SSC: Daddy's Girl

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Daddy's Girl

(****, M/f, Severe, caning)

A father kills to birds with one stone. (Approximately 492 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"Daddy..." whined the pretty teen.

Her father frowned. "You were warned. You disobeyed."

"Please? You can spank me yourself!"

He shook his head. "Inside." Somber, Juliana followed.

In one corner of the warehouse was the set: three cardboard walls, a desk, and a couple of chairs. Cameras and lights were being set up by two crewmen.

Juliana watched sullenly as her father shook hands with Hans. They spoke, and her father handed over copies of the forged records which proclaimed Juliana as eighteen.

"You can change in here," someone said. It was a tiny bathroom with stains on the walls. The old-fashioned schoolgirl outfit given her was just her size. She stripped completely, replacing her lacy white panties with the fuller sky blue ones, and put on the white knee socks, pleated skirt, white blouse, navy blazer, and tie. Black saddleshoes completed the outfit.

When Juliana emerged, she looked like a fourteen-year-old. A fourteen-year-old with the body of a college coed. Ten minutes in a makeup chair completed the illusion.

Juliana met her co-star, Reggie. She'd seen his work. He was infamous for being brutal. No doubt her father had requested him. Maybe if she promised Reggie to fuck him later he'd go easier on her? On second thought, probably the reverse. She kept the offer to herself.

The scene was simple, the dialog impromptu. She was the naughty student, caught masturbating and sent to the headmaster. Hulking Reggie, dressed in a dark suit, looked closer to a gorilla in human clothes than a school head.

Hans yelled "Action!"

Juliana played her part well. Her fright and nervousness were genuine. Reggie glared at her in a purportedly stern gaze, and rudely asked for a "private performance" of her naughty act. She refused, and thus ended up across his lap.

The spanking she tolerated. It was thorough, but it didn't really hurt until he pulled down her panties and began slapping her bare bum. When her cheeks were bright pink, he let her up. He asked her again for a performance, and she refused. This time he had her fetch the cane.

Juliana expertly grabbed her ankles, bum to the cameras. Her skirt was flipped up, panties yanked down, and Reggie showed that he knew something besides bad acting. The strokes were breathtakingly hard, each drawing a dull scream from the girl. Real tears dripped down her face.

After eighteen strokes, Juliana was more than ready to masturbate. She forgot about the cameras and eagerly rubbed herself to orgasm. Twice. There was cheering when Hans cried "Cut!" It had been a particularly hot scene. Julianna's ass was well-marked.

She walked stiffly to the car, her father counting and pocketing the money. He gave his daughter a few bills. She knew better than to protest.

"I love killing two birds with one stone," he sighed. "You get the discipline you need and I get some pocket money."

The End

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