SSC: What the Daughter Didn't Know

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: What the Daughter Didn't Know

(****, M/f, Intense, spanking memories)

A mother learns her parents’ secret. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Gently, as though it were a living thing, Sophie set down the letter. She blinked rapidly, trying to keep from weeping. All those years. All those times. And she'd never known!

* * * * *

She remembered the spankings like yesterday.

There was the fight in fourth grade. She and Sally Whatsherface, in the bathroom. Sophie had been sent to the principal. The worst had been the horrible waiting for her mom, knowing what was going to happen at bedtime that night.

A couple years later she and her best friend were caught egging houses on Halloween. The evening ended with poor Sophie -- still in her princess outfit -- over Mama's lap, her bare bottom burning.

In seventh grade there had been two, both terrible. The first she got for the sass, after weeks of warnings. The second came that summer, while visiting relatives. Jealous over prettier cousin Elly, she'd pushed her out of the hayloft. She hadn't _intended_ for the girl to break her arm -- but that did nothing to save her bottom from a thrashing with the razor strop that night.

Sophie closed her eyes and relived the humiliation and horror of that strapping. While everyone else enjoyed dinner, she was in the barn removing her skirt and panties so her father could whip her bare bottom. He'd lashed her hard -- the welts took days to fade.

Her last spanking had been in ninth grade. She'd thought she was so grown up, nearly a woman. But when Mama discovered she'd been stealing booze from the liquor cabinet, she learned she wasn't too old for an old fashioned paddling. It started over her mother's lap as usual, but strangely, after just a dozen swats Mama stood and had her bend over the sofa arm. She'd never done that before.

* * * * *

Now it was clear. Daddy's letter explained everything. He'd wanted her to know how much they'd loved her, wanted her to be prepared for a family of her own.

Mama hadn't spanked Sophie over her lap because her own bottom had been thoroughly paddled not an hour before. Daddy's's, too. In fact, every spanking Sophie had received in her life had been preceeded by her parents giving each other the same punishment.

Tears stung Sophie's cheeks. Her parents felt her misbehavior was a failure on their part as parents and they deserved the discipline as much as she did. They also felt that their being spanked first would temper their anger and remind them of what she was suffering, so they wouldn't punished her too severely.

So now, on the eve of her wedding, it was time for Sophie to carry on the tradition. What would Jack think? If they had a naughty child, would Jack accept a spanking? Would he be willing to spank Sophie?

She shivered, imagining going over his lap. Warmth flooded her crotch. She gulped. This family tradition held promise!

The End

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