SSC: Buns Afire

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SSC: Buns Afire

(***, F/F, Intense, paddling)

Sorority sisters paddle a pledge. (Approximately 489 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Reluctantly I handed the big paddle to Jessie.

"Please, sister," I said, "apply HEAT to my naughty bottom."

Heat was duly applied in the form of a dozen hard wallops that had me dancing, and later kept me fidgeting during physics, drawing curious stares from all the guys.

"What's _she_ got up her butt," I heard one of them snicker, and I blushed and shrank in my seat.

It didn't get any better the rest of the day, for I was forced to ask two other sisters to warm my behind, then I was awakened at midnight by Melody.

"Come with me," she said sternly. "And bring your paddle!"

I followed her downstairs to the basement, my belly in a knot, knowing there could only be one reason for a basement visit.

There were four sisters there with grim expressions.

"Looks like there's a pledge who can't keep her big mouth shut," sneered Jessie.

I flushed and meekly stared at the floor.

"Look at me when I'm speaking to you, bitch!"

Melody pushed me forward and without being told I knew what to do. I held out my paddle to Jessie and said sweetly, "Sister, please apply HEAT to my naughty bottom."

Jessie grinned, and it wasn't a nice grin. "Certainly! Now, why don't you take off that nightie and stay a while."

I didn't want to stay even five minutes, but I could see from their faces that it would be a sleepless night for me. I took off my nightie and then my panties. That's how they wanted me, naked and vulnerable, and in my situation I didn't want to do _anything_ to make them unhappy.

Which paddling hurt the worst? Jessie's did, at first. But by the time sweet Melody started on my ass I was beyond being able to judge anything. I just wanted it to be over, for the pain to stop.

There weren't that many blows, actually. They mostly milked the whole process for the torture it was. Each stopped frequently to have me change position, took time to study my bruised and battered ass and mock my nudity, and generally made me feel like shit.

"Got an egg?" asked Jessie after everyone had taken their turn. Someone fetched a carton from the kitchen and Jessie grinned at me. "I think her buns are hot enough to fry an egg. Shall we see?"

They stretched me out a table and took turns cracking eggs on my ass, giggling as the gooey mess trickled into my crack and between my legs. They smooshed them in, shells and all, laughing like devils.

I was grateful when they finally washed me off with a damp cloth and helped me to my feet.

Jessie, holding my paddle in one hand, squeezed my butt with the other and winked at me. "That's cooled her down... time to warm her up again!"

The End