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(****, M/ff, Intense, paddling, caning)

Twins with ESP are chastised. (Approximately 485 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"You can't."

"Can too."

"Prove it," Michael dared the girls.

Brenda frowned, then her face lit up. She stood behind her sister so they were back to back, bottoms touching. "Michael, pinch one of my breasts. Brandi will tell you which one you pinched."

Michael's eyes went as wide as his grin. His fingers found Brenda's left breast under her bra and he fondled the soft flesh before tweaking the nipple.

"Harder," whispered Brenda. "It only works with severe pain."

Michael pinched the nipple cruelly between his knuckles. The twins _both_ squealed loudly.

"Left breast," said Brandi, rubbing her own breast.

"You felt that?"

"As though you did it to me," answered the teen sourly.

"She hates having her nipples pinched," giggled Brenda.

Several hours later, Brenda sat ignoring her math quiz. Her eyes were closed and every ten seconds she grimaced. Her ass was on fire and the heat was increasing. She knew what was happening: Brandi was getting her butt paddled. Again. Brenda counted two dozen before it stopped.

"Time's up!" called Mr. Sketcher.

Brenda's heart sank. She'd only answered four questions before she became preoccupied. A score of less than fifty percent meant....

Sure enough, ten minutes later she was bending across the math teacher's desk, her rump being warmed with the big paddle. The blows were hard and loud, one for each missed answer. Her only solace was that her twin was also feeling the heat.

* * * * *

Brandi, standing in the corner with her jeans and panties around her ankles, began to fidget wildly.

"Stop dancing, Brandi!" scolded Mrs. James. "I didn't paddle you very hard."

The girl tried, but the fresh onslaught of her sister's paddling was intense. She gave another quiver, then another.

"That's it!" cried the teacher. "Obviously the paddle wasn't enough. Come see me after school for a nice dose of the cane!"

* * * * *

"In a hurry?" asked the cold voice, hands catching her. Brenda spun to a sudden stop and stared into the dreaded face of strict Mr. Aihilson.

"I'm late for Eng--"

"That's no excuse for running! See me after school."

* * * * *

After the last bell, two disheartened girls drifted into classrooms. In one, a slender form went over a lap for a bare bottom paddling. In the other, a girl grasped her ankles as a rod whipped into her naked bum.

In both classrooms, teachers were puzzled at the excessive noise and demonstrative behavior of their naughty subjects.

"Take the cane with some dignity," Mrs. James was saying.

"It's just a paddling," grumbled Mr. Aihilson. "You'd think I was caning you!"

"Sorrrrreeee," moaned Brenda and Brandi at the same time, and their punishments resumed.

Sadly, neither could take the dual punishment with the proper decorum, and both were informed that they'd be back the following afternoon.

"Tomorrow we'll try the cane," added Mr. Aihilson, sinking Brenda's heart.

The End