SSC: American Dreamer

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SSC: American Dreamer

(*****, f/f, Intense, semi-nc caning)

An American girl learns about British caning. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"So, what happened?" asked Cindy, pulling in Jenny and shutting the door. The American girl was feverishly excited, her face flushed and her breathing rapid.

"What do you think happened?" growled Jenny. "He gave me the stick! Four bloody strokes!"

"Oh!" gasped Cindy. She sat down heavily on the bed. "Tell me about it," she whispered. "Tell me every detail."

The British girl smiled. "It'd be easier if I showed you," she said softly. "Here, you stand up in front of this desk. I'll be the Head."

Nervously, Cindy obeyed. Like Jenny, she was dressed in her school uniform: navy blazer, gray pleated skirt, white stockings, and black saddleshoes. She leaned across the desk, painfully conscious of how this accented her curvy bottom.

"You have been a naughty, disobedient girl," said Jenny in a deep voice. "I am going to _thrash_ your bum soundly!"


"Now let's get that skirt up." Jenny lifted up the tail of Cindy's skirt, exposing her tight white knickers. She carefully pinned it to Cindy's shoulders. Cindy protested weakly, but Jenny sternly pushed her back down.

"Next," she continued in her normal voice, "he went to his cabinet and drew out a long white cane."

Cindy shivered, then glanced over her shoulder casually. Her eyes went wide with horror when she saw Jenny holding a long white cane. "Where did you get that!" she cried.

"Get back in position!" snapped Jenny, again in her mock headmaster voice.

Meekly, Cindy obeyed. "Please, this is just pretend, right? I mean, you're not going--"

"Shut your mouth!"

Jenny drew the cane level with Cindy's backside. Then pressed it forward, touching the flesh briefly. Cindy shivered again.

"The first stroke is always the worst," commented Jenny. "But you must stay in position. The Head's rule is the first time you get a warning, but if you rise up a second time, he starts the caning over from the beginning!"

"Please, Jenny!"

"No talking, either. Since you're so curious about my caning, I'm going to give you a full demonstration. Four strokes, just like I got."

"Nooooo!" moaned Cindy, shaking her head.

But Jenny noticed the girl didn't move from her vulnerable position. She pulled back the cane and swung it hard, catching the American girl's butt with a loud "Thwack!"

For a second Cindy didn't move, then she threw back her head and howled.

"Quiet!" snapped Jenny, and she brought the cane down again. Cindy cringed and writhed, and then the cane caught her a third time.

"Stop!" she moaned. "That hurts, that really hurts!"

"Of course it does. Now one more."

"Please, that's enough," cried Cindy, but she obediently bent back over the desk for the fourth and final stroke.

* * * * *

Jenny watched Cindy weeping and rubbing her backside furiously. The girl's eyes glowed with delight.

Jenny grinned. "Foolish American," she thought. "She doesn't even know caning in schools is banned!"

The End