SSC: Babysitter Blues

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SSC: Babysitter Blues

(****, f/m, m/f, Intense, n/c spanking)

A clever boy tricks his babysitter. (Approximately 472 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"I've been a bad boy," I said, showing Amy how I'd cut up her homework. "I guess you'll have to spank me again."

"Brian, that's the third time tonight!" cried the pretty thirteen-year-old. "I'm going to have to make this a _really_ hard one."

"Daddy uses the big paddle when I've been _really_ bad," I said helpfully. I showed her the big fraternity paddle in Dad's office. He'd never used it on me, of course.

Amy was doubtful, as the paddle seemed large for a nine-year-old, but I assured her I'd gotten it lots of times. "He always does it bare bottom."

"How many does he give you?" she asked as I pulled down my jeans and underwear and settled across her lap.

"Oh, about fifty."

"Fifty! Oh my!"

I'll credit her for trying, but she really was too tentative. I knew from the first smack I'd have to do something to push her further. When she was almost finished I began to fidget wildly, and I managed to grab her breasts a couple times. She pretended she hadn't noticed until I slipped a hand between her legs and fondled her mound. That got me three dozen hard ones. Surely my ass was red enough now!

"Now I'm to stand in the corner with my pants down and think about how naughty I've been," I told her.

"But it's past your bedtime. Your parents will be home soon."

"Doesn't matter. Sometimes I have to stand in the corner all night!"

I was still there, naked from the waist down, bottom red as a cherry, when Mom and Dad arrived. The shriek from Mom was priceless. Dad's bellow was worth the wait.

"Amy Sinclair!" roared my mother, "what on earth have you done!"

"She *spanked* me, Mommy!" I ran and hugged Mom, sobbing all the tears I'd saved up. "Not once but DOZENS of times! With Daddy's big PADDLE! All because I had to get up to pee after she said I was supposed to be in bed!"

"That's not true!" gasped Amy. "He was a horrible brat all night!"

"That's no excuse for... for VIOLENCE!" snapped my mother.

"But he said _you_ spanked him all the time. I was just--"

"I'm calling your father," said Dad. "We may have a lawsuit here."

"Lawsuit! You can't be serious! Oh no, please don't call!"

"SHE'S the one who ought to be *spanked*," I sobbed.

"YES!" cried Amy frantically. "Spank me, don't call my father!"

"Hmmm." Dad put down the phone. "Seems Brian ought to do the spanking as he's the one suffering from it."

Amy flushed crimson down to her toes, but she nodded. "Yes sir. That's only fair."

"On the bare bottom," I added, giving Amy a sly wink.

She shuddered and began to undress.

The End