Suddenly the mysterious behavior of my "angels" was clear.

I desperately hoped my cheeks weren't as red as they felt!

The End