SSC: Creature

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SSC: Creature

(*****, ?/?, Intense, Science Fiction, paddling)

Aliens study a strange lifeform. (Approximately 493 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

The creature's surface was pale, almost devoid of color. It was elongated, with a bizarre tangle of limbs protruding from the upper and lower sections. One limb was round and covered with long strands of fur, and it moved a great deal.

The camera zoomed to the torso, which was strangely irregular in shape, particularly the bizarre bulbous shape near the base of the thicker limbs.

"These," sang the narrator, "are the creature's primary sexual organs."

"It has secondary sexual organs?" grunted Zg.

"Oh yes," responded the narrator. "This creature is nearly entirely sexual. The physical sexual functions are confined to specific organs, of course, but nearly any part of the creature's body may act as a sexual catalyst."


The narration continued. "What is unique about the creature is this."

The camera moved to the bulbous section, just above the exposed genitals. The shape was odd yet pleasing: round, like a planet, yet smooth and supple, like the muscles of a grnng. It was slit into twin halves.

"This strange creature is nearly devoid of protective covering. Its hide is incredibly thin and fragile. There is no hard shell or pod. The creature adapts to its environment by building artificial protective layers.

"At first we assumed this creature was useless to us, for while its minor intelligence is sufficient for our needs, it lacks the physical durability required."

There followed several images of various creatures torn into pieces, the flimsy bodies incapable of withstanding even minor amounts of stress.

"Then we discovered this."

The picture was that of a larger creature connected with a smaller creature. The limbs of the larger were actively pummeling the round protrusion of the smaller. Even from the recording Zg could sense the emotive energy. His fins danced with pleasure.

"Oddly, the smaller creature was not permanently damaged by this activity. In fact, in a quarter rest period the creature was whole again. Yet what is most astounding is that the levels of radiation produced were higher than even that of a wrrl losing its wings."

Zg cheeped loudly. Astonishing!

"Further tests have shown that even minor assaults on this bulbous area produce fantastic amounts of emotive energy. Yet the creature isn't permanently damaged, and after just a few rest periods of healing, is ready to produce more food."

"It is ideal!" roared Zg. "Bring me one!"

A creature was immediately placed before the leader, bulbous side up. A flat stick was produced, and Zg struck the bulbous part of the creature. Immediately there was a quivering response and Zg breathed in the freshest food he'd tasted in eons. He struck again and again, breathing until he could breathe no more.

"I am already sated," he sighed. "And yet the creature is barely scratched." His fins fluttered with joy. "Our race is saved! Gather up these creatures, fill the holds of all the ships with them! They shall feed our millions!""

The End